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San Antonio is Texas’ number one tourist destination, and also it’s not hard to see why. This charming, diverse, culturally vibrant city is house to 2 majorly top Texan travel spots: the river Walk and the Alamo. But the city has actually much rather to offer, apart from these—namely, a vivid arts and food scene, wonderful local shops, a close proximity come the Hill Country, and distinctive social attractions, favor the centuries-old Spanish missions strung along the san Antonio River and a bevy of neighborhood museums. Luckily for Houstonians, san Antonio is located simply 190 mile (305 kilometers) west of Houston, and also there are several convenient methods to make the trip, either by driving, flying, or taking the bus or Amtrak.

Flying can be a fairly easy and also quick means to do the expedition if you’d like not come drive follow me the car-choked I-10. Number of carriers market nonstop flights indigenous Houston to mountain Antonio; flight time is just over an hour and, depending upon when girlfriend go, flights often tend to range between $200 and also $250. Or, for the most eco-friendly (albeit longer) transportation option, you have the right to opt to take the bus or train: Greyhound, Turimex Internacional, FlixBus, Megabus, and also Amtrak all market routes between the 2 cities. Making this journey by car can it is in a real nightmare, also if friend don’t get stuck in rush-hour traffic.

 TimeCostBest For
Train5 hours, 10 minutesfrom $35Eco-friendly travel
Flight1 hour, 4 minutesfrom $220Saving time
Bus3 hours, 35 minutes (direct route)from $15Traveling on a budget
Car3 hours190 miles (305 kilometers)Exploring the area on her own

By airplane

Flying to and from Houston and also San Antonio takes just over an hour, no counting the time it bring away to acquire to the airport, inspect bags, clean security, and then obtain from the airport come your location in mountain Antonio. If you’d favor the convenience the flying over driving, this have the right to be a great option, although the much much more expensive than various other transportation options.

The mountain Antonio worldwide Airport (SAT) has actually two terminals (Terminal A and also Terminal B) and three runways, and there are 11 domestic and also international airlines that carry out regular commercial business here. The these, United, American, Alaska, and Southwest offer nonstop and also connecting flights to and also from Houston. One-way fares begin at roughly $110, while a round-trip ticket costs about $220 or more (although it’s absolutely true that you might be able to find a cheaper fare, relying on the time the year).

by Bus

If you’d choose to kick back and relax while friend travel between destinations, taking the bus deserve to be a convenient, reasonably affordable option. Not to mention, buses room an environmentally familiar travel alternative when compared to other modes of transit, in regards to fuel efficiency, power usage, and reducing the number of vehicles top top the road. Megabus, Greyhound, FlixBus, and Turimex Internacional all market routes in between Houston and San Antonio, and also each of castle have various frequencies, rates, and types of courses (direct or non-direct). 

Greyhound buses depart native the Greyhound terminal at 2121 key Street; there are 4 routes every day and a one-way ticket per human being can cost anywhere between $20 come $30. There room a few different Megabus pick-up stations, when traveling indigenous Houston to san Antonio: the parking the majority of 815 Pierce Street, the Katy Mills shopping mall (Entrance 8), or the choose Shell station at the intersection of 290 (13250 FM 1960 W). In terms of cost and frequency, Megabus operates eight buses a day, with one-way fares as low together $10 relying on how far in development you book. FlixBus operates two buses per day, if Turimex operates 4 per day; prices vary, but you can expect come pay almost everywhere from $10 to $40 for a one-way ticket because that both operators.

By automobile

Although it’s typically the cheapest option, driving from Houston to san Antonio isn’t because that the faint of heart. That’s since I-10 is notoriously clogged with traffic, especially about rush hour. The expedition is just under 200 miles and usually takes roughly three hours, though this counts on stops and traffic. The most direct route is a straight-shot via I-10. Although, if you’re ready to do a road expedition out of it, there room a couple stops worth considering: Schulenberg is a charming German and also Czech town about an hour and a half from Houston, and also Luling offers quaint shops and also restaurants—the city is renowned for its authentic barbecue that’s routinely praised as some of the best in Texas. 

through Train

Again, as with the bus, if she concerned around lowering your personal carbon footprint, acquisition the train is a much an ext eco-friendly alternative than walk by automobile or plane, although the does take much longer than many other creates of transportation. Amtrak operates a train native Houston to mountain Antonio 3 times per week, on Tuesday, Friday, and also Sunday. The trip takes roughly five hours, and also the Houston terminal is located at 902 Washington Avenue. Tickets tend to variety anywhere from $35 come $50 because that a one-way ticket.

What to watch in mountain Antonio

San Antonio boasts a large spectrum the cultures, which is plainly evident in the city’s cuisine, artistic output, and historical sites. One of the coolest attractions in town is the mountain AntonioMissionsNational HistoricalPark(a nationwide Park and UNESCO civilization Heritage Site); the colonial-era missions span the length of the river and also are ideal explored by bicycle.

Skip SeaWorld and, instead, soak increase the dazzling repertoire at the san Antonio Museum the Art, stroll approximately La Villita historical Arts Village, or reap the sights and sounds of the biggest Mexican industry in the country, historical Market Square.For a distinctive treat, head to the san Fernando Cathedral at night to record The Saga, a video clip art surroundings projected ~ above the cathedral walls.

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The bustling Riverwalk and the Alamo are absolutely worth a visit, of course, however be certain to tour approximately the Pearl District, as well—San Antonio’s trendiest community is residence to a buzzing social scene that includes the historic Pearl Brewery, Hotel Emma, and also a variety of noteworthy restaurants, in enhancement to the Culinary academy of America campus and also the well-known Pearl Weekend sector on Sundays.