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I am always amazed at how difficult it is come disconnect the wire connector attached to the headlight bulb. Admittedly, I"m not a big nor solid guy however it takes almost as much force as I can muster through my arm to pull this connector off. Every time I carry out it, I are afraid that something is walk to break on headlight or that when it does popular music loose, the headlight will go flying across the room, or that my hand/arm is going to smash into something and break me or the something. I choose the idea of using a tiny greas on the connector and also will perform so the following time I have actually it apart. Many thanks for the idea.G"day,Vinish
G"day,Vinish"The chrome and also steel she ridesColliding through the an extremely air she breathes."-Neil Young"A wasted youth is much better by much than a wise and also productive old age."-Jim Steinman together sung by Meatloaf"People are just fish to add time"-Dilbert (Scott Adams)
I"ve only always undone the 2 Philips head screws under the Chromium headlight trim in ~ the top. Drown those and tip the chrome trim and headlight forward and also pick straight up. Bottom has a steel lip the goes right into a slot in the bucket. Sylvania silver Star is a wonderful lamp to change stock with.
+1...Leave the bottom screw in place, doesn"t need to come out...Just the two under the headlight ring....
I am constantly amazed in ~ how difficult it is come disconnect the wire connector attached come the headlight bulb. Admittedly, I"m no a big nor strong guy but it takes nearly as much force as I deserve to muster through my eight to pull this connector off. Every time I perform it, I are afraid that other is going to rest on headlight or that as soon as it does popular music loose, the headlight will certainly go flying across the room, or that my hand/arm is going come smash into something and break me or the something. I favor the idea of using a little greas on the connector and also will do so the next time I have it apart. Thanks for the idea.G"day,Vinish
Vinish is right, what a ache it to be to change my stock pear to the Silvania H4. I m sorry is a good upgrade. The pains was acquiring the plug off....:banghead: What I discovered to help was a five gallon bucket and also a hammer. Disassemble light andpull and wiggle plug, choose up the hammer and throw it, pick up bucket and yell into the bucket.(this doesn"t bother the next-door neighbors as bad), go choose up hammer, pull and wiggle the plug, pick up hammer, get the idea I"m sure.Seriously, the H4 bulb is a an excellent addition come the bike. And also be careful when throw hammers......:icon_razz
Bulldog777 VTX 1300R Desert Shield/Desert Storm Vet________________________________________MS Batwing w/Spoiler windshield/Cobra slip ons/Cobra fat Hwy Bar/Kury Longhorn Hwy Pegs/Mustang seat/Factory agree jet kit(220 58 4th clip)/Decapped air Box/Yokohama 205-70 R15/Metzler ME880/DynaBeads/Vista Cruise/American Saddle Bag bags/Sylvania Headlight bulb/And a wish perform a mile long............
The High beam went out on mine H4 for this reason this subject came about again in an excellent time. Good reminders. Plug came of basic this time. An initial time I supplied a torch and sledge.:banghead: Anyway, it was straightforward peazy lemon squeezy this time. :mosh:Pdaveatriot:
FYI...last time I changed my bulb I complied with the direction to wrinkles the dust cover ago and it cracked into about 3 various pieces, for this reason I had actually to replace it. From currently on ns wont execute that anymore yet just remove it completely. Unplug the wire. Remove the rubber boot. Unscrew the hinge and also replace bulb. Replace hinge , change boot. (be sure to obtain the top on top) grease wire and also plug that in, and also then put it earlier into headlight bucket.
Yup. You acquired the one-of-a-kind one. :shrug:I"ve take away apart fairly a few of them come install turn signal beepers (that Donut had actually made) and to readjust lamps. Constantly just undone the height two. You must take your bike ago to the dealer and tell castle it"s broken and also you want a instead of bike.
mine only had one screw in ~ the bottom.Put my H4 bulb in the brand-new headlight yesterday and this morning it was nice and also bright ~ above the method to work.

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Right top top Charlie. I have actually an 1800 and also when I had actually my share light, I had to remove all 3 screws to pull my headlight. Ns can dual check as soon as I to be at dslocums house but, I know when i did carry out it before, I had actually to eliminate all 3.
You guyz iz speshul as well then! OR...I just hit the same kind every the time. Headlights room all the same, right?
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