60 level angle is an acute angle, as angles smaller 보다 a ideal angle (less than 90°) are called acute angles. In the situation of a geometric angle, the arc is centered at the vertex and also constrained by the sides. In the instance of rotation, the arc is centered in the facility of rotation and is minimal to any kind of other allude and its image when rotated. Let us learn much more about 60-degree angles, means of building them and also solve a few examples to recognize the ide better. 


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Meaning that 60 level Angle
2.Constructing a 60 level Angle
3.60 degree Angles in real Life
4.Solved instances on 60 level Angle
5.Practice inquiries on 60 level Angle
6.FAQs ~ above 60 level Angle

Meaning of 60 level Angle

We recognize that an angle is created when two rays meet at a vertex. If the angle created at the peak O measures 60 degrees, we contact it a 60-degree angle. The measure up of every angle the an it is provided triangle is 60°. Therefore, that is additionally called a 60-degree edge triangle. Angle can also be stood for in radians i.e. pi (π) and pi (π) radians = 180°. Therefore, 60° can it is in expressed in radians as π/3 radians. 


Constructing a 60 level Angle

Constructing a 60-degree angle is among the most straightforward constructions, together it develops as a building angle because that other dimensions as well. Permit us explore how to construct a 60-degree angle through the assist of a protractor.

Follow the provided steps:

Step 1: attract a heat segment OAStep 2: Place the protractor at the allude OStep 3: In the outer circle the the protractor, look for 60 degrees reading, and also with a pencil, mark a dot and name the CStep 4: Join O and C. Now, ∠AOC=60°


60 degree Angles in real Life

Angles are all about us. For example, once we open ours mouths, our lips form an angle. When the minute hand that a clock is in ~ 12 and also the hour hand is at 2, the angle formed in between the two hands is 60°. Part road signs are in the shape of an equilateral triangle, and also the measure up of each angle the an it is provided triangle is 60°. A 60-degree angle is supplied in style to build designer houses, doors, and home window grills.

The image listed below shows various examples of angles in our surroundings. Observe where you can see 60-degree angle in your bordering areas.


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Solved examples on 60 level Angle

Example 1: In the ΔABC, use a protractor come measure ∠CAB.

Solution:  Place the protractor baseline along the line ab and the center of the protractor in ~ vertex A. Observe the reading in the protractor, i beg your pardon overlaps with line AC.



Therefore, ∠CAB = 60°

Example 2: Help Josie constructs an angle of 60°.

Solution: below are the procedures that Anna can follow to construct a 60° angle

Step-1: attract a line OP.



Place the protractor ~ above the line OP.Place the midpoint the the protractor at point O.



On OP from the right, begin counting indigenous 0° in the ascending order mark a point Q using a sharp pencil in ~ the allude showing 60°.Remove the protractor and join OQ.We get the compelled angle ∠QOP = 60°.


Therefore, ∠QOP = 60°

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Practice concerns on 60 degree Angle

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FAQs ~ above 60 level Angle

What is the Angle of 60 Degree?

A 60 degrees angle is an acute angle due to the fact that it is less than 90 degrees. 60° in radians is π/3 and the measure of every angle the an equilateral triangle is 60°. Therefore, the is also called a 60-degree angle triangle.

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How do you construct a 60 level Angle using a Protractor? 

To build a 60-degree angle, it takes 2 arcs to attract an angle of 60. Below are the measures to construct a 60-degree angle:

Step 1: draw a heat segment PQStep 2: Place the protractor in ~ the allude PStep 3: In the outer circle of the protractor, look because that 60° reading, and also with a pencil, mark a dot and also name the RStep 4: Join P and R. Now, ∠QPR=60°

What do You call a 60-Degree Angle?

An angle whose measure is much more than 0° but less than 90° is called an acute angle. Angles measuring 30°, 40°, 60° room all acute angles. Therefore a 60-degree edge is recognized as an acute angle. 

How do You discover a 60 Degree Angle there is no a Protractor?

Here space the steps compelled in creating a 60-degree edge without a protractor:

Step 1: draw a line segment (AB). With the compass on point A, draw an arc throughout AB and up over the over point A.Step 2: Without changing the compass width, move the compass to the point where the arc crosses AB, and draw an arc that crosses the very first one.Step 3: join the point A to the suggest where the two arcs satisfy (point C). ∠CAB = 60°

We currently have two arms the the angle. We can join the various other ends of the 2 arms, type a triangle, measure each side"s length, and also use the trigonometric ratio to find the angle measures.

How numerous 60 degrees Angles walk it take to Make a full Turn?

Angles are measured in degrees and there space 360 degrees in one full rotation the completes one complete circle. Since 60 × 6 = 360, therefore there room six 60° angles in a full turn.