In Pennsylvania, DUI or control Under the affect is usually thought about a misdemeanor. If a misdemeanor is less serious 보다 a felony, it have the right to still cause a slew the harsh consequences — including a significant note on your public criminal record. Anyone have the right to view thisrecord, including however not minimal to prospective employers and loan officers, which method that you may run right into obstacles when you’re make the efforts to gain hired for a task or take out a loan. Therefore is there any method you can remove old DUI charges from her record?

Pennsylvania’s ARD regime for very first Time DUI Offenders

Pennsylvania offers details DUI offenders something referred to as ARD, which stands for increased Rehabilitative Disposition. In order come qualify because that ARD, one applicant must be able to meet a few basic criteria, including:

A clean record dating earlier at the very least 10 years. No death or injury caused by the DUI incident. No passenger (aged 14 or younger) in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

If all of these problems are satisfied, it might be possible for girlfriend to participate in the program. Then, if you’re maybe to finish the ARD program, you deserve to petition the courts to expunge her criminal record.

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We’ll talk about how the expungement process works in greater information later on, however for now, let’s answer a more basic question: what go the ax expungement mean? And why is ARD so necessary if you’re interested in obtaining one?

Who Qualifies because that Expungement in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law defines expungement as the action of removing details so the there is no longer any trace or indication that such information ever existed in the very first place. While the court device will retain access to your documents for reference in the occasion of future arrests, the records themselves have the right to no much longer be accessed by the basic public. To people who space conducting lift checks, consisting of future employers, it will certainly be as if the arrest never ever occurred.

Whileexpungement might still be possiblewithout the ARD program,it additionally becomes markedly more difficult, because Pennsylvania’s eligibility criteria are exceptionally strict. Uneven you finish ARD, in accordance through 18 Pa. C.S. 9122 there are just two scenarios which enable for a misdemeanor to be expunged:

You space at least 70 years old, and have not been arrested or prosecuted in ~ the previous 10 years. Youpassed awaythree year ago.

Assuming neither of the over scenarios use to you, expungement is all butimpossible. However, while an extremely rare, it may be possible to acquire a pardon from theBoard that Pardons, or BOP. (Note the while a pardon is no the same together an expungement, obtaining a pardonwill permit you to seek one expungement.)


How to Expunge a DUI record in Pennsylvania

As the above information renders clear, the simplestpath towards a clearcriminal record is perfect ofthe ARD program. In fact, under rule 320 (Expungment Upon successful Completion the ARD Program), “When the referee orders the dismissal the the charges versus the defendant, the judge also shall bespeak the expungement that the defendant’s arrest record…” However, you might encounter resistance if the attorney for the commonwealth objects. Furthermore, that is constantly best to it is in proactive and seek out an expungement as soon as possible, fairly than waiting for an automatic procedure to “kick in.”

So once you finish ARD, what need to be your following step? The entire process is outlined byRule 790 (Procedure for Obtaining Expungement in Court Cases) together follows:

step 1 — friend must document a petition through the court clerk in the district whereby your initial charges to be disposed. This petition demands to containseveralspecific pieces of information, including yet not limited to your call information, the docket number, the violation Tracking Number (OTN), and also the dues you great to expunge. The petition likewise needs to encompass a copy of her criminal record with the Pennsylvania State Police, which you’ll require to acquire within two monthsoffiling. Step 2 — at the exact same time you paper your petition, a copy of the petition must additionally be served on theattorney because that the Commonwealth. Action 3 — within 60 job of being served, the attorney for the commonwealth will either: take it no action. Record a consent. Paper an objection. action 4 — You will be offered with the consent or objection. Action 5 — The judge will either give or refuse the expungement, or will certainly schedule a hearing. Once the listening concludes, the referee will go into an order to either refuse or provide your petition.

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers Offering cost-free Consultations

If you to be convicted of intoxicated driving in the past, one expungement can help you stop obstacles in the future.

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