I"ve had it for an ext than ten days and it is just fine. I conserve it up for cheesemaking, and if I placed it in a really clean one gallon jar and put the full jars in the ago of the fridge where it is colder, they keep better. Also, the cream that rises come the height tends to defend it, too. So try not to relocate the bottles once they space full.I had actually a quart go negative overnight once, i guess the bottle wasn"t together clean together I assumed it was, since the various other quart bottle from the very same milking was simply fine for number of days.The just other sour milk to be a quart provided to a friend, she later admitted that she was so excited to gain it that she took a gulp best from the party on the method home. For this reason it likewise got contaminated. Even sour milk has its uses, though, because that baking, or as chicken food.The key is come have every little thing nice and clean. I don"t obsess....I allow the dishwasher disinfect my jars, yet I bleach my strainer (I use a re-usable coffee filter, the gold cable kind) just before using it every time. I bleach it with a mild solution (1/2 Tbsp Clorox to 1 cup water) just before I go milk each time, pouring the bleach equipment over both sides of the filter.eta: we just use life milk here, that can make a difference, too, since it contains an excellent bacteria that room protective.

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i think i"ve had mine in the fridge at least 10 work - you can tell immediately. Yet as above, just give it come the hens, dogs, or pigs. Yet mine doesnt critical long. Ns strain climate freeze in broad mouth quart jars.. Then take castle out as needed. If i time it simply right i can have one afternoon "goat-upcinno" through leftover coffee indigenous the morning.


It lasts a pair of weeks in the fridge for me. I have also found (by accident) that it stays potable after around two job on the respond to at room temperature! We had actually a refrigerator go out and also we didn"t notice for a few days due to the fact that it"s simply an extra one we store in the garage because that milk and cheese....the milk to be room temperature for around 3 1/2 days before it walk sour, and also even climate it wasn"t disgusting, however sort of like buttermilk. Not that i recommend no refrigerating your milk!

Over a week in mine experience. I made buttermilk critical night that I had actually to stash behind part peanut butter jars come sit because that 12 hrs otherwise DH would certainly assume that I had actually "left" that out and also poured it under the drain.

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I just had actually some this morning that was perfect fine, and it to be dated Feb 9. It"s Feb 27 today. The wasn"t also slightly off, and it was retained in the door, the warmest part of the fridge.