I supplied to it is in a vast Michael Vick fan, together with many others. He to be a dynamic pressure in the league and also was one of its top players.

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His distinctive abilities at the QB position might single-handedly change the food of the video game in one snap—not numerous QBs can do that by themselves.

I was sad, disappointed, shocked, and baffled once the dogfighting news damaged a few years back, however knew the day would come when he would certainly play again. 

Despite being an excellent enough to be the highest paid player in the league at one point, 10 years, $130 million on his contract, there were some knocks top top his throw abilities.

No, I have actually not watched every Falcons video game he ever played—mostly the ones versus the Seahawks (losses the course, carry out work)—but glancing in ~ his stats recently, I came to be puzzled at why world knock his passing therefore much.

He remained in a run-first scheme, and also was a run-first QB, however his passing stat heat is no horrendous: 71 TDs, 52 INTs, 11,505 yards, and also a 76.7 QBR. 

I made decision to compare this stat line to assorted QBs about the league.

First I will certainly list whichever the the height 32 QB"s, that have a worse career QB rating:

Derek Anderson: 43 TDs, 35 INTs, 6,195 yards, 75.1 QBR

Eli Manning: 98 TDs, 74 INTs, 14,623 yards, 76.1 QBR

Tarvaris Jackson: 20 TDs, 18 INTs, 3,442 yards, 76.5 QBR

Kyle Orton: 30 TDs, 27 INTs, 5,319 yards, 71.1 QBR

Kellen Clemens: 5 TDs, 11 INTs, 1,555 yards, 59.3 QBR

Kerry Collins: 186 TDs, 179 INTs, 37,393 yards, 73.8 QBR

Not the most impressive list, but it does encompass four pro Bowl trips (DA, EM, KC), a Super key winning QB (Manning), and also a man who simply led his team to the NFL"s best record in 2008 in Kerry Collins.

That"s six starters (one potential, two most likely starters in DA, TJ) straight off the peak who have an inferior rating to Vick, nearly 20 percent the the league.

Now lets take a look in ~ the QBs who TD/INT ratio is worse climate Vick"s 71-52 (1.4 ratio).

Trent Edwards: 18 TDs, 18 INTs, (1 ratio)

Joe Flacco: 14 TDs, 12 INTs, (1.16 ratio)

Matt Schuab: 30 TDs, 25 INTs, (1.2 ratio)

JaMarcus Russell: 15 TDs, 12 INTs, (1.25 ratio)

Byron Leftwich: 54 TDs, 38 INTs, (1.39 ratio)

Marc Bulger: 117 TDs, 87 INTs, (1.34 ratio)

There"s 6 more, so regardless of the knocks top top his happen game, he has put up better numbers then 13 current starting QBs in the league, there is no his foot in the factor.

So that provides him average, not terrible as a lot of of world claim, but when ns was feather up this stats i noticed the his 1.4 proportion is close come some reasonably prominent names.

Ben Roethlisberger: 101 TDs, 61 INTs, (1.46 ratio)

Jason Campbell: 35 TDs, 23 INTs, (1.50 ratio)

Jay Cutler: 54 TDs, 37 INTs, (1.45 ratio)

Daunte Culpepper: 146 TDs, 100 INTs, (1.46 ratio)

Matt Ryan: 16 TDs, 11 INTs, (1.45 ratio), he changed Vick in Atlanta

Jake Delhomme: 115 TDs, 76 INTs, (1.50 ratio)

That"s a linked 19 starting QBs currently in the organization who Vick is either better than, or deserve to compare through in regards to his pertinent passing production. Roughly 60 percent.

That"s not consisting of his record-setting rushing numbers, an intangible groups would have been salivating over if he had actually managed to struggle the open industry in a clean, non-dog fighting manner.

The one thing I cannot safeguard is his perfect percentage, which if i did the research, would most likely be about the middle, but he still score at as an excellent a proportion as 2/3 of every QB"s in specifically the passing game.

Could girlfriend imagine the contract? $13 million per year median with Atlanta, and he would have received a substantial raise ~ above the open up market. We might have viewed a ridiculous $20 million every season offer.

So prior to you knock Vick because that his "lack of passing skills", remember the he stacks approximately 2/3 the the existing QBs in the league, without his legs.

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