It"s annoying as soon as rain is quiet pouring anywhere you as soon as you"re driving. Girlfriend might also have gotten a convertible. This overview will assist you to diagnose and also repair a water leak inside your Honda Accord.

This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

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It"s agitating and also annoying to find out water is leaking right into your car. Once you an alert water building up in the foot fine of your car, you"ll have to repair it prior to other materials of her car"s inner gets damaged. Water can cause corrosion of pen connectors, module failures, sensor failures, rust accumulation, negative smells, and also high humidity inside the car. Rather than taking your car to a dealer, discover the source of the leak yourself and determine what the least expensive option would be to fix it.

Materials NeededGarden hoseTowelsFoaming window cleanerCan the compressed airWeatherstrip sealBody trim adhesive

Step 1 – check the weatherstripping

The weatherstrip adhesive approximately the door structure can construct leaks over time. To confirm that this is the reason of the leak, spray foaming window cleaner follow me the outside edges and use an air nozzle to punch air native the inside. If there is a leak, bubbles should type where the waiting blows through. The leak might come from the top, sides, or bottom of the window.

To solve the leak, you will have to remove the old weatherstrip and also install a new one. Purchase a compatible weatherstrip seal for your Honda Accord in addition to weatherstrip adhesive. A brand-new weatherstrip costs around $20.

Figure 1. Apply new weatherstrip adhesive.

Step 2 – inspect the drainpipe tubes

Located in each of the four corners of her Accord"s roof are drainpipe tubes that divert water the end of your car. If you eliminate the carpeting in the driver side foot well, you have the right to see a drain tube firewall exiting the car frame. The grommet roughly the tube may have actually come loosened or it might be eroded. A basic repair would certainly be to change the grommet with a new one, and make certain the pipe securely runs v the firewall. A brand-new firewall grommet costs roughly $3 to $5.

In the situation that her Accord"s drain tubes are clogged, insert the plastic nozzle from a deserve to of compressed air into the entrance of the drainpipe hole on the roof. Blow air right into the drain tube because that a few seconds. Then run water with it, and make sure it is exiting correctly from underneath the driver next wheel well. If there"s tho no water exiting the drainpipe tube, continue to punch air into the drainpipe tube.

Figure 2. Reinsert loose drain tube right into the firewall grommet.
Figure 3. Use compressed air to clear out the drain hole.

Step 3 – check the door panel

If you remove the door panel, behind that is a plastic rain guard. Although this plastic cover is sealed come the door, it have the right to still wear and develop leaks end time. Water would then run previous the glass, departure through the door sill, and into the driver side foot well. To check if this is the problem, lay down towels by the bottom door panel within of the car. V the door closed, spray water onto the windshield for a couple of minutes. Then open up the door, and also check if the leak is indigenous the plastic rain guard. To deal with the problem, merely reseal the plastic cover through adhesive. This should price you no an ext than $5 in ~ an auto components store.

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Figure 4. A plastic rain guard.

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