Reverse poetry is a poem that deserve to be review forwards (top come bottom) and also have one meaning, however can likewise be review backwards (bottom come top) and have a different or the contrary meaning. The framework of reverse poems is usually the same. There are negative and positive statements mixed in with basic statements together as, "I think that" or "It is not true that". The subject of a reverse poem is typically something that has actually two opposite philosophies or political parties to it.

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Example of reverse Poetry


Another example of reverse Poetry


Directions for This café Station

At this station you will learn about reverse poems. Follow the directions below to understand how reverse city works, watch some instances of reverse poetry and also then produce your own reverse poem.

1. Check out theWhat is reverse poetry?box to the left.

2. Check out the 2 Example of turning back Poetry boxes containing the "Friends" turning back poem and also the "Fairy Tale" reverse poem both forwards and also backwards. See exactly how they come to be 2 poems in one!

3. Check out the video clip ALost Generation - turning back Poem, to see a renowned reverse poem.

4. Click some the the linksin the Resources box and also explore much more examples of turning back poems to acquire a far better idea exactly how they are created. Make certain to read the poems forward and backward.

5. (Optional) check out the video,A turning back Poemto see one more example the a turning back poem.


1. Currently it"s time because that you to produce your own reverse poem through your partner adhering to these directions.

2.Choose a subject that has actually a optimistic and an adverse side come it. Usage the template handout in ~ your terminal to finish your reverse city by identifying positive and negative statements around your topic. Whereby a line has the indigenous (negative) alongside it, write a negative statement about your topic. Wherein a line has the native (positive), write a positive statement around your topic.

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3. Check out your poem forwards and also backwards to check out the distinction in meaning and tone. It"s two poems in one!

3. Then present your poem to others at your station. Comment on how every of her reverse poems sound optimistic and also positive once read in one direction, and downhearted and an unfavorable when read in opposing direction.