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earlier Sactters: Doo-Be Doo it is in Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo it is in Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo it is in Do-BaFemale Singer:Perry!Male Singers:He"s a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action,Back Scatters: Doo-Be Doo be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo it is in Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo be Do-Ba Doo-Be Doo be Do-BaHe"s a furry tiny flatfoot who"ll never flinch native a fray,He"s got more than simply mad skill,He"s acquired a beaver tail and bill,And the women swoon whenever lock hear the say:Perry:*platypus sound**ladies faint*Male Singer:He"s Perry,Perry the Platypus!Major Monogram: but you can contact him agent P.Male Singer: Perry!Major Monogram: I said you can call him agent P!Male Singer: certified dealer P!
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