Chow Chow is a fierce feather dignified dog breed, originating in the northern part of China. The each other is recognized by several names one of them being Songshi Quan, an interpretation a “puffy-lion dog.” castle have also been referred to as flavor Quan, translating come “Dog the the flavor Empire.” This sturdy dog significant by a square built and also heavy muscle teamed through its teddy be afflicted with coat together a regal, serious, snobbish and also scowling watch is certainly a pleasure to watch. 

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What does a Chow Chow dog look at like

Head: Large and lion-like coupled with a vast and flat skull.

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Eyes: Dark brown, almond-shaped, deeply set

Ears: Small, thick, triangle shape, rounded in ~ its tip

Skull: vast and flat

Muzzle: Short and broad

Tail: High set, carried closely

Tongue: Bluish-black or purple (most crossbreeds having Chow Chow as one of its parents can have a tongue of this color)

Quick Information

Other namesChow, Chowdren
CoatRough (Outer coat: Dense, abundant, straight; Undercoat: Thick, soft, woolly); Smooth
ColorBlack, cinnamon, blue, red, cream
Breed typePurebred
Average life expectancy (How long do castle live)8 to 13 years
Size (How huge do lock get)Medium
Height the a complete grown Chow Chow17 to 20 inches
Weight that a complete grown Chow ChowMale: 55 to 70 lbs; Female: 45 to 60 lbs
Litter size4 to 7 puppies
Behavioral characteristicsIntelligent, reserved, independent, dignified, aloof
Good v childrenNo
Barking tendencyExcessive
Climate compatibility No may be to resist scorching climate
Shedding (Do castle shed)Moderately high (seasonal shedders)
Competitive registration Qualification/InformationFCI, CKC, ANKC, NZKC, CKC, KC(UK), UKC

Video the Fluffy golden Chow Chow Puppies

Other comparable Breeds:

Chow Chow Mixes

American Chow – American Bulldog x Chow ChowChinese wolf Shepherd – wolf x Chow Chow x German Shepherd DogSaint Chowperd – German Shepherd Dog x Saint boy name x Chow ChowPitchow – Chow Chow x Pit Bull

History and Origin

Considered to be one of the ancient breeds the the world, the very first reference that the Chow Chow is present in the artefacts of the Han dynasty of China as early as 206 B.C. However, according to evidence, lock are stated to have actually existed in ~ a much previously time, additionally being the progenitor of particular breeds like the Pomeranian and the Norwegian Elkhound.

They were stated to be trusted companion the the Chinese nobles. Together legend has it, one emperor belonging to the Tang dynasty owned around 5000 Chow Chow dogs and also had holder almost double this number to take care of them.

However, your utility adjusted with time, and also they gradually began to be supplied as guard, hunting and sled dogs. That has likewise been claimed that they together with their ancestors served as a source of food, with their surname Chow being derived from the Cantonese term, meaning edible.

When Britian came to China for trade, castle took together with them several of these dogs. In the 1820s lock were placed up for exhibition in the London Zoo under the name of the “Wild dogs of China.” However, it to be only once Queen Victoria acquired a Chow, did its popularity rise in good Britain. From Europe it gradually reached the United states in the 1890s, afford AKC recognition in 1903. The development of the Chow Chow club of America occurred in 1906, and also at present, they rank 65th of the AKC registered breeds.

Temperament and Personality

The cute, teddy bear looks that the Chow Chow is a finish contrast to its aloof, independent and also dignified disposition.

Nevertheless, it would certainly be a good family pet, displaying enormous loyalty towards its kith and also kin. However, her Chow Chow may keep that is affection scheduled for one certain member the the family.

It is completely distrustful in the direction of strangers, and also its deep, loud growl could be sufficient sufficient to threaten the intruder away. They may also get physical through a stranger and also resort to hurting that if the latter does no take the dog’s initial aggression as a warning sign.

Because of your territorial nature, they likewise do not get along well with other dogs particularly those belonging come the same sex as well as cats. Lock are also not desirable for younger youngsters who are more intent in patting or cuddling a dog. However, older youngsters who deserve to handle a pet through maturity and control are much better suited.


These alert and also energetic dogs would execute well with a moderate lot of exercise. Take it them out on a fast walk 2 or three times a day and give them adequate playtime in a fenced yard or at house to channelize their energy positively. Never take castle out once the weather is warm as Chow Chow dogs space unable to stand up to an intense amount the humidity and heat.The rough, and smooth coated varieties, possess an abundant dual coat requiring a biweekly to brush or combing. Come brush the coat on its body usage a medium sized pen brush when a slicker brush would certainly be ideal for that legs. Since a the majority of hair is lost throughout the shedding seasons, i.e., spring and fall, you have to comb it on a day-to-day basis at the time. Trimming its nails, cleaning its eyes and also ears through a damp noodle ball and also brushing that teeth are the other grooming needs compelled to it is in adapted.Though they are a healthy and balanced breed, few of the usual issues lock might challenge include i know good dysplasia, entropion, lymphoma, glaucoma, diabetes mellitus, youth cataracts, and gastric cancer. Since they have actually a thick coat, the Chow Chow might be more prone to endure from fleas.


Aggression is a common trait and a difficulty indeed in the Chow Chow i m sorry provokes castle to will to devastating behavior, do them understood as a danger breed. Hence, that is essential to train that as early on as possible, since its puppy days, so the it may have the ability to correct this disadvantage trait and also be groomed right into a disciplined and also obedient dog. It is in firm and tactful, do the sessions short and also interesting, as well as carry out it with a lot of positive reinforcements come yield confident results.

Socialization: As they are aggressive, socializing them is a mandate so that they may not bark or in ~ or assault every stranger or dog the they see. Due to the fact that the time you lug your Chow Chow puppies home, make sure you acquaint them to a hold of experiences and also people having varying physical features. The an ext they gain exposed to various kinds of situations, the simpler it becomes because that them to change comfortably with people.

Note: even if you have actually socialized your Chow Chow, it is still necessary to keep a clock on its habits when connecting with kids, strangers or various other dogs, come avoid any type of unpleasant occurrences.

Obedience: Commands such as “stay,” “stop,” “no,” is essential to be taught because its puppyhood to keep a check on every the disciplinary issues.

Leash: Because that its hunting and chasing instincts leash cultivate is a mandate.


Dry dog food of trustworthy brands there is no of any kind of artificial colorings and flavors is needed to keep them in good health. While including homemade food to your diet make sure it has sufficient protein sources favor poultry and fish, though an raised amount of the is to be avoided due to the fact that Chow Chows discover it complicated to digest the in large quantities.

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Interesting Facts

Prominent celebrities prefer Sigmund Freud, Elvis Presley, Janet Jackson, and also Martha Stewart own Chow Chow dogs.

Chow Chow Dog and also Biting Statistics

The Chow is said to be one of the top dogs as soon as it concerns biting statistics. In fact, in between 1979 and 1998, 8 the the 238 deaths caused as result of dog bites were attributed to the Chow Chow, as per a finding published in the Journal of the American Veterinary medical Association.