Halle Berry started out as a model and also rose to substantial prominence from her duty in Boomerang (1992). In no time, the aspiring actress ended up being one that the leading and most payment actresses in Hollywood. When on screen, she exudes together confidence and talent together though she to be born for present business. Since her debut appearance, Halle has actually been a component of so plenty of critically acclaimed works. Indeed her job success is unparalleled!

Date that Birth: respectable 14, 1966

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Many would easily assume that X-Men (2000 – 2007) co-star attained this great international height because of her beauty but on the contradictory she go not have actually it so easy because she to be a kid. Very first her father left and she had actually to ‘dance come the music’ of racism by herself. However, her resolute desire for excellence drove her to the top. Check out on come learn about her family members drama both her an initial family and the one she has currently.

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Halle Berry parents

Judith Ann Hawkins (mother)


Judith is a Caucasian woman who married a man from African-American roots. She met Berry in the hospital together they to be both health treatment workers. ~ the divorce, Jerome left and also Hawkins relocated with her two daughters to a predominantly white suburb. This one action played a large impact in she daughter’s success today. Being one of the few blacks in one all-white neighbourhood propelled her come excel. Throughout high school, the identified teen held top positions in a dizzying range of extracurricular activities.

Berry and also her mother share a really precious bond many especially due to the fact that the beauty, beauty queen insurance claims to have seen her being physically abused by her dad Jerome. Judith Hawkins is a retirement psychiatric nurse.

Jerome Jesse Berry (father)

Date that Birth: respectable 7, 1934

Date that Death: January 24, 2003 (age 64)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

The Berry dad was first in a relationship with Edwin Taylor prior to he started with Judith Ann after quickly after his break up. He had a daughter through Taylor prior to moving on come marry Hawkins. Just 4 years after his second child, Halle to be born, Jerome and his mam Judith split. The most famed Berry flourished up angry and she also allegedly accused her dad of being a violent alcoholic who supplied to beat she mum in the existence of her and her sisters Heidi.

Months turned into years and the Oscar win Berry still did not have actually a rethink around letting she father back into she life. As soon as he was dying the Parkinson’s and his an initial daughter Renee made a plea top top his behalf, halle blatantly refused and never saw him. Jerome worked an initial as one Air force veteran, a bus driver climate a hospital attendant if he to be alive. He passed away on January 24, 2003 in ~ a education home.

Halle Berry siblings

Renee Berry (half-sister from Jerome Berry)


Year of Birth: 1959

Renee is Berry’s eldest sister who has been estranged because that years. She is a food business worker from Alabama and also is unashamedly desperate to reconnect ago with her renowned sister. Renee and her younger half-sister carry out not check out eye come eye on details things consisting of who your father really was. While the Monster’s Ball (2001) actress rants around how lot of one abusive tyrant their father was, Renee sticks v the school of assumed that he never abused any of them and was simply a slight disciplinarian.

One that the reasons why Renee really desires to obtain close to her sister is come be there for she seeing exactly how times need to be hard with her encountering a son custody case. The very first Berry daughter is really details about wanting to be there for her superstar sister both emotionally and also physically. She honestly wants to know what they did the warranted the harsh estrangement.

Heidi Henderson (nee Berry) (elder sister from exact same parents)


Date of Birth: October 6, 1964

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Heidi is the only sister shortcut girl (2002) has from her mom Judith.


Halle’s sister Heidi (left) and also half-sister Renee (right)

Halle Berry ex-husband

David Justice (ex-husband)


Duration of Marriage: January 1, 1993 – June 24, 1997 (4 years)

Date of Birth: April 14, 1966

Zodiac Sign: Aries

The around the world recognized beauty queen is not simply known as an actress but for her roller-coaster romantic history. She was first known to be connected with her Jungle Fever (1991) co-star Wesley Snipes climate Justice came along. That is a baseball outlander because that Atlanta Braves and also in 1993, they acquired married. They were with each other for 4 years prior to they split and also the star actress relocated on. Berry publicly proclaimed that the divorce was really tough on her and she also contemplated taking her life however as the superwoman the she is, she was able to survive the tough time.

Eric Benet (ex-husband)


Duration of Marriage: January 24, 2001 – January 3, 2005 (4 years)

Date of Birth: October 15, 1966

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Eric and also Halle were covertly engaged and also they obtained married in 2001. After an additional four years, the lot of time Grammy nominee R&B musician and talented actress parted ways. His sex addiction could have to be a reason for the downward spiral in your matrimony together he went through rehab in 2002.


Gabriel Aubry (ex-boyfriend)


Duration that Relationship: November 2005 – April 30, 2010 (5 years)

Date of Birth: august 30, 1975

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Aubry is a French-Canadian model who met the Extant (2014 – ) co-star throughout a picture shoot. Berry was functioning on some pictures for Versace at the time and also she discovered out she was pregnant because that Aubry. Castle never obtained married however were together till 2010. After their separation, both parents were affiliated in a highly publicized custody fight centred mostly on the actress’ desire to move with her daughter from new York come France where her brand-new husband resided.

After so lot drama, lock both got to an amicable agreement and also he has actually now withdrawn his custody petition yet will proceed with his paternity action.

Olivier Martinez (ex-husband)


Duration that Marriage: July 13, 2013 – December 2016 (3 years)

Date the Birth: January 12, 1966

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Olivier and the sexy actress met when filming Dark Tide (2012) in south Africa. They started dating in 2010 and got involved in march 2012. About a year later, both actors announced they were expecting their very first child together and got married quiet in France part months right into the pregnancy. In October 2013, they welcomed their child Maceo-Roberts and two year later, announced their ongoing divorce plans. They continue to be amicable exes at least for the sake of your son. 

Halle Berry children

Nahla Ariela Aubry (daughter v Gabriel Aubry)


Date the Birth: in march 16, 2008

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

She was born to Gabriel Aubry however lived with Olivier Martinez, she mother’s most recent ex-husband. Though no his organic child, Nahla remains close with Olivier and likewise spends time through her dad every now and then. The little princess is much more than delighted to be a big sister, she has been since the come of she half-brother Maceo.

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Maceo-Robert Martinez (son v Olivier Martinez)


Date that Birth: October 5, 2013

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Maceo (a Spanish name way ‘gift that God’) come as a large surprise because that the celebrity female as she believed she had passed the allude where one more child can be a reality. Hence, the is a wonderful surprise that she would forever cherish in addition to her ex-husband Martinez.