As you rise hearts through people, periodically they will certainly activate special requests because that you to fulfill. The requests are challenging and give you something more to carry out in the game.

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Fixing the Mine Cart

After you have actually chimed the Red Bell, talk to Bo when he is stand by the mine dare in Garmon Mine District. The cart will certainly take you straight to Harmonica Town once he can figure out exactly how to obtain it come work. He"s make the efforts every day without success. Perhaps he have the right to do it if he had some lunch every day.

Bring Bo something come eat for the following 3 to 4 days. Give him the food when he is by the mine dare after 8:00 am and also you"ll help him uncover the energy he demands to solve the cart. ~ his appetite has been subdued, Bo will have actually the cart fixed.

The mine cart shortcut earlier and forth in between Harmonica Town and also Garmon Mine District can be supplied an unlimited number of times per day. You carry out not must leave the cart at the peak or bottom the the track in order to usage it. There will be a cart obtainable on both end of the mine cart"s track.

Ozzie"s Recycling

When girlfriend raise Ozzie"s friendship up to at the very least 1 heart, speak to him behind his counter and also he will tell friend all around recycling. He requests that you lug him several junk that you record when fishing so the he have the right to recycle it.

30 Empty cans - These are tricky to find, yet you can record them on rainy days in the ocean, or once fishing in the Watery Cave.40 Rubber Boots - Fish in the stream the runs from the pond in the direction of the sea in Clarinet District.50 swim Trunks - swim Trunks have the right to be captured off of Toucan Island. Friend can likewise occasionally capture the shorts by fishing in the s from Castanet, but only if you power up your fishing pole come level 3 or higher.60 empty Bottles - girlfriend can record this article by fishing at the waterfall in Garmon Mine ar or in the stream come the left the Witch"s house in Fugue Forest.99 birds - The larger pond area alongside the Witch"s house is good for catching lots the Algae. If friend fish in the stream come the left the her residence then girlfriend can record Algae and also Empty party at the very same time.

As you bring him the ridge of requested items, he will reward you with 1 Sapphire. As soon as you have brought him the five types of items because that recycling he will offer you an as whole reward the a single Diamond.

You do not need to bring him a full stack that items. If you take place to have actually a few of lock in your rucksack, carry them come Ozzie and he will certainly deduct them from your required total.

Chase"s food preparation School

If you speak to follow while that is working in the kitchen at the Brass Bar, you"ll find him trying come teach Maya just how to cook. Unfortunately she"s no very good at it and also Chase is prepared to give her up as a student.


Now that you"ve arrived, probably he have the right to teach you some things. Talk to him between 6:00 pm and also 10:00 pm and also he will certainly ask friend to cook a dish utilizing a utensil that requests. Occasionally he will likewise suggest a particular kind of ingredient as well. There"s no time limit on once you require to lug the finished recipe ago to him.

Chase is a an extremely picky gourmet so straightforward recipes prefer a level Omelet space not that impressive. You have to return a dish the is worth a minimum quantity of gold as if you had shipped the food yourself. If you get stuck, provide him the wrong kind of dish and also he"ll define what kind of dish he really wants.

Each time friend bring earlier a dish, he will give you the next cooking category. You deserve to only perform this once a day.

Knife Set

Goal: offer him a food worth 300 G or more

Simple Suggestions:

Pie Dough (493 G) = Wheat Flour + Butter, or buy native the Orcarina Inn for 990 GRiceball (353 G) = Rice + Seaweed, or buy indigenous the Orcarina Inn for 710 GEgg Salad (517 G) = Boiled Egg + MayonnaiseGood Marined or higher (549+ G) = Onion + a Herb + 2 or more fish

Reward: Pudding

Frying Pan

Goal: give him a food worth 600 G or more

Simple Suggestions:

Cheese Omelet (687 G) = Cheese + Egg + ButterCroquette (1201 G) = Egg + Potato + BreadOmelet Rice (658 G) = Rice + Butter + EggPumpkin Croquette (1166 G) = Pumpkin + Bread + Egg

Reward: Cherry ice Cream

Pot and also Rice Recipes

Goal: give him a food worth 500 G or more

Simple Suggestions:

Tomato Risotto (685 G) = Onion + Tomato + RiceCheese Risotto (783 G) = Onion + Cheese + RiceTuna Rice key (587 G) = Tuna + RiceSpinach Risotto (730 G) = Onion + Spinach + Rice

Reward: Sweet Potato

Oven and also Cake Recipes

Goal: provide him a food worth 1080 G or more

Simple Suggestions:

Cheesecake (1155 G) = Wheat Flour + Egg + Butter + Milk + CheeseCarrot Cake (1097 G) = Wheat Flour + Egg + Butter + Milk + CarrotSpinach Cake (1102 G) = Wheat Flour + Egg + Butter + Milk + SpinachShortcake (1102 G) = Wheat Flour + Egg + Butter + Milk + Strawberry

Reward: Buckwheat Pancake

Cheese Recipes

Goal: provide him a food worth 1200 G or more

Simple Suggestions:

Vegetable Pizza (1426 G) = Pie Dough + Tomato + Cheese + Potato + green Pepper + Oven

Reward: green Ice Cream an equipment utensil

Barbara"s Ore Request

When Barbara has actually 3 or more hearts, walk into her shop in Garmon Mine District. She will certainly ask if you"ve going come the mine, and if so might you choose her up some Rare Ore.

The rare Ore is the brilliant-blue colored ore that comes from the rocks. Friend can uncover it in any type of of the 3 mines, return it appears to be easier to uncover in the town"s Water Cave. Girlfriend just have actually to lug Barbara 1 piece of rarely ore and in return you"ll get Perfect Cheese and Perfect Butter.

Eating ice cream Cream

Walk previous the Cymbol Blacksmith Shop, heading in the direction that the Garmon Mine. The season need to be Summer. Chloe and also Paolo must have 3 mind or higher, and you understand a recipe for ice Cream in her cookbook (any flavor).

You"ll find the two youngsters looking for something to do near the mine. They"ve currently done some fishing and also found numerous pretty stones, and now the kids are deciding what to carry out next. They start to tell friend all about their adventures as soon as Paolo mentions how warm it is outside. The summer heat has parched Chloe"s throat, and she is wanting come eat some cold ice cream.

At this allude you"ll be triggered to provide the kids some ice cream. If you don"t have any kind of in her rucksack, then her friendship v Chloe and Paolo will certainly decrease by 1 heart. If friend do take place to be carrying roughly some ice cream cream (or you"re mindful of this event and also are all set in advance) then you"ll boost your friendship through the kids.

If you hand over some tasty ice cream cream then the children will reward you with among the nice rocks castle found. You"ll it is in rewarded v a single Rare Ore.

Making Mira Smile

Walk into Celesta Church throughout the autumn season once Perry is in ~ 3 mind or more. Perry seems to be deeply thinking about something, and it bring away awhile to acquire his attention.

Perry is wondering about love, and is concerned about Mira. She constantly comes to the church come pray however she constantly seems therefore sad. Mira doesn"t smile much since her husband died. Perry wants to provide her a gift, even if it only makes she a little happy. That mentions a blue flower that might work.

Bring Perry one of two people a Morning Glory or a Bluemist Flower. Perry thanks you for your help. Appropriate after you give Perry the blue fancy flower, Mira involves the church because that a visit. She being over there startles Perry, and he offers her the flower after ending up being nervous and mixing up his words. Mira smiles and also accepts his gift; blue was she husband"s favorite color.

Perry argues that she take the flower and also put that at she husband"s grave. Mira thanks him because that the flower and also she pipeline for the cemetery.

After she leaves, Perry is glad that he to be able to watch her smile. Friend will acquire the recipes for vegetables Juice and Bodigizer as rewards.

Winter Fishing

Visit the Toucan Island inn during the Winter season once Samson and also Sue are at 3 mind or higher and you have level 3 or higher fishing skill.

The 2 islander space glad to check out you"ve come because that a visit. Sue asks if friend do any type of fishing. Samson is requesting the you lug them a Halibut. The fish likes cold water and the water around their island is too warm to discover one.

Pacific Halibut is one of the eight daunting King Fish. This one needs you to have a silver Fishing Pole or higher. The rarely fish have the right to be caught from the Lighthouse in Harmonica Town. Actors your line in a west direction from whereby the white cat can be found. Girlfriend will have the ability to catch a Pacific Halibut at strength level 3 and also 4.


When you catch the king fish, bring it earlier to Samson and also Sue. They are both delighted that you to be able to find the fish they requested. To reward you, Samson gives you a southerly Sea Omelet Rice Recipe, and Sue gives you a southern Sea Seal Doll.

The doll is an accessory you can place within of her house, like any kind of other item of furniture. The looks choose a small, stuffed animal so it would look good in her children"s room.

Wizard"s crystal Ball

After girlfriend chime the green Bell, go ago and talk to Wizard within his house. The asks if you recognize anything about his missing crystal ball. Wizard seems to have actually dropped it. Finn suggests that the two of you search for him.

Head come the Orcarina Inn and talk come Colleen. She claims lately she husband has actually been exhilaration strange. Colleen asks that you go speak to him for her.

Talk come Jake, who denies anything strange is walk on. He has actually just been trying to give her everything she desires as shortly as she thinks around it. It seems that Jake can read his wife"s mind! the won"t phone call you exactly how he does it though. That mentions exactly how they close their shop at 10pm (22:00); over there isn"t any point in coming in after that time.

After Jake go away, Finn thinks maybe Jake is making use of the Wizard"s crystal ball.


Walk back into the inn after ~ 10:00 pm. Within you won"t discover anyone, however in the earlier room you"ll find Jake obsessing end the decision ball! He has actually been using its powers to read various other people"s mind, particularly his wife"s.

Jake says that the crystal ball is his since he found it. As soon as Wizard to walk in, Jake immediately knows the he"s there for the decision ball. The wiz convinces the innkeeper to return the magic round to him. Jake realizes he doesn"t require a crystal ball to make his family happy.

At this point you can visit the Wizard"s house and use the crystal sphere to peer right into the understanding of the marital relationship candidates. The wizard has to be standing next to the decision ball prior to you have the right to ask him to check up ~ above a potential spouse, i beg your pardon is generally after 12:00 pm. Magician will additionally give you one-of-a-kind gift proposal (multi-heart result) that the person will like.

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Not every one of the pair are accessible to spy on. Friend can"t look at Wizard, Witch, Harvest Goddess, or Harvest King.

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