So you looking come buy or have recently to buy an 80cc dust bike and are curious about its optimal speed.

Most 80cc dirt bikes, including those from KTM and also Yamaha, can attain a peak speed the 47 miles every hour, or 75km every hour without any type of performance enhancements. Some might top out at 40 miles per hour i beg your pardon is tho an incredibly fast speed for a 7 come 10-year-old to travel on 2 wheels.

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Some of the cheaper Chinese dirt bikes currently flooding the sector aren’t maybe to attain these good speeds, nor carry out they have the acceleration or suspension to handle the requirements of the contemporary rider.

Adults deserve to ride 80cc dirt bikes too which restricts the top end speed. Over there are more factors depending upon manufacturer, speak style, terrain and an ext which fine cover here.

80cc dust Bike optimal Speeds

You’ve gained to recognize it – 47 miles every hour is pretty damn quick. That’s quicker than dare travelling through residential and also industrial areas, but not rather as fast as highway traffic.

For many kids, they’ll rarely acquire up this quick apart from open up salt pans and also the like. Such open country is ripe for opened the throttle however with the comes the danger of personal injury. This is why getting them part high-quality dirt bike riding gear is crucial to protect them in the occasion of one accident.

Funnily enough, most mishaps happen at lower speeds. There room some things that you’ll have to educate lock on initially, such together throttle response. If the throttle opens up too quickly, then they can go into a wheelie or simply acquire a locked throttle opened up wide. Some youngsters even in ~ this age may no know exactly how to prevent their acceleration and also it’s finest to teach this long prior to they actually start riding.

Are girlfriend concerned around them going to quick? fine the great news is the you have the right to actually restrict the top-end speeds of these dust bikes. This is a setup on the onboard computer or a hard-limit placed on the throttle, relying on the manufacturer.

Kids Riding dust Bikes

Kids that select 80cc dust bikes often tend to it is in in the 7 to 11-year-old age bracket. We’ve actually composed a guide to aid you discover the ideal kids dirt bikes which are very helpful.

Keep in mind the their weight will play a big part in just how rapid their dirt bike actually travels end the dirt. Because that the lighter kids, they’re certainly going to cracked these higher speeds paired with much faster accelerations, yet the heavier youngsters may struggle and also you may want to consider some performance upgrades.

If you do want to maximize performance, consider:

Finding one area v a an excellent tail wind (This will provide you a few extra miles every hour)Ensure the terrain is reasonably flatTeaching your kids how to crouch appropriately (This increases aerodynamics)Changing the behind sprocket to obtain some extra miles

Yet in every honesty, going quicker shouldn’t be a priority. Instead, the focus should it is in on helping them boost cornering and also braking skills so they have the right to maximize lap times, or merely keep up v the adult on organized team rides.

Fastest 80cc dirt Bike

Without a doubt, the quickest 80cc course dirt bicycle is the KTM 85 SX. This ripper is famous on MX tracks approximately the country and also it’s a 2-stroke dust bike. It’s expensive but well precious it if performance is in ~ the head of her mind. Indeed this bike has won a many competitions by kids under 12.

Would it make the ideal bike if the their very first time around? no quite. It’s a actual weapon and also needs to be controlled by an experienced rider. So if her child has actually been riding previously and also you’re now in search of a top-of-the-range 80cc dirt bike v incredible peak speed, then look no further!

Being 2-stroke, it’s super quick contrasted to its 4-stroke counterparts. Remember just how we mentioned around it winning several competitions? This is true and a testament to the sheer emphasis that their R&D team at KTM have actually put into creating this ultimate track machine.

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In Summary

While your child or daughter will reach approximately 47 mile on your 80cc dirt bike, this is rare. Much of the time will be invested actually improving their cornering, jumping, braking and also acceleration. Also things like clutch manage come right into play here.


It’s much more typical that they’ll cruise approximately at 25 come 30 miles every hour and also so girlfriend don’t should worry about them doing any type of dangerous stunts here. Most youngsters at this age are mirroring responsibility and also simply want to hone their an abilities in a controlled environment, and also probably want some rather to ride with too.

The score is to aid them become more confident riders together opposed to hitting nail-biting speed while the parents clock on in terror. Sure – you can push the bikes a little sometimes when completely kitted up in gear, and also it’s certainly fun, yet let’s aid them come to be confident riders very first so they’ll carry such an abilities into the future.