When you ask about the jigsaw puzzle size execute you typical how plenty of pieces or what is the measure up of the jigsaw puzzle? This is for this reason common.....kinda favor waiting because that the turkey come "unthaw" ;) 

Fear no though....there is no gold rule approximately this. It simply needs additional clarification is all. And both problems are forced when you room looking in ~ the size of your new jigsaw puzzle.

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So simply to be clear this is just how we will talk about the "jigsaw-puzzle-size" concern here;


number of pieces per jigsaw puzzlesize of the piece in the puzzle


total dimension in inches or cmthickness 

Jigsaw Puzzle dimension in Pieces

1. The variety of pieces is sometimes connected with the ‘size’ the the jigsaw puzzle. For example; the inquiry is often asked, “What size is it?”  and the answer may be, “it is 1000 pieces”.

The number of pieces may additionally determine the physical dimension of the puzzle. Ideally a 2000 piece puzzle is going to measure larger than 1000 pieces and also a 3000 item will be bigger than a 2000 piece.

2. However those room not hard stone-cold facts due to the fact that the yes, really physical size of the puzzle is walk to rely on the size of each jigsaw puzzle piece.  I’ve gained a World’s smallest Jigsaw Puzzle with 1000 pieces and the total physical dimension is smaller sized than a consistent 1000 item by measurement.....but climate look at the size of the pieces....



Buffalo Vivid collection Butterflies
Cobble Hill farm Jigsaw Puzzle

Here is a general guide (stated loosely) because that children but it is not minimal to these numbers due to the fact that some children construct differently 보다 others. Of course the does not typical as one adult friend cannot execute these.

Child                  Number of Pieces

Ages 2 - 3          4 come 12 Pieces

Ages 3 - 5          12 come 50 Pieces

Ages 5 - 6          50 come 100 Pieces

Ages 6 - 7          100 come 200 Pieces

Ages 7 - 8          200 Pieces

Ages 8 - 10        300 Pieces

Ages 12+           500+ Pieces


The Jigsaw Puzzle size in Measurement

Families most frequently do 500 pieces and also Adults most regularly do 1000 pieces. There seems to be an recurring ‘World’s Largest’ vain and practically every year a different company is producing a ‘new’ jigsaw puzzle with more ‘number of pieces’ and larger in physics measurements.

The first thing ns do prior to I also open the box is look because that the jigsaw puzzle size in measurements. Climate I find the correct size of board i am going to use. It"s great to store a supply of different sizes in your accessories.   

As watched in the image above, the number of pieces go not constantly determine the actual dimensions of the assembled jigsaw puzzle.

Take in ~ look in ~ this series of images. That is the M.C. Escher mini-wooden 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. The pieces room tiny and I provided the tweezers to aid with assembly. The size is around 2" x 3" in measurements. 


Basically you can say the only way to identify the "measurements" is to read what the last individual puzzle is manufactured to be as soon as assembled.

Currently the "World"s Largest" (2016) is the Memorable Disney moment by Ravensburger at 40,320 pieces and measures 6.80 m by 1.92 m  OR 22 ft 3.72 in by 6 ft 3.59 in. It"s divided into 10 bags through each reflecting one photograph from a Disney standard movie.

Personally, my largest is the Ravensburger brand-new York City Window at 32000 piece in 8 bags.

It measures 544 x 192 cm (214 x 76 in.). I have yet to start this one :) 

So to sum it up, just be mindful when you are choosing your jigsaw puzzle size. The number of pieces does not constantly give a clean measurement that the physics puzzle photo ~ look carefully.


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