So, like a lot of people on this sub, I'm do the efforts to learn Spanish. I've ultimately gotten come a suggest where I can follow video games in Spanish. It's quite to be able to call playing video games "studying" haha.

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Anyway, I simply finished spiderman(awesome video game by the way) and I to be wondering what other games are in Spanish? Or maybe even games the were originally in Spanish? i was hope red dead redemption 2 would have actually Spanish audio yet it looks like it doesn't. Any type of recommendations?


This may not be your thing, but I freshly switched come the Spanish version of the sims and it has been so good for learning new vocabulary! There’s tons of useful, daily language in it

Oh man, i haven’t play Sims in years...maybe I need to pick it up again due to the fact that I’m a few months into my Spanish learning journey, and also I love the game back when ns did play.

I think any modern Nintendo game has the choice for spanish audio and also text, and since the very first Red & Blue Pokémon games, every edition has actually a spanish counterpart which pretty decent translations (except for the name of the attacks, those things space awful lol).

Run far from EA Games. Indigenous a language learning allude of view, they're correct and also you deserve to use them to learn, yet OH mr those gibbs didn't desire to placed the voices in ~ all. The need for Speed collection has the blandest and most forgettable cutscenes ever recorded in spanish (...and we're talking around freaking NFS!). And they tried means too difficult to make it sound "hip" and they finished up with loads of Spain slang. Not the many comfortable scenario for a learner.

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RDR2 has a small Spanish audio, prefer Hispanic NPCs, and also I think for some factor the Spanish audio has actually the subtitles in actual Spanish fairly than just the English translation, which wake up for various other languages talked in the game.

Online games can be good because you acquire to check out other world participating in Spanish. You have the right to see which “loan” native they store from English when they’re talking around the game, and other vocabulary in Spanish. And then you acquire to see human being write it in txtspeak in the chat window and try to number out what they’re saying