Since an average tractor weighs at least 19,000 pounds, the tractor tires have to be sizable. So, have you ever wondered how much does a tractor tire weigh?

In this article, I will tell girlfriend everything around the size and also weight the tractor tires and how come calculate that weight. In ~ the finish of the article, ns will also share some an useful tips on prolonging your tractor tire’s life.

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How much Does A Tractor tire Weigh?How carry out You size & sweet A Tractor Tire?Tips to Make your Tractor Tires last Longer

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How lot Does A Tractor tire Weigh?

Tractors vary in size, so space tractor tires. An substantial tractor tires weighs indigenous 400 to 600 pounds, i beg your pardon is far heavier 보다 the fattest human being on Earth.

You have the right to determine your tire weight by the size of your tractor. Normally, that is separated into 4 groups: compact, medium, large, and extra-large size.

Tractor tires sizeTire weight (in pounds)Tire weight (in kg)
Compact sizeUp come 300Up come 136
Medium sizeAround 400Around 181
Large size400 – 800181 – 362
Extra-large sizeAround 1000Around 453

Tractor tires size and also weight chart



“520”: your tractor tire’s width when it’s properly inflated or mounted. Occasionally this number is small, definition that that is gift in millimeters instead of inches.“85”: the facet ratio in millimeters. The ratio suggests the tractor tire’s width percent to its height when it’s effectively inflated and also mounted.“R”: indicates that her tire has actually radial construction.“20”: the wheel diameter for mounting.


Radial tractor tires are widely provided in many tractors top top the market. This tire type uses radial construction since the tire has actually 90-degree cord piles inside, relocating in the very same direction as your tire.

A radial tractor tire has two digits with a duration in between, the letter “R” represents “radical construction”) and also two digits after that.

For example, the size and weight that a radial tractor tires are displayed as 11.2R20 or 18.4R26.


The very first example in this ar is referred to as standard measurements for a tractor tire. There is another different expression the this measure type, choose 11.2X20 or 16.9X28.

Conversion in between these three sizes is possible. You have the right to look at this Ken john Tires conversion graph for size equivalent.

Standard  Radial  Metric 

Tips to Make your Tractor Tires last Longer

The best Tractor tires are so high-quality and an essential to her tractor that you don’t desire to waste the tire replacement budget plan over time.

Therefore, girlfriend should frequently check and also maintain your tractor/combine tires anytime friend don’t use them. Stop look in ~ some beneficial tips to extend your tractor tire’s longevity and also performance.

Keep castle clean

The an initial and simplest way to keep your tractor tires in great condition keeps them always clean and complimentary of gunk.

Gunk has brake dust, roadway grime, and also dirt. While your tractor is in its functioning mode, gunk can conveniently stick on it.

If gunk remains on tires for a lengthy time, the can reason harm come the tires. After utilizing the vehicle, you have to remove every this dust out with soap, water, and a high-quality tires brush.

Then wipe the tires and also let them dry naturally.

Store at airtight places

You need to store your tractor tire in airtight areas to stop the evaporation that the lubricating oil within the tire.

You can get high-quality airtight plastic bags choose garden or lawn bags from a tractor tires supply store in your neighborhood. Once placing the tires in these bags, psychic to gain as lot air out together possible, climate secure the bag v tapes.

Place them upright

You have to store your replacement tractor tires upright, no stacked or lied down. In case you need to stack them, please don’t stack them too high. Otherwise, they could fall and also be damaged.

When storing her tractor tires, the vital point is the you must keep lock in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Black tires have the right to absorb the sun’s rays and also be heated approximately 120oF. In ~ this high temperature, that can malfunction or reason wear and tears inside.

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Final Words 

If the is your first time owning a tractor, you can be curious to get more details top top the question “How hefty is a tractor tire?”​​. You may want to understand your tractor’s weight and also how you deserve to know the load of these hefty tires there is no lifting or mounting them.

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With some straightforward calculations based upon the given number on the tractor tire’s sidewall, you deserve to measure every tire’s exact size and weight. Learning these specifications can be useful if you require to include weight to improve your tractor’s traction and performance in your day-to-day lawn jobs.