Trailers are vehicles, which method they need to be registered. This allows you to put a patent plate top top the trailer, i beg your pardon in turn enables it to be identified if necessary.

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Below, you’ll learn whatever you have to know around getting a license plate for your trailer in Arkansas: the process for getting it registered initially, what to perform if the information you provided for the registration changes, and also more.


How perform You it is registered Your Trailer?

There room two different ways to it is registered your trailers in Arkansas: by mail or in person. Relying on what ar you live in, you’ll need to contact either your revenue collector or your Director the the room of Finance and also Administration.

You must register her trailer within 30 job of purchase. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Do You should Title her Trailer?

No. Return you’ll should register your trailer, Arkansas only requires titles for motorized vehicles.

Renewing the registration for your Arkansas Trailer

No less than 30 days before your license is due to expire, you’ll obtain a letter stating the you need to renew your registration. Fail to perform so will result in a fine.

Changing your Address

If you move to a brand-new area, you’ll must update the it is registered for all of your vehicles: this includes trailers. To do so, you require to call the director of the room of Finance and also Administration. No doing so is a misdemeanor and may result in girlfriend missing an alert of your next registration regeneration date.

Penalties because that Not properly Registering your Trailer

Your trailer demands to plainly display its evidence of registration. Often this will certainly be a long-term license plate, but it can also be a tab, decal, or it is registered card. If you select to location a registration map on your trailer, you need to inspect with the room of Finance & management to determine where the card deserve to legally be placed.

Transferring registration to one more Trailer

You can’t move a registration from one trailer to another. As well, a registration cannot be moved from one owner to another. Instead, any type of items offered to identify the trailer’s registration (i.e. Patent plate, decal, tab, or card) need to be sent or delivered to The department of Finance and Administration.

Once that has actually been done, you’ll need to gain a new registration for any type of trailer friend purchase, and also anyone who has actually bought your trailer will need to go v the it is registered process.

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Want come Buy a Trailer in Arkansas?

Of course, prior to you can get a license plate for her trailer, you should buy one. Silver- Moon Trailers is the Arkansas trailer"s dealership that choice. We market a range of trailer and also trailer equipment that are designed to ensure you’re able to safely move goods and also vehicles.

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