I bought a Hawes SAA in 357. Top top the barrel is (Hawes weapons Co. Los Angeles Ca do in west germany by JP Sauer & Sohn). I see a Hawes for sale on Gunbroker and also all it claims (Hawes guns Co. Los Angeles Ca Germany). What is the difference? I believed they stopped making this in the 70"s. The German reunification was 1990. Prior to that it to be Western Germany. Any kind of info regarding why that says only Germany?
J.P Sauer & Sohn quit do the Hawes revolvers approximately 1970 or so, yet sold the rights and machinery to an additional German firm, whose name escapes me now, who ongoing to do these solitary Actions for part years afterwards.Bob Wright
The German reunification was 1990. Before that it to be Western Germany. Any info as to why that says just Germany?Many, if not many of the Germans i spoke with on the subject, while I lived there in the latter 70s were very firm in regard to the fact that there was only ONE Germany. They considered the east /West Germany to be a short-term situation. And, viewed lengthy term, they were right...

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If us knew the price in good detail, what distinction would that make? I have two of their guns and feel fortunate to very own them.
I have to have added in my short article if anyone has info top top the manufacturer or days the Hawes SAA there is no (Sig Sauer & Sohn) and also (Western Germany) to be made. The distinction to me would be learning some history about them therefore I recognize if i would desire to buy one
Odd that, i didn"t Hawes or JP Sauer and also Sonn were associated with heritage Arms?? ns didn"t to speak they were, yet they regularly manage the guns, consisting of a few current listings. I have actually one of your Sauer guns and thought they would be a good source to ask.
I uncovered a old post on Ar15.comEvery German SIG Sauer make after the reunification of Germany (October 3, 1990) is marked "Germany" prior to "made in western Germany"Now these space Sigs however it appears it would hold true to other older models JP Sauer & Sohn may have been assembled ~ reunification and also still imported by Hawes v "Germany" top top the barrel?I think I have actually too lot time on mine hands
Now these are SigsI see no indication the the Swiss Industrial company - Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, recognized as SIG, renders revolvers.
The Siongle action line was marketed by SIG come Wieauch. Walk to thise address:http://eaacorp.com/weihrauch/Bob Wright
Thanks for that info.I"ve been kind of getting the itch because that a sixgun.Having own a few Sauer - Hawes ago in the day, might have to take a look at the EAA - Weihrauch versions.

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I"m sort of a sucker because that the "oddballs" that present up at my regional dealer native time come time. Such to be the case with this Hawes "Western 6 Shooter" in 22 LR ns picked up a few weeks ago. Http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b292/CajunBass/handguns/100_0586_zps7495523d.jpg (http://s21.photobucket.com/user/CajunBass/media/handguns/100_0586_zps7495523d.jpg.html)It"s marked "Hawes Firearm Company, Los Angeles, California, made in western Germany, by J.P. Sauer & Sohn." ~ above the left side of the barrel. Top top the best side it states "Western Sixshooter, 22 Caliber."I gained it mostly due to the fact that it was inexpensive, and to be ethical it reminded me the a set of "Fanner 50"s" I had actually as a kid. It"s do of some sort of aluminum alloy ns guess with a steel liner in the barrel, and also steel inserts in the cylinder. The grips space plastic. It"s no Ruger or Colt, however after tightening up a couple of screws, it appears to be tight, and reasonably fine made. Ns haven"t fired that yet however see no reason it shouldn"t it is in a an excellent shooter.