We’ll help you discover the perfect bulbs because that your specific tanning bed model.

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We’ll likewise teach you everything there is to know around tanning bulbs to help you make your purchase.

On this page, you’ll uncover all the increase to day knowledge and research in 2021 come ensure you make the best decision.

Tanning Bed Bulbs matches Tanning Bed Lamps

Before mentioning anything further, it’s crucial to note that the terms “tanning bed bulbs” and also “tanning bed lamps” are offered interchangeably. Most human being refer to them together tanning bed bulbs, yet you’ll see a myriad of locations on the internet that refer to them as tanning bed lamps, or simply tanning lamps.

Buying demorphs Bed Bulbs

There’s a the majority of confusing and contradictory details out there around tanning bed bulbs. With all this confuse information, it’s difficult for many world to discover a set of bulbs that they’re confident will occupational with their tanning bed. If you’re among these people, you’ll be glad to recognize that almost every tanning beds space compatible with among our tan bed bulb referrals on this post.

If you’re happy v the tan bed you right now have and you’re simply looking for brand-new bulbs, climate you can do that for a portion of the expense of buying a brand-new bed. Most bulbs begin to shed their optimal levels after approximately 600 come 900 hrs of usage, relying on your certain bulbs. It have the right to be complicated to discover the best bulbs for your tanning bed, and that’s why we’ve researched and we’re offering you v our top picks.

There space several determinants that have to be considered before replacing your tanning bulbs. To make certain the bulb is compatible with your bed, friend should consider physical attributes of the bulbs such as the bulb kind (bi-pin versus RDC), the size (F number), and also the size (T number).

You should additionally consider the power (or wattage) of the bulbs. You could think about whether you want a specialty pear kit with confront tanning, foot tanning, twin tone, or side and arm features. Naturally, it’s additionally important to take into consideration the longevity the the bulbs, cost, how many bulbs friend need, and whether or no there’s a guarantee on them. If you have actually darker skin, friend might likewise want to think about getting bronzing bulbs, i beg your pardon contain less UVB rays.

Bi-Pin versus RDC tanning Bulbs

You should be conscious that there room two straightforward types of tanning bulbs: (1) bi-pin and also (2) RDC. The vast bulk of beds usage bi-pin bulbs nowadays, yet some that the larger beds use RDC bulbs. We recommend looking at your current bulbs to see which type of ends they have. Bi-pin bulbs have two pins the stick out of the end, vice versa, RDC bulbs have a single notch in ~ the end. RDC stands for “Recessed dual Contact”. RDC bulbs are basically the same as bi-pin, yet they have actually an adapter that covers the 2 pins.

Bi-Pin tanning Bulbs: our Recommendation

If you have actually a much more common tan bed which needs bi-pin bulbs, then we recommend the X strength Twister double Face & body Tanning desk lamp (picture below), i m sorry fit just about any tan bed through bi-pin bulbs. They’re strong enough to acquire a tan yes, really fast, but not so strong that you’ll be at risk for overexposure. The bulbs room 100 watts, i m sorry is pretty standard. You’ll have actually a hard time beating the price of this bulbs considering how long castle last, their reliability, and their effectiveness. This are powerful bronzing bulbs, so we recommend starting out through 10 minute or less and then progressively increasing the time. Over there are numerous tanning bulbs that burn rather than tan. These are not prefer that. As long as you tan in moderation, they provide an excellent, dark tan rather than burn the skin. To peak it all off, they’re design with an innovation to enable you to get a better balance between your face and body. That can be very daunting to discover in this price range.


Some civilization will shot to buy offered bulbs to conserve some money. We very recommend versus doing this. Friend will have no idea just how long the bulbs will certainly last, and also you could easily obtain ripped off. Always buy your tanning bulbs new. Due to the fact that most determinants tend to even out in this way, we think it’s prudent to select a higher quality bulb if you deserve to afford it. At the really least, it will conserve you from having to go v the to buy cycle more often.

How demorphs Bulbs Work

Tanning bed bulbs emit UVA and UVB rays. The bulbs save elements and gasses the emit this rays when you run electrical energy through them. Part bulbs also contain reflectors which intensify the UV rays. Most emit approximately 95% UVA rays and 5% UVB rays. Occasionally, you’ll uncover some bronzing bulbs which only emit around 3% UVB rays, however those are for progressed tanners. Her skin to produce melanin when it’s exposed to this UV rays. Melanin is a dark pigment that renders your skin tan.

After you Buy

Your tanning bed will last much longer and give girlfriend the finest tan if girlfriend take ideal care of it. After you buy her bulbs, you’ll desire to think about cleaning the acrylics on her tanning bed and also replacing the starters if her bed calls for them. Additionally, you should make certain to clean your tanning bed after every use. You must only usage cleaning materials that room specifically designed for tanning beds. This will assist you protect against damaging the acrylics.

You should likewise consider the proper means to tan through your brand-new bulbs. Girlfriend should recognize that most bulbs give off the maximum quantity of UV rays as soon as they’re brand new. This method that you should mitigate the quantity of time you invest tanning come avoid acquiring burned. Pay close attention to the encourage time to spend with your new tanning bulbs. You’ll threat over exposure if girlfriend go any type of longer.

Consider to buy a new Tanning Bed

While it have the right to be economical to buy demorphs bed bulbs rather than buying an entirely new tanning bed, there will come a time once your base tools needs an upgrade. If you think it’s time to upgrade, then us recommend looking in ~ the Solar tide 16 Lamp home Tanning Bed (see our tanning bed review). It’s an exceptional bed that delivers quick results. It gives an incredibly even tan, which is tough to find in bed at this price range. It’s perfect for your home, because it works with constant outlets. Finest of all, it’s affordable.

What Next?

After you order her bulbs, make sure to take a look in ~ our indoor tanning lotion review to help you acquire a high quality lotion to use in your tanning bed. Feel cost-free to leaving us any type of comments or inquiries as well.

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We’re confident that you’ll uncover the appropriate bulbs because that you, and also we understand you’ll it is in beach-ready after simply a few tanning sessions.