Well! What turtle eat jellyfish relies on the species; some space herbivores, some space carnivores, and also some space omnivores. Most of the turtle types are omnivores than herbivores. Generally speaking, turtles space aquatics and also omnivores, and the tortoises i m sorry live on land space herbivores.

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Let’s continue reading the article “do turtles eat jellyfish?” to uncover out which varieties consume jellyfish and how they can acquire away through it.

Do turtles eat jellyfish?

Do turtles eat jellyfish?

The price is yes; some sea turtle have tough vault-like heads that cushion them indigenous the poison of jellyfish, which renders sea tortoise the optimal predator that jellyfish.
However, not all sea turtles deserve to consume jellyfish; varieties such as hawksbill mostly live top top sponges; lock are additionally referred to as spongivores. Varieties such as loggerheads mostly live on a hard-shelled diet favor crabs, horseshoes, conchs, etc.
Some turtle types that have the right to consume jellyfish room leatherbacks, flatbacks, olive ridleys, kemp ridleys, etc. Part species, such together leatherbacks, jellyfish, and also other soft invertebrates, space their primary diet.

Mouths and also jaws:

The mouths and jaws the turtles are shaped differently depending upon their diet: for example, loggerheads have strong jaws allowing them to crush hard-bodied diet such as conchs, whelks, crabs, etc. Whereas, leatherbacks have actually sharp and pointy beaks permitting them to pierce and clasp soft-bodied food such as jellyfish.

How can turtles eat jellyfish?

We are mindful of jellyfish stings; either you or who is known to friend must have actually been stung by jellyfish in ~ one point or the other. The rashes as the result of thrash have the right to last from one come 4 weeks relying on the jellyfish type. 

The explosive release of nematocysts, a devoted cell in the tentacles of a jellyfish, causes these rashes and tissue damages; sometimes, this venom deserve to be fatal. 

However, leatherbacks and also the other sea turtles have actually scales that defend them from these nematocysts venom; additionally, they have papillae, tiny rounded protrusions heat from the mouth down to their esophagus, cushioning them native the poison while piercing the prey. Furthermore, once the turtle hunts because that jellyfish, they close their eyes, i m sorry is the only part of the turtle’s body that is sensitive to jellyfish poison.
Species, such together leatherbacks, have the right to live only on jellyfish and also the various other soft-shelled invertebrates. Your beaks room designed come pierce; most time, leatherbacks capture jellyfish indigenous the top dissociates them native the poisonous jellyfish tentacles. Eating any kind of other invertebrates can damage the unique scissor-like jaws that help them piercing jellyfish and also the other soft-bodied invertebrates.

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How much jellyfish deserve to a sea turtle consume?


That depends on the species; for example, leatherbacks can consume the identical of 16000 calories of jellyfish prior to making their long journey of 9000 mile (approx. 25,800 km) to Indo-Pacific for breeding and also nesting beaches.

The time take away to record one jellyfish depends on the size of the bell diameter of the jellyfish; on average, lock consume 261 jellyfish in a day v 13.5 hrs foraging time; that gives us the number of 3.1 minutes for every jellyfish. 

The leatherbacks consume much more or less 75% of your body load in jellyfish; Jellyfish is all-pervasive; lock exist in every the seas in the world, long lasting even in the most too much conditions. Moon jellies and also lion’s mane blooms in the northern waters during the summer months; these turtles swimming in your meals during these months.
So, in a way, leatherback turtles keep the ocean’s ecosystem by consuming burgeoning jellyfish.

However, the is critical to keep in mind that the likeness that plastic bags and jellyfish cause several interior injuries come leatherbacks; sometimes, it results in the death of leatherbacks. Thus, turtles’ fatality due to plastic bag usage is not component of the natural process in preserving the ecosystem; that is completely an oversight of human blunder.

Do turtle eat jellyfish to gain high?

The breakable beauty that jellyfish is undoubtedly intoxicating come our human being eyes; there are unlimited varieties that jellyfish ranging from microscopic to 100 ft (3 meters) long; they space not fish; they are translucent jellies, sea anemones.

The origin of this concern is native the character Crush the turtle (Finding Nemo). That is portrayed all the time high as the tortoise eats jellyfish. That is additional elaborated that the toxicity from the jellyfish tentacles quite intoxicates them together marijuana does to humans, rather of harming them.

However, there is no scientific proof to earlier up this claim. 

Do infant sea tortoise eat Jellyfish?

Baby turtles’ diet varies from adults; recently hatched turtle eat food fish eggs, seaweed, mollusks, crustaceans, and Jellyfish. Even herbivores sea turtles together as environment-friendly Sea turtle hatchlings, uneven the adults, feed on ranges of live food such mollusks, crustaceans, fish eggs, and also including Jellyfish.

Can girlfriend feed her pet tortoise jellyfish?

Sea turtle such as Leatherbacks, Olive Ridleys, Kemp Ridleys, Flatbacks, etc., largely live on Jellyfish; approximately, leatherbacks consume about 73% of your body weight throughout the summer months, amounting to 16000 calories; that is about seven times much more than their require for survival.

Despite jellyfish being the major food for part sea turtles, not all sea turtles deserve to consume jellyfish as their mouths and also jaws space shaped differently. Likewise, your pet turtles perform not have the physiology that enables them to consume jellyfish. 

Not every jellyfish sting; hence, part pet owner feed their turtles with jellyfish. However, we execute not recommend feeding your pet turtle with jellyfish, back technically speaking, her pet turtle can eat jellyfish from a pets store.

Pet tortoise eat a diverse range of food depending upon the species, similar to the wild turtle species; vegetables, berries, mushrooms, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, earthworms, fish, insects and also bugs, advertising pellets, etc. It’s always much better to consult a vet or a turtle professional as the turtle’s diet different from varieties to species.

Environmental impact of Jellyfish bloom

According to unified Nations, approximately 1 million types face extinction but not Jellyfish; they flourish in warm and also polluted waters of the world’s oceans. Jellyfish room all-pervasive. The an international population of countless Jellyfish varieties is blooming.

Jellyfish blooming is directly attributed to an international warming; unlike various other species, Jellyfish have the right to bloom in a warm and also low oxygen level environment, for this reason proliferate uncontrollably, leading to the close up door of beaches worldwide.

A very few predators can prey on Jellyfish; sea turtles such as leatherbacks space top among the jellyfish predators. Throughout the summer months, they consume Jellyfish identical to 16000 calorie a day. A study reveals the the leatherbacks have a 100% success rate in preying ~ above Jellyfish; since Jellyfish relocate so slowly, leatherbacks require on an typical 22 seconds to hunt a Jellyfish.

Jellyfish space not just opportunistic food to their predators, consisting of sea turtles. Though 95% the Jellyfish has only water, it contains some valuable fatty acids, an important components of cell membranes vital to growth and reproduction. 

By preying on Jellyfish, leatherbacks save the oceans’ ecosystem in balance. Furthermore, the leatherback is just one of the endangered types that can grow on Jellyfish and also multiply the population.

Do turtle eat Jellyfish – last Thoughts?

It might seem unconventional as soon as you an initial hear the question, do turtles eat Jellyfish? What a strange concern to ask? and even more, stranger, once you listen the tranquil turtles go about munching on hundreds of these poison gelatinous creatures every day. 

Jellyfish room lethal to many creatures, including humans. Many thanks to the countless years of evolution adaptations that permit the sea turtles, such as leatherbacks, flatbacks, Ridleys, etc., come consume these toxic jellies. Miscellaneous studies reveal that that is not an opportunistic eat habit; indeed, the essential fatty acids that play a an important role in growth and also reproductions help turtles come burgeon their population.

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Sea tortoise are one of the very few Jellyfish predators that keep a check on the Jellyfish population and play a vital role in maintaining the oceanic ecosystem.