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I time this on my cellphone for this reason it can not be as precise as if i were there. Also, the distance the crab has ran is additionally just a guess as I am not on the coast to measure.

Time = 4.15s (roughly from drop that hand to the crab reaching the water.)

Distance = 15 metres (roughly native the hand that the human to the water.)

Therefore, rate = street / time = 15 metres / 4.15 seconds = 3.61445783133 metres / second.

Into miles per hour, 3.61445783133 metres / 2nd * 3600 seconds / 1 hour * 100 cm / 1 metre * 1 mile / 5280 feet * 1 foot / 12 inch * 1 customs / 2.54 centimetres = 8.085311899 miles per hour.

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Don't quote me ~ above this, however I am pretty sure it is a Sand Crab or "Ghost Crab", the fastest amongst crustaceans and it is known to be able to achieve speeds up to 10 miles every hour.


And they stated math has no real world applications




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