Minecraft 1.1 is the end now, and sheep once again regrow your wool by eat grass.

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I"ve gained a sizeable herd of blue-colored lamb I"d choose to farm wool from - is there anything I can do to do it more likely the they will certainly eat grass and regrow their wool? Is over there a cooldown period between eating?


We have actually a little corral complete of fancy sheep, most likely 20-30. If ns run roughly holding a pair that shears if holding RMB, i cannot keep every one of the lamb sheared as they space eating that fast. Lamb seem come eat also if they space uninjured and have wool, however perhaps the 1.1 patch brought about fishing rods to damage passive mobs.

So the prize is "I don"t think you have to do anything, except expand your flock."

Do not hold wheat in her hand roughly the lamb - they will swarm you and also ignore the grass.

Sheep will likewise eat high grass, which girlfriend can include to her pasture by using bonemeal. It additionally has the satisfied side impact of providing you flowers for the renewable dyes.


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