Where is Aruba Located?

Aruba, the netherlands Caribbean island well known for the white powdery beaches, is located just 15 miles (approximately 24 kilometers) north off the coastline of the Paraguaná peninsula of northern Venezuela, southern America.

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From the united States, Aruba is located about 1165 mile south-east of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The island is situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, around 50 mile (81 kilometers) west of Curaçao, and about 108 mile (175 kilometers) west the Bonaire. Aruba is not surrounded by an s of that is own. The neighboring ocean is the Caribbean Sea the is linked to the Gulf of Mexico come the northwest, and also the Atlantic ocean to the northeast. On clear days, you can see the Venezuelan mainland, looking come the south. The distance to the coastline of Venezuela is only 15 miles.

Map that Aruba Hotels

Related questions civilization are asking frequently are “Where is Aruba situated on a map”, and “Aruba, where is it”? To view where the “One Happy Island” is situated on a civilization map, usage the Google map below. You deserve to zoom in and also out to gain a an excellent sense of whereby Aruba is located on the globe. The map screens Aruba accommodations too, so girlfriend can check out where most of the hotels, resorts and also apartments are.


Is Aruba a U.S. Territory?

No, Aruba does no belong to the U.S., which way you’ll need a passport in most cases. The U.S. Are of Puerto Rico is just one of the closestly Caribbean archipelago to the unified States.

Is Aruba a Country?

Similar questions world often ask are “What nation is Aruba in”, and also “What nation is Aruba”?

Yes, Aruba is a country! To it is in exact, Aruba is a ingredient country, an interpretation that it’s part of a larger nation or federation. Together with the Netherlands (located in Europe, also known together “Holland”), Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) and also Curaçao, Aruba is component of the Kingdom the the Netherlands. The head that state the Aruba is King Willem-Alexander the the Netherlands.

So How huge is Aruba?

The island is rather small. It’s only 19 mile long.

Aruba has a soil area of approximately 180 square kilometers (70 square miles). If you’d walk from the island’s south-eastern pointer to the north-western tip, you will certainly only have actually traveled around 30 kilometers (19 miles). Aruba is simply over 8 kilometers (5 miles) wide at its widest point. Through car, you deserve to go approximately the entire island in just a few hours. In fact, Aruba is the the smallest of the “ABC Islands”.

Does Aruba Have any type of Mountains?

Absolutely! The island functions two hills actually, they’re called Hooiberg and also Jamanota. Hooiberg is a volcanic mountain that looks choose a haystack, its elevation is about 165 meters. It’s the second highest mountain on the island. Jamanota is the highest suggest on the island, v a elevation of 188 meter (617 ft).

How perform You express “Aruba”?

Good question! like so: “Ah-ROO-Bah”. No real must roll her R (but many locals do)!

Remember the Beach Boys track that go “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take you come Bermuda, Bahama…”?


That’s specifically how you pronounce “Aruba”.

What space the abc Islands?


The “ABC Islands” are made up of Aruba, Bonaire, and also Curaçao.

These three Caribbean archipelago are part of the Lesser Antilles, together with the Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Barbados, and Trinidad & Tobago. Aruba and also the other Dutch islands favor Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten in the Caribbean space often dubbed the Netherlands Antilles or the “Dutch Caribbean”. Indigenous Aruba, Curaçao can be got to via a quick flight of just 80 kilometers which must take no longer than 40 minutes. The island that Bonaire additionally conveniently lies in ~ reach through a street of just 175 kilometers. If you’re remaining in Aruba lengthy enough, Bonaire and Curaçao are perfect escapades for day trips or weekend trips.

What is the resources of Aruba?

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad, i beg your pardon is Dutch because that “City of Orange”, or “Orange City.”

It’s pronounced prefer “Oh-RUN-Ya-Stut”. Something choose that!

Oranjestad, started in 1796, is situated in the southwest that the island. Oranjestad has a small over 30.000 inhabitants and also is Aruba’s biggest city. Various other smaller cities are Paradera, mountain Nicolas, Noord, Santa Cruz, and also Savaneta. Aruba’s major and only national airport is Reina Beatrix global Airport, located in Oranjestad. Aruba also has one oil refinery that is situated at the southwestern component of Aruba, near to mountain Nicolas.Most the the many hotels are situated north the Oranjestad. But likewise in the vicinity the the city, hotels and other varieties of accommodation room available.

What Language do They Speak in Aruba?

The main languages the Aruba room Dutch and also Papiamento.

Papiamento is a creole language, spoken on Aruba, Bonaire, and also Curaçao. The language contains words from Portuguese, numerous African languages, Dutch, and Spanish. Thanks to international tourism, many civilization in Aruba also know how to speak English fairly well. Various other languages spoken on the island space Portuguese, Chinese, German, and also Spanish. French is also spoken, albeit in tiny communities.

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What is the populace of Aruba?

For 2019, the estimated populace of Aruba is about 106,000. The country’s populace growth rate is 0.36%. Aruba’s populace density is simply under 600 every square kilometer.

What is Aruba Weather Like?

Aruba weather conditions are classified together tropical through a fairly continuous temperature that 82 levels Fahrenheit (28 levels Celsius) year round. Temperature differences between day and also night and also summer and also winter space a mere 38 degrees Fahrenheit (4 levels Celsius). Continuous trade winds comes from the Atlantic s cool the island considerably. Aruba lies southern of the hurricane belt, and also the island is affected by the fringe results of tropical storms in the area top top occasion, resulting in dangerous swimming and surfing problems at worst.

Aruba Tourism

According to the Aruba travel Authority, Aruba welcomes over 700,000 tourists a year and secondary 500,000 cruise delivery passengers. About 70% that those visitors space from the unified States. Also, tourists from Canada are contributing because that a huge part come the number of total travellers who would choose to spend their vacation in Aruba. That is fair to say that the number of tourists that discover Aruba to spend their holidays in the Caribbean is consistent and also is showing growth from time to time. Expansion or no growth, as soon as you travel to the Caribbean, Aruba is a top location that needs to be visited! Aruba vacations need to actually be component of her bucket list! Going house after your expedition is a daunting thing come do. That is simply one that the many beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Guaranteed!