In this lesson you will certainly learn how to ask and also tell the day in French. First it might be a an excellent idea to an initial review mine previous great on French numbers and also the months in French.

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How come ask the date

What the day today?

How to say the date

There space several ways to answer the question. The easiest method is to use this form:

C’est + le + number + month

This building holds true for all of the job of the month other than the first. To say the an initial of the month you have to use the word “premier” which literally means first (as in first, second, third, etc).

So, come say, “It’s January 1”, say: “c’est le premier janvier“.

There are two more ways to say the day which you have to learn:

So, “Nous sommes le 5 avril” literally means, “We room April 5” and “On est le 15 november” method “One is November 15”.

Now practice saying part dates:
le 4 avril April 4le premier juillet July 1
le 23 mai May 23le 28 mars march 28
le 25 juin June 25le 2 août August 2
le premier november November 1le 15 octobre October 15
le 10 octobre October 10le 6 september September 6
le 17 octobre October 17le 25 août August 25
le 22 février February 22le 17 janvier January 17
le 13 avril April 13le 6 février February 6

How to compose the date

Writing the day out in French is various to the north American system. In French, you have to reverse the month and also day.

This have the right to be a little bit confusing at very first for Americans but should not cause any kind of confusion for world from the UK together they use the same system.

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Here room some helpful examples:

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