Main difference – Simple vs Stratified Epithelium

Simple, pseudostratified, and also stratified epithelium are three kinds of the cells in the epithelial tissue. Epithelial tissue is just one of the four simple types of organization in animals. Epithelial tissue lines the cavity and also the surface of organs and blood vessels throughout the pet body. 3 principle forms of epithelial cells deserve to be identified: squamous, columnar, and also cuboidal. The pseudostratified epithelium is composed of a solitary layer that epithelial cells of which the nuclei space arranged in different levels. The main difference between simple and stratified epithelium is that simple epithelium is written of a single layer of cell while stratified epithelium is written of multiple layers of cells.

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1. What is straightforward Epithelium – Definition, Structure, Classification, Characteristics2. What is Stratified Epithelium Definition, Structure, Classification, Characteristics3. What is the distinction between straightforward and Stratified Epithelium


What is a an easy Epithelium

Simple epithelium is the epithelium the is composed of a solitary layer that epithelial cells. This is discovered in regions where absorption, filtration, and secretion occur. All cells in the straightforward epithelium space bound to the basement membrane. The straightforward epithelial organization is classified based upon the form of the epithelial cells. Four varieties of the simple epithelium are simple squamous, simple cuboidal, simple columnar, and pseudostratified epithelium.

Simple Squamous Epithelium

The straightforward squamous epithelium is a single-layered, flat and also thin epithelium. Since this epithelium is flat, thin and single-layered, substances have the right to move throughout the epithelium through passive diffusion. Straightforward squamous epithelium is discovered in capillaries, linings of the pericardium, and linings of the alveoli of the lungs. 

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

The basic cuboidal epithelium is composed of single-layered cell that space tall and also wide. This epithelium is vital for secretion and also absorption. The is found in tiny collecting ducts of the kidney, pancreas and also salivary glands.

Simple Columnar Epithelium

The simple cuboidal epithelium is a single-layered epithelium. These epithelial cells are closely-packed and aligned in rows. They occur in areas with high secretory features such together the wall surface of the stomach and also absorptive areas such together the little intestine. The simple columnar epithelial cell possess cellular extensions such together microvilli and cilia.

Pseudostratified Epithelium

The pseudostratified epithelium is also a single-layered epithelium. But its nuclei show up in different heights, giving a misleading impression that it is a stratified epithelium. This epithelium own fine hair-like cilia. This ciliated epithelium is uncovered in airways such as nose and bronchi. It likewise lines the uterus and also fallopian tubes.

What is Stratified Epithelium

The stratified epithelium is composed of multiple layers of epithelial cells. Just the basal cell layer is attached to the basement membrane. The basal cell reproduce and also grow towards the apex. Because multiple cabinet layers room present, the stratified epithelium is capable of withstanding chemistry or mechanical abrasions. As result of this durability, this epithelium offers protection to the tissues listed below it. Stratified epithelium can be established in squamous, cuboidal and also columnar shapes. The stratified squamous epithelium currently esophagus, mouth, and also uterus. That protects the subordinate organization from abrasions. The stratified cuboidal epithelium is discovered in sweat glands, salivary glands, and the mammary glands. The stratified columnar epithelium is found in the lining that the masculine urethra.

However, stratified epithelium consists of other two specializations: keratinized epithelium and also transitional epithelium.

Keratinized Epithelium

The stratified epithelium in apical layers of the body is written of dead cells. These cells have lost their nuclei and cytoplasm. But, lock consist of tough, resistant proteins dubbed keratin. The keratinization the the cell in the epithelium provides it waterproof. The keratinized epithelium is abundant in mammalian skin. 

Transitional Epithelium

Thetransitional epithelium is found in tissues that are qualified of stretching. Once the organization is in its initial stage, the epithelium exists together stratified cuboidal. The epithelium i do not care stratified squamous as soon as it is stretched. The transitional epithelium is exclusively discovered in the bladder, uterus, and urethra.


Figure 01: review of Epithelial Tissue

Difference Between basic and Stratified Epithelium


Simple Epithelium: Simple epithelium is the epithelium the is created of a solitary layer of cells.

Stratified Epithelium: Stratified epithelium is the epithelium that is created of multiple great of cells, stacking on height of each other.

Basement Membrane

Simple Epithelium: All the cell in the an easy epithelium room bound come the basement membrane.

Stratified Epithelium: Only the basal cell layers room bound to the basement membrane of the stratified epithelium.


Simple Epithelium: Simple epithelium is found in locations where absorption, secretion, and filtration occur.

Stratified Epithelium: Stratified epithelium is uncovered in high abrasion areas where defense is needed.

Protective Role

Simple Epithelium: Simple epithelium is not associated in protection because it have the right to be conveniently damaged by chemical or mechanical abrasions.

Stratified Epithelium: Since the stratified epithelium is multi-layered, it helps in the security of tissues listed below them.


Simple Epithelium: Simple epithelium deserve to be either squamous, columnar or cuboidal.

Stratified Epithelium: Stratified epithelium have the right to be either squamous, columnar, cuboidal, keratinized, or transitional.


Simple and stratified epithelium room two arrangements of the epithelial organization in animals. The basic epithelium consists of a solitary epithelial cabinet layer that is attached come the basement membrane. In contrast, stratified epithelium consists of multiple cabinet layers which are attached come the basement membrane only through the basal cabinet layer. Cells in both straightforward and stratified epithelium can be either squamous, cuboidal or columnar. In addition, the cell in the stratified epithelium can either be keratinized or come to be transitional. Both varieties of epithelium line human body cavities, organs, and also tissues. The significant function of simple epithelium is to absorb, secrete and excrete substances. The stratified epithelium gives protection against dehydration, chemical, and also mechanical abrasions. However, the main distinction between basic and stratified epithelium is the number and formation that layers.

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