Washington soccer Team defensive end follow Young was as advertised coming out of Ohio State, as he wreaked destruction on opposing attack lines from work one critical year.

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert to be equally as impressive when he got his possibility to start, and also looks to be a star in the making.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson offered fans of the team prompt hope that a civilization without Stefon Diggs might not be as painful together they had imagined.

As exceptional as critical year’s rookies were, and as sleek as countless first-year football player come in these days, it’s tough to picture any player winning NFL MVP in their first professional season.

However, it has actually been achieved in NFL history once before, and also we’ll take it a closer look at at that magical campaign.

Jim Brown, 1957

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The just rookie ever before to victory NFL MVP was room of fame Cleveland Browns running ago Jim Brown.

As a 21-year-old throughout the 1957 season, Brown ran anywhere the league, and took home the respect in his first NFL campaign.

Brown’s numbers might not it seems ~ all that eye-popping today.

In 1957, the rushed because that 942 yards, ripe touchdowns ~ above the ground, and also caught another 16 passes through the air.

However, it’s necessary to store in mind that the NFL continual season only included 12 games earlier then.

Extrapolating his pace over a an ext traditional 16 game season, Brown would have finished up through over 1,200 yards ~ above the ground.

In an era wherein the ground game was the focal allude of attack, Brown’s exploits verified to be supremely beneficial to the Browns that season.

Cleveland went 9-2-1 in the regular season, and also won their division.

ABS honors #BlackHistoryMonth⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠Today’s showcase player: Jim Brown

Drafted 6th overall by the Cleveland Browns in 1957, Brown was a four sport athlete at Syracuse. He is the only man to median 100 rushing ypg over his whole career. He was inducted into 3 HOFs #SB53 pic.twitter.com/SD2DSmCOwD

— The Association because that the service of sports (
OhioStateABS) February 3, 2019

They finished up make it to the NFL championship game that year (this to be pre-Super Bowl), and also were ousted by the Detroit Lions.

Jim Brown #Browns pic.twitter.com/JseMPocCO8

— CleWest (
erjmanlasvegas) march 22, 2020

Jim Brown would go on come have much more prodigious statistical periods in the NFL later on in his career, but it to be clear indigenous the an extremely beginning that his unique combination of power and speed would be a pressure to be reckoned with for many years.

The ”Youngest MVP”


While Brown’s 1957 project checks the crate for countless a trivia question, there’s a technicality that often prevents this information from being carried up more prominently.

The linked Press has actually been the chef sponsor of the award since 1961, i beg your pardon doesn’t include Brown’s rookie year.

As such, a lot of fans and historians only consider the linked Press’ MVP from that season forward, which distinguishes the award together an honor bestowed through a hallowed sporting activities media company.

If we’re evaluate MVP’s exclusively in the linked Press era, then the youngest NFL MVP would certainly be quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Jackson likewise used his legs, in addition to his arm, to writer one the the most dynamic periods an offensive player has ever had in the NFL.

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When Jackson winner the award because that his production throughout the 2019 campaign, he was just a shade over 23 years old.