Opal learns no to referee people and that most world have unhappiness in their own lives. Knowing people"s histories can make it simpler to understand and also befriend them. She learns that if you space kind, world will commonly respond positively. Opal likewise learns to let walk of she unhappiness around her mother. She has actually filled she heart v her love because that Winn-Dixie and also with relationship with new friends, as well as with a an ext open relationship with she father.

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In Because of Winn-Dixie, the protagonist is a young girl called Opal who moves come a new town v her father, she mother having left them prior to the story begins. Opal feels exit by her mother’s departure. Moreover, she has actually no friends in this new town. In short, she...

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In Because that Winn-Dixie, the protagonist is a young girl named Opal who moves come a brand-new town v her father, her mother having actually left them prior to the story begins. Opal feels abandoned by she mother’s departure. Moreover, she has no girlfriend in this new town. In short, she is unhappy.

Through the course of the book and through the interactions she has with people, usually thanks to her dog Winn-Dixie, she learns countless things about people and about life, including that one must not judge people, and that most human being have a story that can make them more relatable. Moreover, she additionally learns that if you are kind and also open, human being will normally respond positively. Because that instance, when miss Franny is afraid of Winn-Dixie, Opal asks:

“Miss Franny?” i said. “Are you every right?”

“A bear,” she said.

“A bear?” ns asked...

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“Miss Franny Block,” i said, “that’s not a bear. That’s a dog. That’s my dog. Winn-Dixie.”

Miss Franny judges Winn-Dixie by his appearance, yet when she learns that Opal is right around Winn-Dixie having a large heart, she befriends Opal and Winn-Dixie. Opal realizes the she and Miss Franny have an ext in usual than she realized upon very first seeing miss out on Franny. She have the right to relate come the librarian and thinks,

“She looked sad and also old and also wrinkled. It was the same method I feeling sometimes, gift friendless in a new town and also not having a mama to comfort me. Ns sighed, too.”

Finally, Opal additionally learns to let go of she unhappiness and bitterness about her mother. As soon as Opal believes that Winn-Dixie has run away, she is heartbroken and searches because that him. Her friend Gloria tells her the she cannot make something stay if it desires to leave also if she loves it. Gloria is speaking about Winn-Dixie, however Opal understands this in recommendation to her mommy too. In ~ the finish of the novel, she speak to her lacking mother, saying,

“I miss out on you, but my love doesn’t feel empty anymore. It’s full all the method up.”

Opal has controlled to to fill her heart with relationships with new friends who form a component of her expanded family, v Winn-Dixie, and also with a different, hopefully much more open partnership with she father.