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the looks prefer summer is finally here and also according to every the forecasts, London is collection to have lovely weather for a while.

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Sometimes, it have the right to feel together if London gets much less sunshine 보다 a cave, however now that seems a point of the far-off past.

The reality - follow to someone whose job it have to be to hold a stopwatch and also record these points - is the on typical London it s okay 1,481 hrs of sunshine a year.

If girlfriend want more then head under to Devon whereby 1,747 hrs of sunshine is the average. Or if rain's your thing the Yorkshire Dales is the place to be together it just gets 1,143 hrs of sunshine a year.

However lot we acquire one thing unites us - as soon as the sunlight comes out and also temperatures get also remotely close come 20 levels we soon think around heading to the beach .

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But London's no on the coast, therefore where should we go? 

Here's a helpful list the 11 that the nearest (and best) beaches come London.

1. Brighton

Distance native London: 54 miles

Not fairly as cool together London but Brighton is hip sufficient to cave out through it. 

It's acquired one the the best piers in the nation with rides and arcades. There's also an excellent shops and also endless pubs and restaurants to select betwenen. The coast itself has actually pebbles quite than sand so not one wherein you can test the end your new bucket and also spade.

2. Southend-on-Sea


Head to Southend-on-Sea because that the classic English seaside experience (Image: C2C)

Distance: 42 miles

If Brighton's pier is a little too quick for your liking Southend is the ar to go, v the longest satisfied pier in the entire world.

The kids will love the Adventure Island amusement park in ~ the finish of the pier.

And once you've had actually your fill of ice cream and arcades we'd suggest a expedition along the coast to strange Leigh-on-Sea for some cockles before the trip home.

3. Whitstable

Distance: 60 miles

This is a beloved old harbour city on the Kent coast with a huge stretch the beach.

It can get crazily busy throughout the summer and also it has an ext charm as soon as it's a small quieter.

It's well-known for its oysters. If they're no your thing, there's many of fish and also chip shops along the seafront.

4. Folkestone

Distance: 70 miles

You have a an option of two key beaches in this Kent seaside town, one is a sandy beach, renowned with visitors, and one is a quieter pebble beach wherein the locals often tend to go.

There's the included bonus of gift able to check out France without needing come take her passport.

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5. Margate

Distance: 76 miles

Pack snacks in the vehicle for this one as we're acquiring a little further out.

But it's worth the initiative as friend will have a selection of 15 sandy beaches in the area, together with Dreamland amusement park and the Turner contemporary art gallery.

Botany Bay, close come Broadstairs, is a particularly beautiful beach which is worth the extra initiative to acquire to.

6. West Wittering

Distance: 87 miles

Once the the nicest beaches top top the southern Coast and also with enough space that it doesn't feel anywhere near as busy as few of the choices that space in significant towns.

Whether flying a kite, go the dog or rock-pooling is your point there's many of room.

You can additionally explore the salt marshes at the western finish of the beach and its near to many of an excellent walks in the south Downs.

You might too make a weekend that it.

7. Camber Sands


Camber Sands stretches for miles (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Distance: 78 miles

Just four miles from the beautiful city of Rye (which is well worth a visit too) Camber Sands, in east Sussex, is recognized for that sand dunes.

It's around as close come the Sahara Desert as you'll get on the southern Coast.

It walk on for miles and also is a great place come watch human being kite surfing or also horse riding follow me the water's edge.

8. Southwold

Distance: 119 miles 

This one really is because that those that you that don't mental the truth it's a hell of an effort to acquire there.

But it's honestly worth it. Southwold is among Suffolk's loveliest towns, you feel a little like you've stepped ago in time.

There's a pier ~ above the beach and also lots the quirky shops to check out as soon as you require some time out of the sun.

9. Eastbourne

Distance: 73 miles

You've more than likely heard her nan talk around it.

It's always had a bit of a reputation as "God's wait room" however you don't have actually to be over the period of 80 to reap its charms.

On the leaf of town Hollywell Retreat is a lovely small shingle beach worth checking out.

Eastbourne is additionally a brief drive from Beachy Head, where the cliffs really room spectacular.

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10. Mersea Island

Distance: 69 miles

This is a great one if you want somewhere that's off the win track.

Britain’s most easterly populated island is reached via the Strood – an ancient Roman causeway linking it through the mainland.

Foodies beat a path to West Mersea’s assorted oyster bars, while fossil hunters and also nature-lovers make for eastern Mersea’s quiet beaches.

11. Ruislip Lido


Children reap the beat park in the sun at Ruislip Lido (Image: Hillingdon Council)

Distance: 20 miles

for this reason this wins the prize because that the nearest beach to London. In truth it's inside the M25 and also on the Piccadilly line .

Impossible you may think. But, no, this beach isn't ~ above the sea.

The beach, in West London, is part of a 700-acre woodland nature reserve.

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There's a gorgeous natural lake and a proper sandy beach. Forest trails, a miniature train and also a pirate delivery for kids are likewise on offer.