lion`s have bigger heart sizes than execute tigers;
. Is this another failed attempt of yours? i GUESS that IS

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tigers execute not have better stamina, nor space the bigger or anything of the sort. For starters, tigers have much shorter limbs, which way a much shorter stride and a shorter, and also so much faster stride frequency. The limbs of the tiger, relocating at a quicker rate, would rquire an in its entirety greater quantity of rapid twtch muscle fibers.....which burns much more oxygen and shortens running time. Lions have a much better fighting style. According to lion`s `n` many tigers `n` everything, the lion used the tiger`s an approach of fighting ~ above his hindlimbs, and also killed the tiger. Also, lions usually fight low to the ground, using both claws and also teeth, while many tigers fight ~ above their rear legs and also rarely usage their teeth......lions have a better fighting style.
Lions room truly the king that beasts, in both action, and also looks!
"lions have a far better fighting style." That"s true when fighting against any big cat, although tigers are much more efficient as killer machines. What I typical is that the tiger first analyzes the delicate points that the victim and also then walk the killing spending the minimum of power in the minimum the time. In various other words, many tigers are an ext successfull as predators. Male lions have actually sacrificed killing an abilities for injuring skills. This is because they don"t need to kill their opponents to win or defend a pride. This theory web links with the assertion by Dave Salmoni, that unlike lions, tigers cannot be stopped when having chose to death you.
the bold champ wrote: .......the above posts is proof the the lion hs th enlarge heart and also adrenal glands, i beg your pardon nvariably way more stamina.

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to be I remote or noone here have the right to see the "proof"? Let"s analyze your post. About heart-weights,firstly,you used large lions and also "tiny" Tiger. The largest tiger in your source weighs 170 kg,while the lion weighs 430 lbs. That lion"s heart weighs 1,175 grams,while 170 kg tiger"s love is 1090 grams. One may deduct the if the tiger had been as hefty as the lion, it"s heart would certainly be about (or much more than) 1253 grams. Thus,bold champ,a tiger shows up to have actually heavier love on "equal weight".But we recognize Tiger room heavier than lions. Cursed it,lions are doomed. Concerning size that adrenal gland,noone gives a rat"s ass come conclusions based ~ above details the 2-3 individuals. What was the book"s location ? "Intelligence,power and personality"?It confirmed what? that ONE zoo lion had actually bigger adrenal glands than a zoo tiger? Forget the wild lion, wild pets should always have bigger adrenal glands. Moreover, adrenal glands room not directly related come stamina. If a lion had bigger adrenal glands, it "might" assist it in bringing more energy at critical times,such together charging or even fighting.Epinephrine,secreted by adrenal gland, is a "triggering" hormone,it prepares body for emergency. The doesn"t mean that lion wont get tired if that has much more epinephrine.So,bold chump, firstly you didnt prove that lions have larger content of epinephrine,and also if they had,it wouldn"t mean they had an ext stamina. This is yet an additional pointless subject of yours,and a difficult slap in the face of anyone who really hopes for intelligent discussions. Together a serious abuse of web space.