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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood deal one-way
SeptemberBest time to beat the crowds with an median 2% drop in price.

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AprilMost well-known time come fly v an average 4% boost in price.
$330(avg. Price end the critical 2 weeks)
$260or less
$104or less

Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to obtain a below-average price.High season is thought about to it is in March, April and also May. The cheapest month to fly to Bermuda is January.Morning exit is roughly 11% an ext expensive than an evening flight, on average*.*Average of the lowest prices presented in’s search results for departures in ~ the following 30 days
Which airlines have a versatile cancellation plan for flights from new York come Bermuda because of COVID-19?
JetBlue, Qatar Airways and Delta have actually all waived their adjust and cancellation fees ~ above flights from new York to Bermuda. Confirm plans on booking site.

Which airline fly come Bermuda?
JetBlue flies most generally to Hamilton from brand-new York.

Can i fly to Bermuda without having actually to quarantine top top arrival?
Visitors from brand-new York will need to quarantine because that 14 days upon beginning Bermuda.

Do I should take a coronavirus (Covid-19) test prior to flying come Bermuda?
Visitors from new York must existing a an unfavorable RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours prior to departing to Bermuda.

Can vaccinated civilization travel come Bermuda?
Current regulations for vaccinated travelers come Bermuda: most visitors from brand-new York may get in Bermuda yet may still require to administer proof of an unfavorable COVID test.

What documents do I must fly to Bermuda?
Travel Authorization FormApplicable for both foreign and also local travellers. Should be excellent 1 come 3 days prior to departure.Contact-Tracing AppTravellers are motivated to download the app WeHealth Bermuda.

What various other coronavirus (Covid-19) limitations are over there in Bermuda?
Required in public spaces and also public transportation.Restaurants: Open with restrictionsBars: Open through restrictions

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What is the Hacker Fare alternative on flights from new York to Bermuda?
Hacker Fares allow you to integrate one-way ticket in order to save you money over a timeless round-trip ticket. You might then paris from brand-new York come Bermuda v an airline and earlier with one more airline.

What is's "flexible dates" feature and also why need to I care when trying to find a trip from new York to Bermuda?
Sometimes travel days aren"t set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you every the options when paris from new York to Bermuda up to 3 days before/after your desired dates. You have the right to then choose the flights that suit you best.

Cons: We require quality alternatives for snacks.

Pros: i love JetBlue service and also the crew. Every time.

Pros: NothingCons: Everything

Pros: The flight was smooth and on time. The crew members were really nice and also helpfulCons: JetBlue is the best

Pros: walk not like the trip at all. The crew top top the ticketing workdesk was really helpful and niceCons: Everything, they screwed increase ticket. I had to take a later on flight. Ns felt choose a sardine. Will not travel with jet blue in the future.

Pros: EverythingCons: Nothing

Pros: Crew was ok.Cons: less travelers permitted to fly as result of pandemic

Cons: There were no movies

Pros: They go their project as expected.Cons: JetBlue crew it seems ~ a little overwhelmed and also stressed. Ns felt castle took that on the passengers

Cons: No in flight entertainment in ~ our seats

Pros: My flight was complete of funny children so I enjoy my trip a lot and the trip attendant was great tooCons: Snacks us need an ext snacks

Pros: that nice that a snack to be provided. Other airlines have actually stopped serving snacks since of COVID-19Cons: Crew can have been much more welcoming.

Cons: The aircraft was run down with broken arm rest, smelly and also dirty seats and worn out all at once appearance to be a put off.

Pros: great leg roomCons: Old plane and time because that the boneyard.

Pros: seat were an extremely spacious and also comfortable.

Pros: exit row seatCons: no delayed

Pros: Loved your announcements - polite but instructive “keep your shoulders the end of the aisle so us may easily serve everyone “

Pros: Jet blue has free potato chips and also permits you to clock television.Cons: Jet Blue listed 5 sequential delay messages over an hour. Their inability to much better estimate departure is disappointing. The real problem is that hold-up was caused straight by the airline's incompetence. There to be no weather issues, the takeoff spots were available. They just failed to pack snacks. Return there to be a boy prior hold-up bc a contempt late plane arrival, we ultimately were delayed about an extra hour to it is provided snacks on a 4-hr flight. Offered the soil crew had actually EXTRA time to pack and likewise considering the tiny set of options offered, this is senseless. Further, b/c castle ran the end of overhead bins, they available to GATE examine my luggage. This was basically a lied - they put it with checked bags, unequal the door checked items ns watched others retrieve. The mix of these errors led me to arrive at the car rental desk after closure. This resulted in me to incur a taxi fare, so invest 30 min or so working out an different rental the complying with day, and then yet an additional cab to the car Desk to obtain the car. This is the only time in my hundred or so auto rentals anything like this has actually happened. I will definitely think double (or more) before booking Jet Blue again.

Pros: Pretty average JetBlue flight. Ns love the straight TV and wifiCons: Annoying and also time consuming to find that ns couldn’t check in for my flight almost everywhere besides the respond to at JFK due to the fact that I had two layovers and also that JetBlue and also Hawaiian had completely different itineraries because that me. And then once the trip attendant who checked me in mocked my 2 layover itinerary and also said there was a straight flight come HNL indigenous JFK leaving later that morning, she in ~ least might have do the efforts to offer me a seat on that flight, rather than crude laugh in ~ me “I guess: v you have the right to only carry out what you can do” like I to be too poor or something. That was annoying. I’m bored of the JetBlue snack an option it’s to be the exact same for years.

Pros: The Jetblue lounge in ~ JFK.. And also the TV to be pretty niceCons: come start, the airplane was delayed because of inflight crew getting in late which is fine.. But our exit time never ever updated and the attendants to be transparent however never discussed a brand-new time. After ~ onboarding we acquired stuck on the tarmac as result of traffic. Flight took off with turbulence to start and also finally after 45 mins we acquired bottles that water. I asked crew if they would come approximately with more... I was starving and additionally have the perk of cost-free alcoholic beverages in flight. Ns was offered neither and also we just received chips 1+ hour into the flight. One of our TVs broke and the crew wasn’t valuable in one alternative... As whole worst Jetblue exp I’ve had to date, and I’ve flown v them a lot due to my Mosaic status..

Pros: L'espace dans l'avion - c'est la 1ère fois que j'en ai autant en classe éco ! Le personnel de bord, vraiment adorable, drôle et à l'écouteCons: Pas de distraction et collation limitée. Mais c'est vraiment un détail !

Cons: as soon as I came down on JFK after 14 hrs long trip on Emirates, the organization counter was understaffed with 1 hour lengthy lines! Un-acceptable! Especially, because all I essential is come re-print my boarding pass, since US TSA would not expropriate the boarding pass printed by Emirates in India. The kiosk would certainly not recognize my surname on reservation! The kiosk walk not identify my recently issued us passport! Bloody annoying! just able to print the happen after keying reservation code - yet, again not acceptable! The other, previously attempts should have actually recognized me and also found mine reservation! an extremely upset with top quality of business on the ground!

Pros: The environment was just right for flying except when I entered the Aircraft i was totally turned off as soon as I encountered a woman and her child and also her carry-on piece was already established in mine seat 2A. She did relocate when i requested however what gained me annoyed she had me locked in my seat because all she belongings remained in the passage means making it difficult to do my method to the restroom. IN mine OPINION THIS was A safety HAZARD. I had every factor to doubt that she is well-known to the captain due to the fact that he concerned greet her. ERROLDCons: NO emphasis IS placed ON ENSURING THAT security IS lugged OUT. I HAVE had actually SEVERAL travel EXPERIENCES top top A variety OF AIRLINES and also THIS was THE WORST because that SAFETY. Unfortunately I had TO manipulate THE RESTROOM and also HAD come BE utilizing MY ATHELETIC SKILS TO gain BY. THIS yes, really SPOILT mine FLIGHT. MY flight # was 881 come ST. LUCIA seat 2A. SAFETY have to NEVER BE compromised EVEN IF FRIENDSHIP IS INVOLVED.

Pros: Price that ticket is around it.Cons: From the time I acquired to the gate 90 minutes before flight to the time I obtained off it to be terrable. Delays prior to boarding with no explanation climate the same ongoing onboarding. An initial it was wait for bags. Strange once there's a 2 hour+ delay that every the bags weren't there? Then wait for paperwork followed by the component they required was incorrect and also a brand-new one to be on it's method from the hanger.. Lastly departed 1 hour plus later. The aircraft was an old livestock car. Totally free TV didn't work-related right, so at did no recline (no the wasn't an leave row.). Many of the crew and also gate attendants to be rude and indifferent other than for on trip attendant. The entire row of seats didn't recline in ~ all. She was an extremely apologetic and also acknowledged it to be uncomfortable particularly on a 5+hour flight. She did offer us something come eat, blankets earbud. Still my earlier was death me upon come at Phoenix. JEt Blue. Gain your act together. This is unacceptable.

Cons: The flight was delayed 6hrs 30 mins and adjusted departure door twice. In ~ no suggest was over there a gate readjust announcement overhead (there to be gate change announcements made for flights come Bermuda, Boston and San Francisco). During the boarding process many civilization stood and went in before their group was called, one agent i found it it and told the agent check the boarding passes “all that these world are team A?” to which the various other agent replied: “no, yet I can’t perform anything about it”. If over there are group assignments, they must honor that, as some human being pay to plank earlier.

Pros: Cabin crew were great at looking after ~ us and also we had plenty the legroom in coach!Cons: The entertainment an option was a bit restricted and there to be no wi-fi.

Pros: Nothing.Cons: everything overall. The planes are old, the wifi to be weak and also didn't job-related on my foot back, the snacks space mediocre, the terminal is subpar. I will take Delta any kind of day over jetBlue.

Pros: The crew to be great, and also so to be a JetBlue pilot dead-heading in the seat alongside me. I preferred the space in the MoreSpace seat ns paid for. Ns relieved that the update seat came v boarding in the first group. Part airlines you pay for the seat, however you're still group 3 or 4 and, meaning all sorts of anxiety around the many miserable component of any kind of flight, the dreaded fight because that the overhead bins, wondering it you'll have to check the bag and then wait for it in ~ the destination. Give thanks to you because that removing that.

Cons: The flight took turn off two hrs late. Us were suppose to arrive at our destination at twenty minute after midnight, and instead did no arrive till 2:30 a.m. Girlfriend felt choose the pilot gained on the plane when friend did with no planning connected on just how to acquire to Austin. I later learned the Jet Blue has actually the worst ~ above time document of all the airlines. And you acquired nothing to compensate you because that the inconvenience. Ns am really disappointed in for not making it recognized on our ticket that we were paris from new York to Austin on Jet Blue. As soon as buying my tickets on, it appeared on mine itinerary the all mine flights to be on Iceland Air. The was an extremely confusing come me, together I don't travel really frequently. And also airport staff is not very helpful when you room in this situation. As result of all the confusion, ns will most likely use an additional airline search tool for my next trip to view if I have the right to lessen the confusion.

Pros: Seating is spacious, food was okay, entertainment was sufficient yet not the best. All at once I to be impressed v Jet Blue and also will most likely fly with them again in future.Cons: Didn't choose a substantial argument taking place between one household which organized the trip up through at least 30 minutes. The crew were really patient through this family, however the passengers to be not. I think the family members should have actually been removed and also asked come take another flight so that my flight can leave ~ above time. It made everyone really nervous because we didn't recognize to what extent this problem would escalate, therefore we had to sit listening to 3 or 4 members of the family arguing and also constantly remove passports indigenous luggage and also going ago and soon in and out the the plane. One member the this family actually entered the cockpit, i beg your pardon unnerved me since of the dangers with terrorists this days. The family showed up to be of muslim descent.

Pros: NothingCons: i was delayed half a dozen times, just to be canceled. Rescheduled ~ above a flight that was reserved to depart 2 hours prior to the original flight. Rescheduled after ~ an hour hold. That flight was delayed the following day. Was diverted come Baltimore only to discover out only some of us on our trip are obtaining out through a rude agent. Climate no info at all. Had actually to operation to catch an amtrak. Later uncovered out if I remained I would have stayed another 13 hours in Baltimore. Missed work and had no one house to take care of mine family. Oh, and travel insurance will not cover anything. The airplane itself to be falling apart. Seat to be broken and also dirty. Everyones lights to be broken and it smelled.

Pros: literally the worst trip I’ve ever been ~ above in my life.Cons: we were sit behind a mrs who brought a sick cat into the flight. The stench of cat feces was overwhelming. When we addressed it v the staff, they were exceptionally rude. I additionally shared that I had a very far-ranging cat allergy. The staff continued to be extremely rude, and eventually available a single seat in the back, which would not accommodate the two of us. The woman beside us likewise expressed her too much discomfort and also was condescended and disrespected, together well. Shocking, miserable experience.

Pros: The entertament options from brand-new releases come tv mirrors was great ..Cons: The staff was disorganized and also seemed a bit frantic at one allude they announcement a need for a doctor on board .. Us where never told the the passanger to be allright .. There was a chilld that sat behind me the kick mine chair the whole time and stuck his hand in in between which where sticky in between the seat over and also over again grabbing me he to be loud and sick with what it seems ~ to be a cold and also kept touching me despite the seat would not hear to the adult the was with him i understand that the is a child yet this go on the entire flight which to be over 5 hours my ago is still no ok .. Snacks where serve late right into the filght once.. Employee was not friendly...

Pros: Food was really good, but the cabin crew were up to JetBlue's normal exceptional serviceCons: The range of movies is tho pretty bad (if you're a regular JetBlue traveller)

Pros: basically nothing.Cons: straight TV didn't work -- provided only one station, with a consistent scroll across the bottom of the display promoting the brewing start that movies that we're impossible to access. And even this one station would disappear indigenous time to time. None of the seat-mounted controls operated -- consisting of channel, volume, brightness, and also music. And you couldn't even turn the damned point off so that glowed in your challenge all with the overnight flight. In short, a terribly boring 6.5 hrs aloft in terribly uncomfortable seats.

Pros: quite crew..

Pros: whatever was supervisor comfortable and the movie ns watch really great I favor having selections it what to watch.Cons: that wasn't anything that ns disliked. I simply thought it was funny that when the aircraft landed in Bermuda everybody jump up prior to HE turned off the seatbelt sign like they would gain out any type of faster.LOL

Pros: we boarded right on time and the boarding process was smooth.Cons: Our trip was delayed 3 hours since of air conditioning malfunctioning top top the plane. We sat on the tarmac for nearly two and also a half hours, and also it must have been approximately 85 levels on the plane. There was a the majority of miscommunication around whether we would certainly be switching aircraft. They finally told united state to deplane since we were most likely going to switch planes. ~ 15 minutes in the terminal, us reboarded the same plane. Got to LA 3 hours late so had to deal with horrible rush hour traffic, which we had hoped come avoid had actually we taken turn off on time.

Pros: The convenience of landing and also being so close come home. Just wished there were more flights avail with far better times.Cons: 1) the time of this flight is a little much. I know that that is nearby to my home but I recognize if Jet Blue add to 1 or 2 much more flights, they would entirely get booked up. The leaving JFK at nearly midnight and also then the time difference is horrible. 2)This trip had a kid that got sick and we to be delayed around 40-45 mins. Entirely worth it however it made for an even harder time obtaining in at nearly 630am PR time. 3) The turbulence was horrible. Us were warned yet so plenty of customers were obtaining sick. Its to be unpleasant come say the least.

Pros: Friendly, beneficial crew.

Cons: I might not recline the seat, and also the table to be broken. The aircraft took off very late indigenous schedule.

Cons: flight was delayed end 5 hrs. Not the airline's fault however waited in the aid line because that over an hr before the agent told me there to be no previously flight I might be put on - she to be incorrect. Stated that over there was another flight that had likewise been delayed and also therefore hadn't left however - she agreed, put me top top standby. In ~ the gate, the boarding crew go not recognize what they were doing. The plane was 20% empty but crew do situation very hectic by providing standby passengers seats, taking them away, and also then establish there was actually sufficient room ~ above the plane. Crew to be friendly yet incompetent in state of difficulty solving.

Pros: everything except the entertainment to be great. However,entertainment top top this trip kept walking in and also out.Cons: TV was flacky!

Cons: an initial thing, once i come to inspect my bags the lady giving help was useless, i was yes, really stressed and also i request her some questions and she to be answering upset, climate i uncovered a male who assist me to perform my points there. In the boarding over there wasn't any an are for my things, my bring on bag and also my personal item .. I was make the efforts to obtain some help to among the men working inside the plane because the top compartment to be full, when i ask him he just say that space is for every in the plane isn't mean to be space for you there if some various other guest take it it.. Ns was really upset since i paid because that my flight ticket and it was had my carry on and my personal item.. Otherwise i recognize there is much more people in the aircraft but is not choose i brought much more things than the ones ns paid for... If you don't have actually capacity for all the guest you need to say that before... The flight was delayed through an hour..

Cons: TSA organized me up through a 30 minute bag examine so i arrived for an 11:30 AM trip at 11:16 AM. I was called that due to the fact that I was a minute late they wouldn't let me on even though the aircraft was still in the runway and also connected to the terminal. I asked come speak come a supervisor and the certified dealer disappeared because that 10 minutes while the plane took off. I then went to go speak to a customer company agent who wouldn't even look at me while i spoke. She actually started listening to and talking with another agent while i was talk to her. Then when I to be finished, she started suggesting with me until one more agent claimed "he's not worth it." JetBlue just lost mine business.

Pros: The crew to be helpful.Cons: flight was end two hrs late. No excuse to be given. Original leave time to be 9:30pm. To be receiving alerts start from the morning notifying of delays which continued as i waited at the airport the night. This seems to take place frequently and also nothing is ever done to do it up to travelers. ~ above the plane, the audio because that the tv had actually static so friend couldn't in reality hear anything. The doesn't seem prefer you can turn the tvs off, which is annoying as they emit light, so if you desire to sleep you have to resolve the light from her tv.

Pros: We acquired to our last destination.Cons: We necessary to wait for "just a few minutes." The Captain said. Then, no other communication at all and also we left end an hour late for a 45-minute flight, no explanation. Ns hate when they leave you in the dark and aren't upfront. The connection from Emirates to JetBlue we had actually was practically impossible. Two healthy adults, getting here on time in NYC through two hrs to do a connection. V walking as rapid as possible and not also going to the bathroom, we barely made the flight. Customs. Adjust terminals. Go through defense again. Ridiculous.

Cons: late takeoff. Mechanically issue.

Pros: The human being who operated there were professional. The other passengers were nice.Cons: The seats, even the upgraded ones, didn't recline sufficiently to let my head autumn back. This supposed that for a period of 4 plus hours, i was stuck in an very uncomfortable sitting place -- tilted contempt forward, via the placement of mine head. And it additionally meant the the only way to shot to sleep was by pitching forward over the tray, hunched forward in a way that didn't permit me to breathe fully. I tried slouching down, and also it didn't help. The means that the lumbar to be positioned likewise pushed me forward. The pillows were too tiny to lift mine head lot off the tray. Possibly it's my height and also weight. If ns was shorter or higher or thinner, my choices might have increased. Regardless, if the airlines are going to squish united state together, they might think about how to offer us some flexibility with regards to placement of back rests, prefer we have actually in dare -- mediate of lumbar curve.

Pros: I liked the spacious seating of courseCons: i was disappointed in the boarding, ns traveled v my young daughter and also infant son and also when they announced those that require extr time, handicap assistance,etc i proceeded to plank then every these various other folks also jumped up skipping me and my kids when that was no their turn. And also the door people enabled them to execute so I had actually to it is in the one to say forgive me us were here 1st. On peak of that as soon as we landed ago in NY ns heard my stroller gain tossed and discovered as soon as I gained home it to be broke. So upset!!!

Pros: terrible EXPERIENCE do NOT FLY through AREOMEXICO!!!

Cons: Snacks, and drinks

Pros: great service remarkable crew clean airplane an excellent cleaning protocolsCons: whatever was good

Pros: really friendly give thanks to you!Cons: The wifi login experience can be improved. I purchased wifi together a guest once I had an account and had to spend extra time chatting through an agent to acquire it resolved. Castle were very helpful yet having the option to login to my account in ~ the begin would it is in ideal!

Pros: I preferred the fact I to be put right into a quality seat after I had actually booked a normal economic climate seat. Pretty upgrade. I acquired lots of leg room.Cons: The flight was delayed because of a maintain issue. We consisted of some the the time, yet it to be an issue.

Pros: amazing crew!

Pros: One flight attendant to be adamant about a passenger throughout from me, extending his nose and also mouth throughout the flight and also constantly checked to make certain he was complying with the rules.Cons: The safety and security instructions portion of the trip was no thorough. Castle just held up the large card and also stood there. No true demonstration i m sorry was necessary to me as I to be sitting in the emergency departure row.

Pros: Muy buen servicio y puntualidad

Cons: negative social distance

Pros: an excellent flight, an excellent social distance and also empty seat in betweenCons: really nothing, it was as good as possible in this times

Cons: There was a family members with children climbing everywhere the Sears. Would have been pretty if the crew reigned then in a bit.

Pros: Crew was exceptionally hostile and rudeCons: Smile and also treat black individuals better

Cons: good flight

Pros: No center seats. Crew to be nice. More space for people.Cons: The ceiling alongside the spot lights or call for aid was dirty. Ns was expecting whatever to be wiped. Ns turned my air pan on, and also my over there were some brown spots on mine hands. And I looked up, it to be dirty up there.

Cons: trip crew did not enforce mask mandate

Cons: Socially distancing operated well on the aircraft because the center seats are not occupied, snacks room bagged and also the head trip attendant to be funny and gave one inspirational article on the PSA in ~ the gate and also when us landed.

Pros: live tv, watched the formula one raceCons: seat were no comfortable, and the side panel at my feet was damaged off and i could see with the floor of the plane

Pros: great flight, inflight menu and also movie libraryCons: crude bag drop off kiosk

Pros: business by crew. I was flying economy but it was par to company class.

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Good

Pros: The crew to be fantastic. Departed ~ above time, come 40 minute early.Cons: Delta One is a little jaded top top this flight.

Cons: ~ a hold-up of around an hour top top a an extremely full trip the gate agent request for volunteers to check their rollaboard suitcases. The door agents then enabled those that checked their rollaboards come board before Zone 1,which to be fine. However, a bunch of human being without gate inspect stickers on the rollaboards to be also enabled to board prior to Zone 1, which was aggravating. There to be a long hold-up on the tarmac, during which we had to pull ago to the door or to a maintenance area before we lastly took off. As soon as we come in las vegas there to be no gate for us to traction into, i beg your pardon led to an additional long hold-up of an already long and also delayed flight.

Pros: The trip crew was an extremely competent and also welcoming.Cons: The door agent at JFK was annoying. She compelled us to check lug on bags because that no obvious reason. Lot larger lug on’s were enabled both before and after us. Her fellow agent seemed prefer she wanted to to apologize for her capricious behavior, yet was understandably hesitant to do so. The aircraft seating to be cramped and uncomfortable. The rntertainment choices were very minimal unless you enjoy superhero movie or a very restricted range the audio/musical selections. So that goes in coach class.

Cons: 4 hour delay on take-off and also despite the my luggage didn't do it ~ above the flight.

Pros: Friendly, efficient crewCons: Uncomfortable seat in first class. Bad quality video clip screen, also small, too much away, poor sound.

Pros: flight was early on into new OrleansCons: trip had a lot of turbulence

Pros: Staff and also flight were goodCons: The chicken dinner to be mediocre

Pros: ServiceCons: Nothing

Pros: really nice and willing stewardessesCons: tragic little place for legs, absence of space

Cons: my daughter to be booked ~ above this itinerary and also was finishing her last foot of journey. Complete ticket was booked thru Delta Airlines. Her trip from Amsterdam to new York this particular day operated by KLM, was delayed by few minutes. And Delta flight from JFK to Cleveland DL4084 was preponed through airlines. Result was mine daughter to be not allowed to plank the aircraft. Worst was yet to come. Your staff at the gate readily available her a trip to Cleveland for next day at 3:30 pm??? way around 24 hrs later. Is this how you behave v a girl of 19 years, questioning her to stay at the airport. She was refused Hotel and Lounge continue to be by your team!!! Is this what you call customer services??? Obscene services is what ns would prefer to term it as!!! my daughter asked them to provide this is writing, which to be refused come her. Why are your human being scared to placed it in composing if every little thing that you are doing is ideal by the Law??? i was left v no various other option yet to book her top top American Airlines flight today departing in ~ 9 pm to for sure that small girl doesn’t have to spend close come 24 hrs at plane by payment $423. That is going to bear the loss of money and mental torture the your team has provided to me and also my daughter???? ns shall it is in awaiting your solution as to what carry out you have to say to this pathetic mindset of your team. Rajesh Mendiratta sent out from my iphone phone Rajesh

Pros: The flight for getting us therwCons: No food and also no entertainment

Pros: ns paid 60 bucks for an emergency heat exit, take acquire some extra leg room and room so the I would certainly be fresh when I arrived in Munich. But KLM enabled a passenger — who did not pay for the emergency heat to sit beside me since he needed the extra an are because he was a liarge man, and plainly didn’t fit really well in the economic climate seats. Thus I I shed all the extra space and actually would of desired a regular economy seat. That would’ve been much more preferential climate paying $60 and also getting less room than i would’ve had it in a continual economy. I understand the other passengers comfort was important and if the was the situation he should’ve paid $60 together well.Cons: i did not obtain a selection of seat because that the one and also a fifty percent hour trip from Amsterdam to Munich and also I sat in a middle row for the an initial time in 20 years.

Pros: NothingCons: that was no acceptable and really disappointed that flight DL391 indigenous SDQ come NY-JFK was delayed till that left in ~ 4:40pm since there to be no crew members to lug the aircraft to STO DGO the night before as the is generally done so the the aircraft sleeps over in ras Americas. Us were at the airport in ~ 4:30am since the trip was booked to depart at 6:05am we were lucky to be able to rebook because that a trip SDQ-ATL DL576 because that the very same day hoping to make the link ATL-IND. Unfotunately that flight was rerouted to Charlotte early out to bad weather problems with a delay of 3 hrs before it landing in ATL thus missing our link to INDI and also had come sleep in ATL and also leave the following day come IND thus missing a meeting commitment that we had actually in IND. Us should and expect to it is in compensated by Delta for this.

Pros: The flight crew to be friendly and also personable. Beverage organization was consistent and also efficient. To chat and cost-free WiFi message were an excellent perks.Cons: The positives don’t even come close to offsetting the misery that Delta’s seats. I honestly don’t remember the last time ns was so cramped and uncomfortable. I’m not an abnormally big man - 6 feet 200 lbs - and there was no room for my legs or my shoulders in one “upgraded economy” seat. Ns fly weekly for job-related on another significant airline, and only took this one in a crunch. However I am quite details this to be my last Delta flight and I’ll be advising rather similarly. The service and also entertainment aren’t enough to mask an awful seat configuration.

Pros: really comfortable and didn't feel cramped. Rapid flight.Cons: No an option in snack and also I couldn't eat what ns was given. Staff showed up checked out and also not bothered. No entertainment yet it was a fast flight.

Pros: Giid complimentary sandwixh. Very good entertainment system. Great seats.

Cons: force me to take a poor seat

Pros: i didn't favor much about this flight.Cons: flight left late. Once we landing the sky bridge was damaged so we had actually to go outside, which isn't a huge deal yet it took a while sitting on the runway for the stairs come come. Then us proceeded to baggage claim and also waited a few minutes and also one of our 2 bags to be there. The crew member then said "that's everything. If you're lacking bags come check out us." Well around 5 human being on a small flight had to watch them. My bag to be stuck in JFK. I was said id have to come earlier to the airport tomorrow. In ~ this suggest id to be traveling because that close come 24 hours. Im not a happy camper. I usually fly JetBlue and also this has actually never taken place with them. Delta acted choose its a normal point with them. I paid 25 dollars to inspect each bag. How have the right to both my bags no reach their final destination together and how come this seems favor a typical procedure for Delta. I paid you for a service and now I have to drive back to the plane or wait because that you at home to supply my bags anytime Delta feels choose it. I most likely won't paris Delta again unless I absolutely have actually to.

Pros: We'd payment extra for key cabin so warm to choose seats and got in trip entertainment.. Staff were friendly.Cons: No totally free wifi.

Pros: Boarding was an extremely organized and quick. Slight delay taking off however not poor for JFK. Beloved crew. Bumpy flight however the captain kept us informed. Food far better than expected. Flight arrived early however no door so we had to wait.Cons: OMG! The seats space obnoxiously nearby together. I could only sit perfectly upright and even then my knees were pressed tightly versus the chair in front of me. I am only 5'7". Difficult to rest because of lack that space. I tried to put my head under on mine tray table however couldn't due to the fact that it fight the chair in former of me. Mid flight my 13 year old daughter got earlier spasms. Upon come we can barely walk and looked like two old ladies limping down the jetway. No idea how a high or larger person might have also sat down.

Pros: some of the ground staff was trying to be helpful.Cons: that we had actually to sleep like homeless world on the floor that JFK airport together the airline was no able to administer for a crew and also therefore cancelled the flight. The airline cancelled the trip at 1.30 in the morning so no one was may be to obtain a remain in a hotel not did the airline take it any activity towards helping the stranded passengers. Us were given blankets and pillows. The best thing was the soil staff gaining rude after all passengers complaining. Castle were basically saying us should gain stuffed due to the fact that we to be booked for a trip next day very same day. This is shameful! Needless to say that I will not fly this airline again!

Pros: That ns made it to DublinCons: The trip was delayed because of aircraft issues making united state 2 hrs late for vacation. THIS IS MY hard EARNED MONEY! ns literally placed blood, sweat and also many countless tears right into this trip. The trip attendant to be so rude ~ above this trip. The was like she to be absolutely offended by mine presence. I barely even spoke come her except to make certain of my vegetarian tray come which I gained the nasty reply "You'll have to wait due to the fact that I don't have it with me now". If i wasn't so concentrated on sleeping as much as I could I would have written her surname down. No free cocktails for desired Seating? Seriously? What did ns upgrade for exactly? Literally 4 inches the space? Late, rude, money sucking industry who hold no accountability because that wrong doings. Don't get into the wellness Industry.. You'll kill world with this flippant attitude. Bleh.. I doubt I'll fly through Delta again. The thought of having to carry out so transforms my stomach.

Pros: I acquired a seat in the exit row with many leg room. The to chat that ns didn't use readily available a good selection with an extremely recent movies, etc.Cons: i didn't like that I had to take a bus to mine terminal. Ns didn't favor the reality that my gate was changed much more than five times. Ns didn't prefer that my trip time to be changed an ext than 15 times through no factor why until boarding time. Ns didn't like the reality that i did not gain a chair assignment till boarding the plane. Ns didn't prefer the truth that castle couldn't control to scramble another aircraft and crew, but instead compelled us come wait over 4 hours for one the was stuck somewhere else in the country.

Pros: On my ticket it clearly indicate that ns am entitled to 2 check in baggage. Delta completely refused to respect this. They claimed am just entitled 1 piece, and therefore I have to pay for the various other luggage. I was compelled to borough money from someone at the airport just so the I can board the flight.Cons: i am asking that my money be refunded. And also next time delta need to honor and respect agreements. And be more professional

Cons: almost everything

Cons: The WORST suffer of mine life. My trip was delay 12 hrs overnight as result of "weather" and also since it was reportedly due to the fact that of uncontrollable weather delta didn't need to do anything because that me so ns slept in the JFK airplane overnight, lock wouldn't even give a $59 pass to their skies miles club for the afternoon. It felt like straightforward excuse for this reason they wouldn't have to do anything since there were other airlines tho flying out of JFK and to walk CLE before my rescheduled trip which makes me think it wasn't every weather. Because the flight was delay 12 hrs instead of being cancelled castle wouldn't let me move to a different airline either. Then, in the morning once it to be rescheduled to it to be again delayed because they an initial couldn't find a captain and also then couldn't uncover a fort mate. We ultimately took off and arrived in Cleveland only to wait another 30 minutes for a gate and a ground crew that they couldn't find. Ns will never fly delta again.

Pros: i didn't prefer anything about this flight. Only advantage of the doubt is the 2 hour hold-up as a runway in SF had shut down.Cons: We had actually seats at very first where there to be what looked like bubble gum bits stuck on among the food trays. The flight was plainly not cleaned back it landed 2+ hours before the departure. We had actually to ask because that a wet tissue and also clean it up. That was that no use too as it wouldn't scrub off. My wife was feeling under the weather and also so us asked because that a blanket. The ceiling was hardly a blanket and much more like a towel. Us then luckily can switch seats as there to be 2 vacant. But, the air conditioner was leaking water in the seat to ours left. The crew was callous and just stuck the passenger v some napkins saying it walk that. Ns don't paris Delta a lot and also my experience in this expedition isn't motivating much confidence.

Pros: Pretty lot nothing pertained to the entertainment system... That is nice that you deserve to play movie for cost-free over WiFi on your phone or tablet (since the in-seat device simply didn't work...), but, bizarrely, the WiFi movie an option was various from (and dramatically smaller than) the chair movie selection. What's the about? and the WiFi movie system is means more painful 보다 it demands to be, requiring friend "check out" movies making use of your internet browser, climate switch to a separate app to actually watch the movies. Plainly the product the a agency mindset who ONLY issue is "can we inspect some box", with absolutely no attention in "how can we joy our customers?"Cons: therefore we acquire the very same entertainment mechanism all these flights use: some ghastly entirely non-optimized Linux setup that was rebooted three times throughout the flight, took 20 minutes for each reboot, and also never worked correctly after any kind of of the reboots. (The just movie my device would ever before play was the very very first one, and none of the on-screen controls worked. The seat next door could choose multiple movies, however each movie froze after 40 minutes). The exceptional thing is: why don't they just install a cursed iPad mini or Android equivalent in the back of every seat? would be lighter 보다 what they have today and also would work far better. You'd need some co-ordinating/provisioning software to administer for OTA announcements and movie updates, however basically it's no that hard... At the really least, rental a Linux-head come optimize her startup scripts! It's simply sad to view this 20 minute startup process (all dumped on the screen) v its continuous repetition the time-wasting startup actions that simply generate errors ~ above this plane's details hardware setup...

Cons: It was Delta no Virgin

Cons: No veg option on overnight flight No assignment of one-of-a-kind meal online Keep transforming gate had to put bag up as soon as fit under seat

Pros: price and also speed that embargingCons: chair confort

Cons: chair confort is bad, specially because that tall travelers.

Cons: need water

Pros: The personal tvCons: better service on acquisition our lug one with us

Pros: The crew was greatCons: The food and also the just how well the tv works

Pros: Nice new 787. Acceptable company class seats (not the best, however OK lie-more-or-less-flat). Better for sleep than seating IMHO.Cons: General condition of cabin and amenities are below par for business class long haul. Food is acceptable but not more. Organization is simply abominable. No fist to the client, no respect. Have a chronic med condition and was brutalized by the crew. Really horrible people.

Pros: In timeCons: Seats are horrible, no ergonomic in ~ all

Pros: dislike it the flight.Cons: destructive flight.We must of have the chance to sit closer to the the former of the level considering that us were a household of six with little kids all under the period of 10.

Cons: I actually arrived early, which turned out to be a mistake, because Aeromexico relocated the door to the farthest possible brand-new gate place while ns was away gaining a sandwich, which was itself delayed. Once I i found it the change, ns ran to the brand-new gate and waited 10 minute while they speak to the boarding people, who wouldn't permit me on. After several hrs of bag retrieval, having to to buy a brand-new full price ticket, having actually my cards decreased due come the price and also circumstances, having to go through 2+ dorn directions because that each action of the process, determining that perhaps one employee in five can speak even minimal English in an worldwide airport, I lastly got ~ above a Delta flight. In sum, won't be flying on Aeromexico in future.

Pros: Is so easily boarding and also the business inside is very goodCons: The room in to chairs... Because that the people huge is complicated

Pros: The flight was ~ above time, the crew to be polite and attentive, and I evaluate the meal.Cons: The temperature in the airplane got an extremely cold when we reached peak altitude - persons in my heat felt the same. The trip lacked wifi and also power outlets, but it's a budget plan flight so that is acceptable. However, some spending plan flights/airlines carry out offer that.

Pros: very comfortable. Great service in general.Cons: limited snacks available throughout the flight, just nuts.

Pros: The huevos rancheros the they offered for breakfast was pretty an excellent and our trip arrived early.Cons: It to be awful. Mine original trip was scheduled to depart march 30 in ~ 11:55. Climate Aeromexico changed it to 1:35am in march 31. They refused to allow me readjust flights when this happened. I wanted to paris standby on an previously flight, for this reason I called everyday for 2 main to check how numerous seats to be left. Everyone ns talked to told me I can fly standby if it to be he same day as my ticket. I acquired to the airport and the flight attendant at examine in said me “standby no exist.” as soon as I asked just how much it would certainly be to change my ticket, she just said “very expensive.” She told me she’d have to check me the end of my existing flight and risk me shedding my seat on the flight, since it was overbooked simply to view the price for the earlier flight. I told she I’d be ready to pay up to $200 to switch to the previously flight and also she called me the was very expensive and she wouldn’t do it. I came back later that night and took my scheduled flight. I brought on my bag indigenous SFO come MEX. Top top my second flight indigenous MEX come BOG, the attendant called an older mrs she had actually to inspect her bag due to the fact that the overhead was going come be also full. I volunteered to inspect my bag rather so she might keep she bag. Climate Aeromexico shed my bag. Once I acquired to BOG, castle told me i couldn’t have a voucher since it was my fault because that bringing a bag that was also big. Finally they provided me $100 because the next day to be Easter and also I had actually no garments for church. Ns wasted over 2 hours of my vacation at the Bogota airport when Aeromexico searched for my bag. They said they’d speak to as soon as they discovered it. No one ever before called. Ns called and they asked “what color is her bag?” I claimed “red” and also the attendant claimed they had it. It was yielded several hours after this speak to despite the fact that the plane is less than 20 minute from whereby we room staying. Ns didn’t think an airline can be worse han United, but Aeromexico steals the cake.

Pros: I liked the food and everyone on the crew.Cons: The leg length was so quick after my first flight. No individual screens, and what there to be was a pretty negative movie.

Pros: Entertaining mechanism was great but food and also service was terribleCons: Food organization seats were all terrible

Pros: an excellent hot meal

Pros: 2 problems - there wasn't enough time scheduled in between my connection in mexico city when i was coming from florida to obtain through custom-mades so ns missed mine connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff about to assist. - the an individual screens in each seat ~ above the last flight from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't it is in shut off and also I was compelled to have actually commercials gift flashed an extremely close in former of my challenge when I wanted to relax.Cons: 2 problems - over there wasn't enough time scheduled between my link in mexico city once i to be coming native florida to gain through customs so ns missed mine connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff roughly to assist. - the an individual screens in each seat top top the last trip from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't it is in shut off and I was forced to have commercials gift flashed an extremely close in former of my face when I wanted to relax.

Pros: The entirety experience was good from preboard to on plank customer service. The flight was great with many of room, good food and entertainment.Cons: There to be nothing ns didn’t enjoy about my trip experience earlier to Seattle.

Pros: Una mierda aeromexico

Pros: The crew was really nice.Cons: very quick not much to say

Pros: Price and also effort

Pros: due to the fact that I got down from the plane everyone native Aeromexico were super attentive.Cons: The fact that lock only offered peanuts for the flight. Ns was really hungry and because the the connection I couldn’t acquire anything from the airport and also there wasn’t any other option in flight.

Cons: ns didn’t prefer the food

Pros: I appreciated the movies and the accuracy that the trip time etc really much! It was super useful during lengthy flights.Cons: i couldn’t recognize 90% of what anyone to be saying due to it every being in Spanish i m sorry I discovered to it is in a little rude to be honest. You understand you have actually a lot of English speak only civilization on your flights however you carry out not make any type of announcements in both Spanish and English choose a lot of other airlines do.

Pros: No Kosher food alternative is unfair and also not right.

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Cons: At the time to pick up bags that was very confusing, civilization saying it to be on a various band, information was not clear and also my bag was already in the floor, because that a long time. An extremely confusing how people on the ground have various information to what the screens are saying

Pros: trip attendant Antonio to be great! Friendly, funny and also kind.

Pros: The ticket counter heavy set with black color hair, ns think her first or critical name start with "JA" is really very ride and also unprofessional. In the middle of taking care of me and my wife he walk away and also said., I'm going to the back, allow someone rather take care of you. Please contact me to get the full information