When you purchased your washer and dryer pedestals, girlfriend were more than likely like me – really excited to have the extra storage and also features. You believed you’d usage them every the time, right? Me too. However in reality, i rarely used the extra storage or mini washer pedestals- so infrequently in fact, that I often forgot what was in there. I finished up removing the pedestals, and it to be a terrific decision. In this post, ok share exactly how you deserve to do the same.

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To eliminate a pedestal native a washer or dryer, unscrew the 4 clips on each pedestal that organize the feet that the washer or dryer in place. Then, break the seal between the washer/dryer and also the pedestal through rocking gently, and also lift off.I watched lots of videos and tutorials in preparation for this task (I was really will on no messing up several of my hardest-working appliances), and this procedure seems to work-related for nearly every brand, whether it’s Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung (like ours), Maytag, or miscellaneous else. And while the process I described over seems basic enough, there are a couple of other points you’ll desire to know about how to eliminate the pedestal from a washer and dryer.
Contents1 just how To remove The Pedestal from A Washer and also Dryer1.1 action 1: Shut off The Water & Power, and Unhook the Connections1.2 action 2: Unscrew The 4 Clips From every Pedestal and Rock Gently1.3 action 3: elevator The Washer Or Dryer off The Pedestal1.4 step 4: Hook Up her Washer and also Dryer Again and also Turn every little thing On2 Why ns Regret buying Pedestals for My Washer and Dryer2.1 The warehouse Pedestal2.2 The Mini Washing an equipment Pedestal2.3 The elevation Issue3 space Pedestals because that Washers and also Dryers worth It?4 What To execute With Old Washer and Dryer Pedestals

How To eliminate The Pedestal native A Washer and Dryer

How To eliminate The Pedestal from A Washer and also Dryer (4 Steps) 1

Step 1: Shut off The Water & Power, and also Unhook the Connections

Before functioning on any major appliance, you’ll desire to make sure to shut off the water and power and also gather any type of tools you could need. In this case, ns used:A philips head screwdriver to remove the clipsA big bucket to drainpipe the hosesSome microfiber towels to dust every little thing off (these space my favorite!)A shop vac to clean the end the washer/dryer closet while i was in ~ itPS: If you’re beginning a wiring project, take it a emergence at this post, where I explain whether you deserve to use duct tape as a substitute for electric tape!Once did you do it gathered every one of your materials and also tools, unplug the machine from the wall surface and use the shutoff valves near the hot and also cold water currently to revolve off the water.If her setup doesn’t have actually shutoff valves best there near the washer, you’ll need to use your main water shutoff, which have the right to usually be uncovered in the basement, in a energy room, in the garage, or sometimes close to the street (depending on where you live and the climate).Once whatever is closeup of the door off, conference a bucket to catch any kind of water left in the lines and also slowly unscrew the hot and cold water lines. You’ll want to drainpipe these so water doesn’t to water out once you’re no expecting it throughout the lifting process.You’ll additionally need to disconnect the dryer vent by unscrewing the clamp ring the surrounds the metal tubing. I’ve uncovered they tend to simply pop off with a slight tug though, for this reason you might not also have come unscrew anything! simply be certain to do a tight connection when you reinstall it, due to the fact that not properly venting her dryer can increase drying time and also cause a fire hazard.How To eliminate The Pedestal indigenous A Washer and Dryer (4 Steps) 2

Step 2: Unscrew The 4 Clips From every Pedestal and Rock Gently

On each pedestal, you’ll uncover four clips – one at each corner. There room a few screws in each clip, and also they simply need come be eliminated using a Philips head screwdriver.Once you’ve removed all the screws from each clip, gently absent the washer or dryer back and soon on the pedestal to break any type of seals the have formed over time. If it’s been sitting for rather a while and also has skilled a couple of detergent spills over the year (like mine had), you’ll certainly need to unstick them prior to lifting the washer or dryer.

Step 3: elevator The Washer Or Dryer turn off The Pedestal

Once you’ve broken any seal it is formed between the washer or dryer feet and also the cut down beneath, you’re prepared to lift off the washer or dryer. This is a team initiative – particularly the washer. They space SO heavy!Gently background the washer or dryer right up, and shuffle to the side till you’ve clearing the pedestal. That can definitely be beneficial to have a spotter throughout this process to permit you understand if you’ve gone far enough, yet it absolutely isn’t required. Our youngsters are too young come spot us, and my husband and also I regulated just fine there is no one.

Step 4: Hook Up your Washer and also Dryer Again and Turn whatever On

Now the you’ve eliminated the pedestals, girlfriend can collection them turn off to the next – i’m going to try to offer them on facebook Marketplace, however I don’t have high hopes. If not, I’ll shot and find some way to recycle them!At this point, you’ll want to hook up your washer and also dryer again.

Start v the washer by reconnecting the drain hoses and hot and also cold water lines, making certain there’s a tight fit. Slowly turn on her shutoff valves, city hall for any leaks.Next, hook up your dryer vent to the ago of her machine, making sure there’s a solid and for sure connection. Then, plug in your washer and dryer and also move them back into place.And that’s it! That’s just how to eliminate the pedestal indigenous a washer and dryer – a little labor-intensive, yet it was a large (free!) update in terms of the functionality of our space.How To remove The Pedestal from A Washer and Dryer (4 Steps) 3

Why ns Regret buying Pedestals for My Washer and Dryer

There are a few reasons i regret purchasing the matching pedestals because that my washer and dryer – initially, I thought it would certainly be a great investment, but over time lock proved more annoying 보다 helpful. The warehouse pedestal was also short, the mini washing an equipment was the end of sight and therefore out of mind, and also the elevation they included actually caused an ext issues 보다 it solved.

The storage Pedestal

The warehouse pedestal would have been GREAT…if it could actually to the right anything inside it. We have actually two toddlers, and with those tiny ones comes a the majority of clothes and laundry.Basically, I could only to the right dryer sheets, small boxes of to wash supplies, and also a couple of other knick-knacks in the warehouse pedestal. Ns couldn’t discover a brand of detergent that functions for our family members that also fit inside the pedestal. So, whatever else satellite on height of the dryer, and I forgot what was in the warehouse pedestal. We don’t really use dryer sheets, however I think we could have provided them an ext often if I was in the habit of opening the drawer more often to obtain detergent.

The Mini Washing device Pedestal

This is more than likely one the the greatest purchase regrets I’ve ever made because that our home. As soon as we to be shopping because that a new washer and also dryer set, I assumed this would be the perfect systems for cloth diapers (we had two under 2 at the time) – a tiny compartment that we can run every day and also lessen our impact on the atmosphere even more.In reality, though, I always forgot there were apparel in there. And they’d obtain left for means too long. I also found that the mini washer didn’t yes, really clean and also the continuous size one. Plus, my kids loved playing with the buttons, and also there’s not a great way to kid lock it. It technically exist on our unit, but it’s super inconvenient and easy because that the children to figure out.

The elevation Issue

I really assumed the added height the the pedestals would make the washer and also dryer easier to use since we wouldn’t be bending end so far, but in reality, it made the optimal of the devices super high and we shed a ton of work surface.If her washer and also dryer space at a typical height, girlfriend can conveniently fold laundry on optimal of them, maintaining everything consisted of in one place. But if you have pedestals underneath, the job-related surface is simply too high.Now that they’re down on the floor v no pedestals, I have actually a huge work surface ar to wrinkles on top of, and the extra dip under to load and switch laundry hasn’t bothered me in ~ all.

Are Pedestals for Washers and Dryers precious It?

In mine opinion, pedestals for washers and also dryers are not worth it – the cost versus the storage issues, the low power from the mini washing machines, and also the lessened folding an are make lock something I would not buy again.

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What To perform With Old Washer and Dryer Pedestals

I’ve to be thrilled v the result, but now ns left through two unused washer and also dryer pedestals…what execute I do with them?I mentioned earlier I’m thinking of do the efforts to sell them (for alongside nothing), yet if the doesn’t work I don’t simply want them to go in the landfill. Right here are a couple of other points I could try:Taking them to a recycling facility (I’ll certainly call ahead to see if they room acceptable items, though)Working through a scrap metal firm or taking them come a scrap yard myselfLeave them on the curb through a authorize that claims ‘Free!’Gift them come a family friend that has a similar appliance (if they fit your model)Do you have actually a cut down for your washer and dryer? have you uncovered them as frustrating together I have? I’d love come hear her thoughts! leaving me a comment below.