New to the Virtual households 3 Our nation Home game? uncover out the Virtual family members 3 walkthrough guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies.

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Virtual family members 3 Cheats: Walkthrough, overview & Tips⇓

This post covers “how to play Virtual family members 3”, around getting married, having kids, job jobs, job professions, sending kids to school, and also other aspects such as household growth, management, residence improvements, tips to acquire coins, and also much more. So, let’s no waste any time and also get right to the Virtual family members 3 cheats, walkthrough guide, advice & strategies: –

Get started With Virtual families 3 basic Walkthrough

(1) you will start by producing a personality of your choice and move right into the house. In ~ first, the residence is in poor condition and it’s as much as you to do the improvements. Controlling the character: In Virtual households 3, you deserve to command the personalities by dragging and also dropping them over the objects or places. Because that example: if the personality is starving, you traction it(tap ~ above the character and also hold it) and also then fall it end to the refrigerator.


(2) Taking treatment of characters: make certain to provide them food, command castle to take a shower daily, and do career activities to get the promotion. Drag and drop! Also, take care of them as soon as they gain sick.

(3) store the residence clean: girlfriend will notice that the residence gets dirty quickly. There would certainly be socks, garbage, and other items on the floor. Traction the character end these rubbish items; after ~ that, the character will pick the items and move them to the trash. Also, resolve the malfunctions.

(4) save an eye top top the character: tap top top the character and you will get its info; name, age, career, action(current activity), status(happy, itchy, depressed, sad, etc.), and also bank balance.

(5) age – every couple of certain hours, your characters age. We noticed they period by 1 year in 2-4 hours(Real-Time).

(6) Ghosts – In Virtual families 3 Our country Home, you will often see ghosts about the house or in the house. As much as us know, this ghosts are the spirits of human being that die in that home – before you relocate in. It’s creepy! us don’t have info on the ghosts yet! we will update this article after collection the information. If friend have any type of sort the info concerning the ghosts, carry out let us know in the comment below.

(7) Progression: – what to execute in Virtual families 3? just how to progress? (1) conserve coins and work on residence improvements. (2) upgrade the characters. (3) have actually kids and send lock to school (4) purchase furniture and make the house an excellent looking (7) collection items; bugs, minerals, feathers, shed toys, photograph pieces; look approximately the yard. (8) inspect out the goals in the menu and also complete them. (9) thrive your family tree.


Vacationer task Achievement⇓

To accomplish the Vacationer accomplishment task in Virtual families 3, you need to go on a family members trip. Here’s how to go on a family trip in Virtual families 3: –

How To go On A family Trip In Virtual families 3⇓


First that all, you should wait for the family members trip event. An RV valve will show up on the gravel driveway (right next of your home). Drag the character from your home to the RV van in the gravel driveway to go on a family trip. If over there is no RV valve in the driveway, that means the family members trip occasion is not yet available. Devs release new family trip events now and then, so store an eye on the video game updates, driveway, and also their social medial handles.

When you drag the character to RV Van, you obtain the option to take a family members trip. Insanity that button to get in the expedition plot where you will have some tasks to do to earn trip points, i m sorry you can exchange for other items.

Getting Married In Virtual households 3

Right after developing the character in Virtual family members 3, you can find your partner online and also get married. (an email icon appears in the top-right corner) all you have to do is drag the personality to the computer table(tap + host the character and also take it to the computer system table). Then, the personality will usage the computer, walk online, and look for the partner; you can assist the personality in choosing a perfect partner. ~ that, the companion will move right into the house and also they will begin celebrating the wedding!

Have youngsters In Virtual families 3

How come have children in Virtual families 3 Our country Home? It’s quite easy; every you must do is drag an adult character onto an opposite sex character(adult masculine -> adult woman or evil versa). If both personalities are willing to have babies, lock will try making the babies by going to the bedroom(you must buy a quite couch or bed before you take it this action).


If lock are against procreation, friend can adopt a baby. Insanity the store button in the bottom-center -> upgrades -> adoption services. Exactly how many kids can you have actually in the game? Max 12(approx.). Comment if you have actually crossed this figure!

Guide to Careers In Virtual families 3

Characters in Virtual family members 3 occupational in the kitchen, office, and also workshop/workroom. Based on the career, you deserve to drag castle onto the station; keep sending them and they will work on their career. Tap top top the character and at the bottom, check its career. For instance – if it’s a kitchen-related job(like mustard bottler, personal cook), send the character to the kitchen.

Career development Of Characters

To inspect the development of characters; first select the character, at the bottom, madness its icon(appears once you pick a character) -> this will open its profile whereby you can examine the job progress; career level – beginner, novice, apprentice, licensed, practiced, accomplished, exceptional, and master. The greater the level, the greater the pay.

How long Does It take To receive Salary

Every 24 hours(daily, real-time), the salary is attributed to the character’s financial institution account. Also if the character does no go to work, he/she will get the salary. Note: personalities are likewise paid after each work-related cycle – for this reason make certain to encourage lock to do the job work(drag them to the proper station; based upon the career – save pushing them till they start doing it). This method you can earn more coins for totally free without any kind of sort the cheats!

Increasing Character’s Income

As stated above, the personalities in the game obtain their salary even if lock don’t work! the does not median there is no must encourage castle to walk to work. If you desire them to drive much more income, encourage castle to execute the work, worship them when they space doing work, offer them candies and fruit, and get them promo – this will assist you earn more coins!

Characters would Not work Much

Most times, characters don’t go to work and also refuse to work-related when they are sick, hungry, enduring from any type of sort that depression or there is a distraction like fixing things, clean home, etc. Shot working on these aspects if the personalities refuse to visit the work.

My personalities Would Not obtain Promotion

The characters only get the promotion when they focus on your career work. Make sure to encourage them come work, praise them while they work, offer them fruits and also candies – this means you can promote lock quickly. Girlfriend can inspect their development in the file menu; madness their icons after selecting them.

Where Is Workshop In VF3?

In Virtual family members 3, the workshop is not easily accessible at the start. You will have to save the coins and buy it; tap ~ above the save -> house improvements/renovation -> tap top top the wrench/tool symbol -> you can construct a straightforward workroom that costs 3850 coins, a luxurious room for 12k coins, and a hobbyist workroom for 6.5k coins.

“Fixing Things” Virtual family members 3 Walkthrough Guide⇓

House Malufuntions are usual in Virtual households 3. You can either use the toolbox and also fix the points with the characters’ help or call the guy(use the phone). In this part, us have noted the walkthrough to usual house malfunctions: –

Fix Leak Sink

Walkthrough: every you have do is acquire a household tool collection from the furniture shop menu(accessories tab). That would price 175 coins to obtain this tool set. If you have actually it, command any type of character older 보다 14 years and also he/she will execute the job. Drag him/her and also drop to the household tool set. Alternatively, drop castle in the workroom.

Fix Clogged Shower and also toilet

Walkthrough: every you have actually do is acquire a household tool collection from the furniture shop menu(accessories tab). That would cost 175 coins to get this tool set. If you have actually it, command any type of character older 보다 14 years and also he/she will perform the job. Drag him/her and also drop come the family tool set. Alternatively, drop castle in the workroom.

Fix explode Pipe

Walkthough: speak to the plumber. Traction an adult personality to the phone and call plumber.

Fix Dryer & oven Fire

Walkthrough: go to the store menu -> furniture -> accessories -> to buy the extinguisher. Put it in the house and then traction an adult character -> autumn on the extinguisher.

Fix Internet

Walkthrough: call the web repair company center and also they will certainly send a human to settle the internet. Drag and also drop one adult personality on the phone.

Fix Cable TV

Walkthrough: call cable TV repair. Drag and drop one adult personality on the phone.

Fix Computer

Walkthrough: call “computer repair”. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone.

Fix Appliance

Walkthrough: speak to appliance repair. Drag and also drop an adult character on the phone.

Get Rid that Bugs In Virtual households 3

Walkthough: contact an exterminator. Drag and drop an adult personality on the phone.

Fix flowers & Lawn

Walkthrough: you must turn ~ above the sprinkler. Drag and also drop a personality on the spigot.

Upgrading The personalities IN VF 3

Why need to you update the personalities in virtual family members 3: –

To acquire a job promotionIf the character does not have any likesChange career or obtain a brand-new career

How to upgrade: insanity the character, climate tap its icon on the profile at the bottom. ~ above the file page, at the top-left corner, tap the “upgrade me” button. Over there you will uncover a bunch the options: –

High finding out Classes: – do this update to create get brand-new interests, likesAdvanced career Training: – get a job promotionCareer Change: – obtain a brand-new career

Getting Coins In VF 3

(1) Your characters work and earn coins. Insanity the “bank” choice in the bottom-right to check the daily income. Encourage the characters in your career because that a advanced in everyday income.

(2) Get totally free coins by city hall the video ad. From time to time, in the top-right corner, girlfriend will see the “free coins” offer. Madness it, clock an ad, and also get the rewards.

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(3) complete the goals.

Note: this article/guide is in development. New information will be added later