Tyler Perry's residence of Payne is a comedy series about a multi-generational, working course family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and also most important humor.

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Claretha secretly deals with the possibility of losing her home; the household participates in a talent display C.J. Warned castle against; ~ an argument with Curtis, Calvin and also Miranda integrate their distinctive talents because that the show. Guest Star(s): Denise Burse

Curtis, Ella, and Floyd shot to lug DeShawn a reality examine when he desires to sign up with a gang. C.J. And also Calvin tussle over their living arrangements.

As Calvin and also Miranda will to rental a cut-rate contractor (Johnny Brown) to repair your condo, DeShawn is enrolled in his school's gifted program to prevent being expelled.

DeShawn's non-saw bullying that schoolmate Tommy cd driver the boy to attempt suicide, if Floyd uses his services as mediator between the feuding Janine and Miranda.
Janine is deeply hurt when C.J. Forgets her three-year anniversary of being clean and sober, together Ella buys DeShawn an absurd lavender fit for school photo day.
C.J. Makes the ache decision come close three fire stations, including Curtis's lovely Number Five, and also finds one unlikely ally in Roland to manage the PR nightmare.
Nepotism doesn't occupational out once Calvin starts functioning for Roland and also Janine yet fails at gift detail-oriented, if Curtis rediscovers his long-dormant artistic talent.
Tempers possibly flame up as soon as CJ is forced to lay turn off firefighters because of spending plan cuts. Meanwhile, Calvin and also Miranda are moving on up-they hope to move upstairs, stirring up household tension in the process.
After an enormous downtown fire insurance claims multiple lives, C.J. Faces a windy outcry on slow an answer times, if Miranda go stir-crazy being home and also out of work.
Ella is disappointed once her celebrity friend Felicia has allowed fame to go to she head, as Calvin and also Miranda spend time with Calvin Jr. Under close supervision.
C.J. Is uncomfortable as soon as Janine decides to aid her friend get rid of cocaine addiction, if Curtis and also Ella come to be DeShawn's main foster parents.
When Malik's progressive college assigns him a woman roommate, C.J. And also Janine disapprove, together Ella is concerned with Claretha's use of home remedies come fight she cancer.
Malik is enthusiastic about joining a college fraternity, till he experience the hazing process and was standing up because that a legacy pledge being abused.
When the help Center's director position is vacated, Ella competes for it versus a polished candidate with considerable experience, if Malik considers dropping out of school.

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Curtis becomes a contestant on Paynefully Fit, while Deshawn obtain advice about girls. Guest Star(s): Shaun T together himself
Miranda's new customer flirts v her if the household honors Curtis. Guest Star(s): trojan Winbush together Travis Harris

I love this show and also I'm may be to clock it for cost-free !!! Didn't should purchase this.