Directions indigenous Rehoboth beach to s City

Following DE 1 route, it is about 25 miles from Rehoboth coast to s City, Maryland by car. If you drive non-stop with no traffic it will take you about 45 minutes. The is if you are driving all the way to the boardwalk, Rte 50 or the inlet. It is roughly 18 miles to the Maryland stateline.

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Mileage chart and approximate driving time to Rehoboth Beach, DEHours room calculated based upon posted speed limits.

Ocean City, MDRehoboth Beach, DE25 Miles45 Minutes
Baltimore, MDRehoboth Beach, DE115 Miles3 Hours
Boston, MARehoboth Beach, DE425 Miles7.5 Hours
Cincinnati, OHRehoboth Beach, DE635 Miles10-11 Hours
Cleveland, OHRehoboth Beach, DE490 Miles8 Hours
Columbus, OHRehoboth Beach, DE530 Miles9 Hours
Harrisburg, PARehoboth Beach, DE170 Miles4 Hours
New York, NYRehoboth Beach, DE215 Miles4 Hours
Philadelphia, PARehoboth Beach, DE125 Miles3 Hours
Pittsburgh, PARehoboth Beach, DE360 Miles6.5 Hours
Reading, PARehoboth Beach, DE145 Miles3.5 Hours
Richmond, VARehoboth Beach, DE235 Miles4.5 Hours
Washington DCRehoboth Beach, DE125 Miles3 Hours


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