I bought part shrimp and also chicken on Tuesday night. I put both in a soy sauce marinade on Wednesday evening. Exactly how long will certainly the shrimp and also chicken stay an excellent in the fridge, respectively? Thanks!

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This web site, "Still Tasty: Your eventually Shelf Life Guide," is awesome, and a good resource. Http://www.stilltasty.com/

I agree cook them now. Friend don"t desire such a lengthy marinate if that is soy based. Because that shrimp simply an hour or for this reason is okay. For chicken, approximately a few hours. The soybean beans will do weird points to the meats. Ns make life shrimp in ~ a work or 2 at the most. I make life chicken withing 3 days in ~ most.

I agree v HLA, yet would note too the you can destroy shrimp by maintaining it in too strong a soybean beans marinade for an extremely long. The takes on the soy flavor to the point of making the not even taste choose shrimp. I"d cook both tonight, no question about that. Just chef them conveniently in a skillet with a little of oil, if friend can"t eat them ideal away. They"ll keep a couple of more days in the refrigerator after cooking. Much better that than having to throw it all away tomorrow or the job after. ;o)
Also, besides maintaining it fresh - shrimp generally shouldn"t be marinated for very long as strong flavors choose soy will certainly absorb quickly and overpower its breakable taste. And also if there"s any type of acid in the marinade (any form of vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) it will certainly actually begin to "cook" the shrimp if left come marinate as well long.
Not too long. I"d cook the shrimp ASAP, and also the chicken w/in a work or so. There is nothing grosser than rotten raw meat in my opinion. Here"s some info on food security from the USDA http://www.fsis.usda.gov/factsheets/Keep_Food_Safe_Food_Safety_Basics/index.asp

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