Melissa Black and also her kid Aiden show up to reap the spray park in ~ Jastro Park during the hottest job of the year Monday.

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John Machado it s okay in top top the funny at the water park in Jastro Park in on Monday. Machado states he has actually a swimming pool at home but wanted his grandkids come cool off and also socialize with various other kids. He couldn"t resist.

A huge splash in ~ the Jastro Spray Park will cool you down easily even in the sexy of job — other than when the spray parks close. This photograph was take away June 9, 2014.


This young takes careful aim together he battles through a water cannon in ~ the Jastro Spray Park on June 9, 2014. The spray parks in are closing early this year.


Niamora Reyes, right, and her sister, Amelia, play through other youngsters at the spray park at Jastro Park Monday afternoon. sweltered Monday together the temperature fight a record high of 110 degrees Fahrenheit through 3:33 p.m.

The city damaged the June 9 record of 108 degrees, collection in 1973. The normal mean high for the job is 89 levels with a short of 62.

Meteoroligists say temperatures end 100 in the city room something to be supposed throughout June. Critical June, hit 100 levels or much more six times, yet the high never ever exceeded 107 degrees.

Other parts of the state Monday saw even higher temperatures. Fatality Valley was the hottest ar in the country as that hit 120 degrees.

"It"s not all that atypical to check out 108, 109, 110 in June," claimed Gary Sanger, a meteorologist v the nationwide Weather service in Hanford.

Sanger claimed a high-pressure storm carried the heat. V high push there is very tiny air movement, enabling the wait to become stagnant and get hotter v time. The temperature to be 7 degrees above Sunday"s high, but Sanger go not take into consideration Monday"s record to be a sign of one abnormally warm summer.

The last time to be this hot was July 2, when the city got to 110 degrees. It to be city"s hottest day in 2013.

Tuesday"s high is projection to it is in 101 levels with the remainder of the week expected to reach highs in the 90s, Sanger said.

While the city generally breaks 110, NWS statistics show"s high summer temperatures seldom exceed 115 degrees. It has actually only emerged 11 times because 1893.

For some perspective, a mere thousand miles to the east it to be 25 degrees in Dillon and Gould, Colo., making castle the coldest areas in the country.

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Positive Cases among Kern Residents: 136,288

Deaths: 1,521

Recovered and also Presumed Recovered Residents: 121,841

Number of negative Tests: 478,137

Number of Pending Tests*: 426

*As report by community healthcare providers.

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