For plenty of avid runners, the believed of to run 50 mile in a day is daunting, come say the least. Long thought of as the gold typical in ultrarunning, running 50 mile is often seen of together a rite the passage because that anyone looking to acquire into the civilization of long-distance trail to run races.

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However, many new runners and non-runners alike uncover themselves wonder if that even possible to run 50 mile in a day and how they, too, might ever go about training for such a race. Thankfully, we’re right here to help. This is our ultimate overview to to run 50 miles in a job so you can spend much less time researching and an ext time enjoy it the great outdoors. Let’s gain to it!

Before us dive into everything you might possibly want to know around running 50 miles, let’s answer the question: “Can you operation 50 mile in a day?” – You have the right to absolutely run 50 miles in a day. Together you review below, you’ll discover that it’s actually fairly doable with a little of training. Thousands upon thousands of runners have actually completed the distance in a solitary day, taking almost everywhere from 5 hours for the faster finishers come 15 hrs for the “back the the packers.”

How lengthy does it require to run 50 miles?

Average 50 mile gyeongju finishing time (via

As you could imagine, the amount of time the takes to operation 50 miles significantly depends on the runner in question. If some world can finish a 50 mile gyeongju in 7 or eight hours, the mean finishing time because that a 50 mile roadway race is between ten and thirteen hours. 

Younger folks tend to have faster times in these ultra marathons, yet not through much. In fact, the median time difference in between the 0-19 period group and the 60-69 period group is just around 45 minutes to an hour. 

That gift said, these mean times are for roadway races, no trail races. Due to the fact that trail races generally involve trickier terrain and also lots of key change, you can think that the average finishing time because that a 50 mile trail race is often a bit higher than that of a road race.

However, average finishing times because that the Ice period Trail Run, one of the oldest ultramarathons in the joined States, are simply over ten hours, through the fastest time clocking in at six and a fifty percent hours. Why room the 50 mile trail race times slightly much faster than those that a 50 mile roadway race?

Well, despite the fact that follow races space usually more complicated than roadway races, civilization who run ultramarathon follow races room generally much more committed and practiced in their quest than several of those folks that attempt their an initial 50 mile roadway race. Because many people start the end with road races before moving to the trails, the 50 mile road race attractive a more comprehensive range the runners than a trail gyeongju might, hence causing a little of a discrepancy in between the typical times.


What specifically is one ultramarathon?

Whether or no you prefer to run, at some point, you’ve more than likely questioned what one “ultramarathon” also is. Because that the vast majority of people, to run a continuous marathon (26.2 mi/42.2 km) is much more than enough, yet for others, the not quite the an obstacle that it provided to be.

These people are called ultramarathoners or “ultra runners,” and also they race for distances that are much longer than the classic marathon length. The most popular ultramarathons are:

50 kilometers (31.069mi)100 kilometers (62.137mi)50 mile (80.4672km)100 mile (160.9344km)

That gift said, there room plenty the races out there that cover vastly various distances, though, in the united States, the 50 miler is just one of the most well-known ultramarathons in spite of the fact that the not thought about an main distance by the worldwide Association of Ultrarunners (IAU). ~ above the other hand, various other ultras cover not a certain distance yet a specific amount of time, such as a 24-hour race.

Additionally, while numerous ultramarathons are road races, the specifically ambitious amongst us choose to race in the mountains, acquisition on ultramarathon trail races instead. This races, such as the Hardrock 100 or the Pikes height Ultra require runners come traverse daunting terrain with plenty of key gain and also loss, which only adds to the difficulty of the run.

50 mile human being record run

Although the average 50 mile gyeongju time is somewhere between 10 and 13 hours, the people record fastest 50 miler is something come marvel at. Through a finishing time that 4:50:08, Jim Walmsley deserve the coveted world record title for the 50 mile run many thanks to his mirroring at the 2019 Hoka One One project Cabon X event outside Sacramento, California.

With his time, Walmsley just barely bested the previous civilization record holder, Bruce Fordyce, that in 1984 ran a 50 miler v an exceptional time that 4:50:51. The Hoka One One job Carbon X occasion wasn’t a race, per se, but a debut launch because that Hoka’s recent shoe it is been 4 years in the making.

For the event, Hoka carried together a star-studded line-up that the world’s finest ultrarunners in the really hopes of breaking the 100 kilometer and also 50 mile people records. Walmsley’s success during this road running occasion is nothing brief of astonishing, but his true score wasn’t the 50 mile record, but to placed out a an individual best at the 2019 Western claims 100 ultra run just a couple of months later. 

With a 2019 Western says 100 finishing time that 14:09:28, Jim Walmsley’s back-to-back achievements are nothing brief of extraordinary. We can’t wait to check out what he does next!

50 mile gyeongju predictor

If you’re brand-new to the people of ultrarunning however have plenty of endure with marathon-length road races, you could be wondering just how long it would certainly take girlfriend to finish a 50 mile race. Back it’s impossible to get a fully precise calculation of how long it would take to finish a 50 mile race based upon your finishing time for shorter races, there space some predictor tools out there that can aid you guestimate her time.

One of this tools, native RunningAhead, offers your finishing time from two current races come predict exactly how long it would certainly take for you to complete a 50 mile or 100 mile race. How does it perform this? fairly simply, these tools use your previous times, coupled with a well-known performance degradation coefficient, to account for the slowing down of your pace after every mile, to give you a solid calculation of just how long it would certainly take friend to operation a much longer race.

The formula for this predictor from RunningAhead is together follows:

T2 = T1 x (D2 / D1)C


D1 = distance you currently racedT1 = time because that the known distanceD2 = street you want to suspect the timeT2 = guess time for the new distanceC = performance degradation coefficient (usually between 1.06 and 1.10)

While you can’t expect these devices to it is in spot-on as soon as it comes to predicting your finishing time, you have the right to use this information to gauge whether or not your median mile pace is prepared for a 50-mile race. Since many 50 mile races have actually a cut-off time, you want to be sure that you’ll have actually a good chance at finishing in ~ the allotted time.

How execute I train to operation 50 miles?

Once you decide to operation a 50 mile race, it’s time to gain training. Return the fittest among us have the right to run a 10k there is no too much training, it would certainly be complicated to gain to the end up line the a 50 mile race, permit alone a 50 mile trail race without much training.

That gift said, running 50 miles takes an ext than a couple of weeks of maintain for most people. In fact, countless ultrarunning coaches and endurance and performance researchers indicate a four- come six-month built-up for more recent runners before comitting come your very first race. On the various other hand, if you’ve already been training for a much shorter race for the last three months, you might be it s okay to ramp up your training because that just an additional three months prior to racing.

Although yes no one means to train to operation 50 miles, there are some basic guidelines the you have the right to follow. Below are some points to consider:

Focus top top volume. For many brand-new ultrarunners, 50 mile is longer than they operation in a offered week. So, how do girlfriend train to run that lot in a day? You’ll desire to aim for a weekly to run volume (the complete mileage you operation each week) the 50-60 miles. Because most beginning of the person marathon-training program aim because that a 15-45 mile per week volume, you’ll desire to include 10% volume week come week to acquire up to speed.Train top top a cycle. When you’re running dozens of miles a week, it’s easy to get an overuse injury. Thus, plenty of coaches encourage runners to boost their as whole volume by no much more than 10% a main for 3 weeks. Then, because that the fourth week, they recommend dropping your volume under to be much more or much less equal to the very first week of your month-long cycle. This will enable you to recoup while still staying active.Get out on lengthy runs. Because you’re cultivate to run for a lengthy time, it renders sense to gain out on much longer runs before you race. This runs room designed to build up endurance, no speed, so it’s okay if you nothing break any personal records throughout your training. In fact, it’s okay to walk throughout these much longer runs (which should build up come be around 30 miles), as you’re just looking to boost your mental and also physical endurance.Run the racecourse. Back this isn’t possible for everyone, if you live close come the site of your target follow race, you should aim to run sections the it before race time. If not, find comparable terrain close to your house that can assist you train to the certain demands the the race, i beg your pardon will aid you in the long-term.Take a break. This days, plenty of of united state feel pressured come constantly be the end training or act something else to aid us acquire ahead. While girlfriend will require to gain out and work difficult to train for a 50 mile race, friend will additionally need to take it a day turn off every when in a while. At a minimum, aim to give yourself one remainder day a week and one “active restore day” a week. On your rest day, you need to still try to acquire outside, walk, and also enjoy yourself, but give your legs and also your little muscles a break. For an energetic recovery day, go out for a cycle ride, a hike, a swim, or other else that gets your body moving, without boosting your hazard for an overuse injury.


Can I run 50 mile without training?

While many human being personally feeling the have to train because that a 50 mile race, there room many amongst us who wonder if they, too, can run 50 miles, yet without every one of that training. 

The answer? Yes, you might run 50 mile without training… but it’s no recommended. Unless you’re already an upstream athlete v a heavy endurance base, it’s unlikely that you’ll make it to the end of a 50 miler there is no training. If you do, you more than likely won’t have had a very enjoyable time top top your lengthy run.

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Our advice? that generally finest to train. Placing in those miles and getting your body prepared for one ultramarathon is the best way to get out and enjoy your run (though it could still be a sufferfest) while also reducing your possibility for injury.