The GSX-R750 have the right to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.13 seconds

Suzuki GSX-R750 peak speed and also acceleration data with the gears accompanied v Dyno Curve and Thrust Curve graphs.

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The GSX-R750 Dyno Curve

The Suzuki GS-XR750 engine has actually benefitted from years of upgrades and also refinement, and also it certainly shows.

With 130 horsepower created at 12500 rpm it could not collection the human being on fire in a crowed people of 200 plus horsepower motorcycles yet that would certainly be lacking the point.

The GSX-R750 is as reliable as numerous litrebikes native the beforehand thousands while being much an ext useable for the median rider courtesy the its extremely smooth and also linear power delivery.

With 56 ft/lb that torque and also no abrupt peaks or troughs it is the perfect quantity to drive fast and also effectively indigenous a corner and without overwhelming rear wheel grip.

While the latest GSX-R750 comes with TCS the is rarely necessary unless your throttle control is truly awful.

The engine is an excellent as it has actually the demonic thrashy nature of a Supersport 600 yet with the straight-line power that deserve to mix it up with plenty of litrebikes as you howl it v the gears transforming up in ~ a bonkers 14000rpm.

It’s a brilliant engine together stock however flash, decat the GSX-R750 and we room talking 145 horsepower at the rear wheel that make the GSX-R750 a truly rapid and also intoxicating motorcycle


The GSX-R750 Thrust Curve


The GSX-R750 Acceleration with the gears

The GSX-R750 is amazingly fast and also really punches above its weight. That thrives on gift trashed and also is exceptionally easy to acquire the many out.

With 130 speech to play v it will not compete with present litrebikes but will definitely keep castle in sight below 130 mph, just like the GSX-R750 you can offer it full beans without having to worry about insane wheelies slowing girlfriend down.

With that in psychic the GSX-R750 have the right to accelerate native 0-60 mph in a portion over 3 seconds at only 3.13 second. 0-100km/h in only 3.21 seconds.

First equipment is lengthy on the GSX-R750, therefore the engine rpm needs to be kept above 9000 rpm with an excellent clutch slip to protect against bogging down.

Hooking second gear the GSX-R750 sill fees hard and also accomplishes 0-100 mph in a litrebike matching time the 5.75 seconds.

First and 2nd gear space quite much apart so acceleration might be boosted slightly if they were a little closer, but any negatives have the right to be minimised if you take it the GSX-R750 right before the limiter before an altering into second to ensure that together you land in 2nd gear you execute not drop the end of whereby the GSX-R750 makes top thrust.

0-200km/h for the GSX-R750 takes just 8 seconds level which is just a small behind several of the faster Supercars such as the McLaren 720S or Ferrari La Ferrari.

The GSX-R750 can do the quarter mile at 10.58 through a solid 139 mph terminal speed.

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If you save feeding the GSX-R750 gears, you will eventually end up with a optimal speed the 170 mph in top gear showing around 13000 rpm with an ext revs come go. With a pipe and also tune this is a 180 mph motorcycle top top a an excellent day.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Acceleration
0-10 mph0.51
0-20 mph0.92
0-30 mph1.50
0-40 mph2.02
0-50 mph2.60
0-60 mph3.13
0-70 mph3.69
0-80 mph4.47
0-90 mph5.10
0-100 mph5.75
0-110 mph6.80
0-120 mph7.74
0-130 mph8.90
0-140 mph10.77
0-150 mph13.40
0-160 mph17.00
0-170 mph31.3
60-130 mph5.71
100-150 mph7.64
SS/QM10.58/138 mph
SS/KM19.30/163 mph
SS/Mile27.37/168 mph
Top Speed170 mph