So if you desire to know exactly how long that takes to completely charge her phone, then this article is because that you.

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How long It takes to fully Charge her Phone?

We all usage our phones every day, and it’s essential that we have the right to rely ~ above them. Much more than anything else, the one point we have to do to take care of ours phones is charge them. Unfortunately, charging bring away time, and it isn’t always convenient.

It would help to know just exactly how long a phone requirements to charge, and also that’s what you’re walking to find out today.

The average Charging Time for modern-day Phones

Let’s begin with summary of the concept. If us assume the your phone is much less than 5 year old and also is one Android or iPhone, the huge average charging time for the phone is somewhere in between 30 minutes and 4 hours. That’s a wide variety with a lot come unpack, but that’s due to the fact that charging is complicated.

Your charging times will certainly vary depending upon the design of your phone, even if it is or not it has an extended battery if it’s in reality at 0% or not, and also what kind of charger friend use. 


The age of the battery is additionally a major factor, therefore we’re going to look more closely at few of the most famous phones ideal now and see what we have the right to learn.

A Closer Look in ~ the Most renowned Phones

There room a lot of phones the end there, yet for now, the most well-known iPhone and also most well-known Android phone will be good case researches to display us what impacts charging and also what we deserve to expect.

In particular, we’re going come look at the iphone 12 Pro and also the Samsung Galaxy S12. Both of this phones are relatively brand-new and have actually the biggest batteries obtainable right now, therefore you have the right to actually suppose your charging time to be a tiny less 보다 what you read if friend don’t have a phone v maximum battery life.

Lighting Charging (Apple)

Let’s begin with Apple. Apple sells a 20W bright charger that have the right to be offered with the latest iPhones. If you use that charger, you deserve to expect to take her iPhone 12 agree from 0 come 100% charge in simply under an hour.

To be a little more specific, Apple claims that that takes 30 minutes to charge the battery to 59 %. If we extrapolate, then we deserve to say the it takes 51 minutes to to fill the battery completely, but this is a small optimistic. In reality, the last 10% that charging takes longer to fill because the battery is already mostly full. That electric potential pushes back versus the just arrived charge and slows points down.

Third-party testers saythat that takes up to 2 hours and 27 minutes to acquire all the means to 100%, yet they’re gift sticklers. If you’re spring at your iPhone 12 Pro, it’s going to tell girlfriend it struggle 100% after about an hour and 40 minutes.

Now, all of that is using the best charger. Apple selling chargers that are lot slower, and also third-party chargers will never be rather as fast as the apple originals. If you’re using one of those, it have the right to take as much as 4 hrs to charge your battery.

USB-C (Android)

So, exactly how does the S12 compare? very first off, you can gain a most variation even when friend opt for an S12, so we’re looking at the really largest battery accessible from Samsung. Anything smaller will fee faster.

With the in mind, the ideal Samsung USB-C charger provides about 25W (which is bigger than the finest Apple charger). With that, the takes around 1 hour and 33 minute to walk from 0% come 100%.

Third-party testerssometimes press that up over 2 hours and also 30 minutes, yet they’re again using testing measures the don’t mean much to the average user. The phone will certainly tell girlfriend it’s full after about an hour and also a half.

Yet again, these numbers are based upon using a very good charger. If your charger isn’t quite so powerful, you can expect your charging times to jump up to about four hours.

Wireless Induction

We have some an excellent information, but a many of world like to usage their wireless chargers. Just how do they compare?


In general, wireless induction charging is walking to be slower. If you use Apple’s MagSafe charger, your 100% charging time will jump up to 2 hours and also 56 minutes. If you use a third-party charger, you can expect that time to double.

As because that the Samsung, their ideal charger will take close to 3 hours and also 30 minutes to completely charge the S12. Once again, less-powerful third-party chargers will certainly take up to twice together long.

How Age impacts Charging Speeds

There’s another significant factor in charging her battery. Pretty lot every smartphone battery is made v lithium-ion technology, and also that gift a quirk. Lithium-ion battery charge an ext slowly as they age. This is due to the fact that the lithium in the battery oxidizes and also creates resistance against charging.

At the very same time, batteries lose charging volume as they age, which leader to a strange relationship. Even though her battery will take much longer to fee as it it s okay older, that won’t need to charge together much. What that means is the the total charging time will remain about the same throughout the battery’s life, yet it won’t last almost as long in between charges.

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Still, you have the right to expect charging time to rise by as much as 10% over the life the a battery.