From standard E-type to modern-day Ferrari California, the young band star’s garage is packed with rare electric motors


even though that is only 20 and constantly travels the world as one 5th of among the biggest boy bands of all time, it appears that Harry layouts loves his cars.

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Having passed his test in a red Mini as soon as he to be 17, the One Direction star has controlled to quickly develop up an exceptional collection of cars. Well that is no doubt quite easy when you’re precious £15m and have money burning a feet in her pocket.

Some could think the Harry would have actually spent his money on mainly newer sports cars, but he has proven self to be exceptionally knowledgeable about cars.

Porsche 911


Harry own a Porsche 911 v a glass roof i m sorry was only in production in between 1996 and also 1998, meaning that he is nearly as old as the car.

Ford Capri


Harry purchase the 1970 Ford Capri just before his 19th date of birth last year. Back he appeared to love the car at first, the has due to the fact that been spotted in one underground car park spanned in dust through three level tyres.

Audi R8


When most people pass your driving test, lock look in ~ buying a cheap run approximately until they get used come driving, yet not Harry formats His very first car was a £100,000 Audi R8 – us dread to think exactly how much he paid to insure it.

Jaguar E-Type


When you have as lot money as Harry Styles, it would certainly be wrong not to add, what is often thought about the most beautiful car of every time to your car collection.

Range Rover Sport


The variety Rover seems to be the automobile of choice for numerous celebs this days. Take care of bought the auto off his stepdad and it then price him a staggering £15,000 to insure, yet that’s no doubt just pocket money to grandfather Styles.

Ferrari California


Seeing as the One Direction boys spend a most time in America, it provides sense for Harry to own a auto over there. In 2012 the bought a Ferrari to permit him to conveniently drive roughly California.

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Whether girlfriend love One Direction and Harry styles or not, one point you can’t deny is that he has an remarkable taste in cars.