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All cheats because that this game by platform: GameBoy Color

Hold to run -- the is much faster than walking.Hamtaro Time songGo come Sunflower Elementary. Go to the ham swap and buy it for 50 Sunflowers or lessG-Rock songCollect every one of the rocks in each area and go to the sky Garden area. Walk to the hole and Chuck-Chuck all of the rocks in the box in stimulate to open the absent door. Note: within the absent door is the HM Boutique.Postman"s rush songGo come the sunflower market. Go inside the giant freezer and Tack-Q the mail box to collection the song.Bolero songGo come the Ruins and also Tack-Q the clock twice. A hamster will appear and also do ballet. Keep saying Clap-Clap to acquire the song.Young "n" Wild songGo come the Sunflower market and aid the hamster stuck in between the two boxes v Tuggie. The will provide you a strawberry and also a brand-new Ham-Ham word. Walk to the isles and also to the Strawberry Self. Say Hiff-Hiff, then Hamha. Beat the Strawberry mini-game and get a perfect score of 6 to get the song.Chick-ah Jam songGo come Acorn Shrine and climb a lengthy tree that is near the banana peel. Schoochie up the tree and also buy the tune from HM Boutique.Little Star songCollect all 12 Stars to acquire the song.I"m her Ham SongTo obtain the song, get all the Ham-Hams earlier to the clubhouse. Boss will appear and also show girlfriend the new Dance Hall. After ~ that, you will certainly be get the song after the ending credits.Little Lamb SongThis is your very first Ham-Jam Song when you very first start play the game.Sunflower SongBuy this song at the HM Boutique store in Sunflower Park. Walk to the secret Garden and buy it because that 25 Sunflower Seeds.Strawberry football mini-gameTo play, friend must have actually the strawberry. Hiff-Hiff the area where the hamster in the strawberry is located, climate say Hamha. Watch wherein the shadows space heading and go to the area.Walk right into the Sunflower Market. Friend will view a Hamster grounding in in between two boxes. Usage Tuggy and free him. That will have a strawberry. He claims that that is a ball. This is what you use to beat Strawberry Soccer. Go to the place where girlfriend see two cartons of strawberries. Usage Hiff-Hiff by the moving berries. A Hamster will appear up and also think the you room a football player since you have a ball. He will start laughing in ~ you. Say Hamha and also he will certainly ask if you desire to run a couple of drills. He will certainly throw the ball. Yse Hiff-Hiff while your under the ball to fight it 6 times. You will certainly earn Young and also Wild The Ham Jam.Tack-Q Bowling mini-gameThere is a pattern when playing this game. Walk to the finish of the ball and wait for 4 red balloons, then tap . Go to the second ball and also wait for three red balloons. Madness quickly then go to the first ball and also tap after ~ one red balloon to obtain a perfect score that 200.Learning HamsparGo to Sunflower Park and go come the ideal until you see an old Hamster. Then, walk down in between the television and also junk. Tack-Q the television three times and also you will hear a Hamster. Go earlier to the old Hamster and also talk to him. You will then find out Hamspar (enemy).Learning HamteamGo to skies Garden. Walk to the resort.Go to the Hamster by the banana (above the golfing Hamster and the gray/white tanning Hamster. Trip over the banana to speak Spiffie to the Hamster to find out Hamteam. It does not issue if you speak "Yes" or "No".Learning SpiffieGo to the Hamster that is play golf and also say Hamha, climate say Blizzaro to gain Spiffie.Learning TwintooGo to skies Garden. Walk to the huge blue punching Hamster. Speak four an easy Ham conversation words, then say Spiffie and you will acquire Twintoo.Getting Sunflower SeedsGo to the ruins. Go near the lamp and climb up the string. You will watch a toy car that is flipped over. Friend will additionally see a white car. Walk two or three procedures away indigenous the car, then Tack-Q. You will certainly go backwards ~ above the car. Then, use Hif-Hif to obtain ten seeds.Exiting mystery flower levelHif-Hif the demorphs Hamster, and also on your an initial time go down the slide. If you shot to talk to the tanning Hamster again, he will not it is in there since he is in ~ the slide. As soon as you walk up the slide, he will certainly tell you that he put a lot of oil ~ above it and also you will certainly slide with him come the secret flower level. The demorphs Hamster will certainly be unconscious and you will certainly be grounding there. To gain out, uncover the endowment chest in the upper left Tack-Q the chest and it will open. Then, usage Lookie to look in it. After ~ that, use DigDig next to the tan Hamster, wherein there is a pond of water. He will certainly wake up and also say the there is a endowment chest the is opened, and that someone was right here first. You will certainly then say that there were three rocks there. He will say something, then was standing on optimal of one of two hamster warm mat. If you stand on the other, a door will open. This is exactly how you obtain out that the mystery flower level.Ham-Ham Locations Acorn ShrinesBijou: Bijou likes to play games -- she is play Tag withHamtaro. Once Bijou reaches the far end of Acorn Shrines, she will certainly be hiding behind a tree. Tack-Q the tree she is behind, resulting in her to be scared of spiders that loss down to do her fall. To speak Hamha and also she will say that she has actually lost she Shiny Rock. Go to the hole the is beside her and use Dig-Dig. You will receive a glowing Rock.Go back to her and say Oopsie (received this word from the hamster in the tree that you have to Tack-Q to obtain the Ham conversation word, situated one display screen up from the flower Ham-Ham) to have actually Bijou go back to the clubhouse. Maxwell: he is in Acorn temples on the optimal floor of the gigantic cave. Go within the cave, located over the skip Ham-Ham. Go up till you reach an area where there is a cracked spot. Tack-Q that cracked clues twice till you view a light behind you. Walk to the light and also say Hamha. Maxwell will loss down and also hit the floor. Say Hamha, then Nopilbloo (receoved this word native the Ham-ham that is skipping on the ledge). Maxwell will laugh and also return to the clubhouse. Sunflower ParkOxnard: Oxnard is in Sunflower Park crying around losing hisSpecial Sunflower seed. Note: the os close to the Olive-Oil Hamster. Go to the white Hamster who is play hide and also go seek, one display screen down from Oxnard. Say Hif-Hif to gain her attention. She needs help finding the Hamsters who space hiding. Walk all the means to the far right in ~ the end of the slide and also use Dig-Dig to have a Hamster speak the Ham-Chat native Chuck-Chuck. Go back to Oxnard and also say Chuck-Chuck to have actually him go earlier to the clubhouse. Pashmina: walk all the means to the much right that the entire area, till you with the poles. Usage Scoochie to climb up the 2nd pole of the tropical gym. To speak Hamha, and a devastating gust will certainly blow her scarf. Go under from the pole and use Scoochie to climb up the an initial pole to find a crow through Pashmina"s scarf. Speak Hamha and also a bunch that Ham chat words the you know, yet not Tack-Q or friend will autumn off the jungle gym. The crow will start to laugh and also drop the scarf. He will certainly say that he wants to be your friend. To speak a Ham chat word, go down the pole, and also return come Pashmina. Speak Hamha and also she will go back to the clubhouse. Sunflower ElementaryPanda: go to Sunflower Elementary and enter the school. Goto the room in the much left and also climb up the rope. Friend will see Panda. Speak Hamha to have him return to the clubhouse. Jingle: the is performing a tune with one audience. Go to the Ham-Ham who sells tea upstairs, in the left room. Speak Hamha, then return to the Hamster who is complete from eating. Usage Tack-Q, then say Oopsie to tell you the he needs natural tea. Go to the Ham-Swap to gain the party there. Buy the from the Ham-Swap. Note: You deserve to lower the price if you speak Blash-T. Save saying this ham-chat word till its price has been lowered to a good one. Take it the bottle to Panda in the clubhouse and let him resolve it by saying Wishie. Panda will certainly be ago at Sunflower Elementary, and has resolved the bottle. Walk to the place where lock sell organic tea. To speak Hamha come the owner, climate Huffpuff to obtain the bottle filled with organic tea. Go ago to the Hamster who is complete of food and also needs it. Go under a display and ago up to expose that the shelves deserve to now help you go out the window. Walk up the shelves and also you will fall from the window. Go as much as Jingle and also say Hamha, Pooie, climate Smoochie to have him go earlier to the clubhouse. RuinsPenelope: go to the ruins and climb up the lampshade thatis besides the large clock and the ladder. Friend will watch Penelope jumping for happiness on a frog on optimal of a tire. Traction the cork using Tuggie to drain every one of the water indigenous the dish where they were jumping on. Climb back up the ladder and also go approximately the frog/ speak Hamha, climate Hammo to have actually Penelope go back to the clubhouse. Cappy: he is distracted and looking at a Shogun Wig. Walk to the ruins and go to where the gigantic Tv is located. Next to it is a frog. Say Hamha come it, then Bestest and also Hif-Hif to receive the Frog Badge. Walk to wherein the picnicking hamsters room located. To speak Hif-Hif then Pooie to have actually them walk home. Usage Dig-Dig from wherein they were picnicking. Friend will loss down in a room. Go best until friend fall and also enter Tack-Q bowling. Take trip left until you see Cappy. Speak Hamha come Cappy to discover that he desires the Shogun Wig. Pat the Tack-Q Bowling game and get a score of 130 points or higher to obtain a Shogun Wig. Take it the Shogun Wig come Cappy and say Ta-Dah To have him go back to the clubhouse. Sunflower MarketNote: There space two alternating versions of getting Howdy andDexter, with various problems to the same solution -- the differs relying on who you meet first. If you go to Howdy in the Cash Register and also say Dig-Dig, that will gain stuck in the register. If you go to Dexter in the gigantic Freezer and say Hammo, he will certainly be frozen in ice. Howdy and Dexter (Howdy in problem version): go to Howdy, who is in the cash register searching for a gift because that Pashmina. To speak Dig-Dig come him. He will think you are crazy, you have time at hand, and also wants you come spy ~ above Dexter. Walk to Dexter in the huge freezer and also say Hammo. After ~ that, rush earlier to Howdy till a newspaper Hamster runs and also slips ~ above ice. He will tell you bad news around Howdy. Go back to whereby Howdy was located to find out that the cash register closed on him, and also that that is knocked out. Go ago to Dexter and also say Gasp-P for this reason he now knows the Howdy is in trouble. Walk to whereby Howdy is and also meet Dexter. To speak Goodgo come him. You should now find a Stripped Sticker. Find the Hamster that sells Flugo and also speak v him. He will certainly say the he is marketing a Stripped Sticker for 10,000 Sunflower seed (even though you deserve to only bring 9,999 Sunflower Seeds). Go ago to Dexter and say Hamha for this reason he knows that the sales Hamster is offering it because that an high value price. Go exterior of the sector to uncover the newspaper Hamster crying. Speak Hamha, climate go exterior where the cycle rack is located. Go up the little ladder and use Tack-Q so the a lengthy rope drops down. Usage Tuggie near the rope to collection a bag. Return the bag to the newspaper Hamster for a Newsflash. Take the Newsflash come Dexter. Leave out of the market, to view Dexter speaking with the sales Hamster. The sales Hamster will reduced the Stripped Sticker come 10 Sunflower Seeds, i beg your pardon is a an excellent opportunity come buy. To buy the Stripped Sticker and return come Dexter, who is near the price checker. You will travel in opposite directions due to the fact that Dexter put the Stripped Sticker on you. Allow the price checker scan the Stripped Sticker and the cash register will certainly open. Howdy is currently free, and also Dexter and Howdy will go back to the clubhouse. Howdy and Dexter (Dexter in problem version): go to Dexter in the giant freezer and also say Hammo. Dexter will say that Howdy is mine Hamspar, and wants you come spy top top him. Walk to Howdy, who is in the cash register and also say Hamha. For part reason, Howdy will recognize that Dexter wants you to spy ~ above him. Go down and head in the direction of Dexter until the newspaper Hamster swoops down and says something terrible has taken place to Dexter. Go to Dexter and also to discover out that he is frozen. Go earlier to Howdy and say Gasp-P. Howdy will recognize that Dexter is frozen. Howdy will go to wherein Dexter is located. Go meet Howdy there. Use Pakapaka on Howdy to make him obtain an idea. He will certainly tell you to gain a warm Patch. Discover the hamster that sells Flugo and also speak with him. He will say the is selling a warmth Patch because that 10,000 Sunflower seed (even despite you can only lug 9,999 Sunflower Seeds). Go earlier to Howdy and also say Hamha. He wants you to obtain a warm Patch in any means possible. Go outside of the market to discover the newspaper Hamster crying. Say Hamha, climate go outside where the bike rack is located. Go up the tiny ladder and use Tack-Q so that a long rope drops down. Usage Tuggie close to the rope to collection a bag. Return the bag to the newspaper Hamster for a Newsflash. Take the Newsflash to Howdy. Departure out of the sector to watch Howdy speaking with the sales Hamster. The sales Hamster will reduced the heat Patch come 10 Sunflower Seeds, i beg your pardon is a great opportunity come buy. Purchase the heat Patch and return come Howdy, that is in the gigantic freezer. Howdy will take the heat patch and also put it on top of Dexter. He will melt the end of the ice and will it is in saved. Howdy and Dexter will both go back to the clubhouse. Sky GardenSandy and also Stan: walk to sky Garden and say Hamha come the Hamsterwho desires to be a star. Say Hamha to she then Hamtast to have her ask you to obtain a strawberry drink. Go to the bartender that is one display screen beside her. Go approximately the bartender and say Wishie for a drink. Select the strawberry drink and buy it because that 10 Sunflower Seeds. The bartender will open up up the small door and deliver the strawberry drink. He will certainly tell you no to unplug the plug. Usage Tuggie to unplug the plug. Overcome the log and also move into a small island. Climb up the dog leash to with the bench wherein Sandy is located and say Hamha climate Lookie to have actually her look for her brother Stan. Speak Ham-Team to Sandy so the she have the right to stay in one place while you search for Stan. As soon as you have actually gone approximately twice, Sandy can record Stan. Stan and also Sandy will certainly be reunited. Castle both will go back to the clubhouse.Star Locations Acorn ShrineGo under the structure with the sleeping Ham the rolls overa spot where you deserve to dig. Go to the rock and use Tack-Q. A beetle will appear. As soon as you approach it, it will roll into a ball. It will very first roll into the wall, then roll away. Go to whereby the beetle struggle the wall surface and use Tack-Q. A Star will come down. Go to the place where you will discover a Ham the looks a lot choose Auntie Viv inside a house in a tree (near the tree with a ladybug top top it). Go as much as the tree and say Hamha. ~ that, the ladybug will fly off and also circle approximately an area in the ground before flying ago to the tree. Usage Dig-Dig in that area and also you will get a Star. Sunflower ParkGo to the Dig-Dig shop. He must say that there is a greatprize or miscellaneous in one of the holes. Save digging till you discover the Star. Go to the mystery Garden and also Tack-Q the endowment chest. Then, Lookie to acquire the Star. RuinsGet 200 points at Tack-Q Bowling. Go to the tire through the ladder wherein you discovered Penelope. Execute not climb the ladder now. Instead, confront the tire and also use Tack-Q. Girlfriend will autumn in another area. Find the chest to uncover the Star. Sunflower MarketSearch the it is registered Howdy was at. Keep providing seeds come the hamster that claims he is hungry. Sunflower ElementaryGo to Panda"s Workshop and use Tack-Q on package with thestar. Go to the ham the will sell you new Ham Ham words. In spite of that they room all wrong, save buying them. Eventually he will offer you a Star because that being a good customer. Sunflower ParkNote: This is an alternative area because that the Star in the SecretGarden. Walk to the mystery Garden and you will watch a Star item sticking out of the ground. That is no hidden. Use Dig-Dig there to collection it. Sky GardenGo to the pole v the Ham in the hole. To speak Hamha and talkto the hamster. You will then gain the choice to Scoochie increase the pole. Say words (it varies) that will gain the crow to appear. Phone call him that you desire a ride, then go to his nest. That is directly under the Acorn Shrine ~ above the map. The Star have to be in level sight. Talk the girl Ham in the northern-most component of the area that asks you to obtain her a drink. Speak to her until she asks girlfriend to gain a drink. Then, get a strawberry drink for her and the Ham at the bar should leave the respond to open. Unplug the plug and go back to the bench whereby you met Sandy. Use Dig-Dig under it and you should gain a Star. Make sure you use Dig-Dig on the ideal side. Top top the left next you can gain a rock.Heavy absent item in sky GardenThis is a lengthy process. In Sunflower Park, go one display screen down native the Slide"s Stairs. Talk to the Tricket Hamster. Speak Hiff-Hiff, Koochi-Q, Hammo. Friend will gain the Cucumber item. Through the Cucumber in her possession, go earlier to Acorn Shrine and Hiff-Hiff the "sunflower seed" in the Sunflower Hamster"s screen. The is in reality Tricket. Save walking, and also Tricket will certainly eat your Cucumber (you execute not need it anymore). Go back to the Tricket Hamster in Sunflower Park through Tricket in hand. You will immediately trigger a scene in which you will get "This" article in exchange because that Tricket. Through "This" item, go to skies Garden, Tack-Q turn off the pillar, walk one display screen right, climate one display down come encounter 2 Hamsters on the ledge. To speak Hamha, Yep-P to profession "This" for "That" item. Note: If friend Dig-Dig in former of the Collector Hamsters, friend will obtain "Which" item, yet it might not be required for this steps. Go ago to Acorn Shrine and also trade "That" item v the Hamster next to the tree. Friend will obtain the nut item. Go earlier to skies Garden and also talk come the Crying Blue Hamster. He will certainly exchange your Nut item for the heavy Rock item.Rock locationsThere room 29 rocks in total and 1 heavy Rock to open up up the 100g rock door. Acorn ShrinesOnce you get in Acorn Shrines, usage Dig-Dig ~ above the soft soilbeside the blue hamster. Under the giant Rock wherein you Tack-Q to find a beetle roll out and also Tack-Q a wall, usage Dig-Dig from where the huge Rock was located. Tack-Q the cracked clues in the process to obtain Maxwell. The rock will show up beside the leave hole (not the clubhouse hole). Hif-Hif the absent to collect it. Fight the cracked area again to find the rock alongside you. Usage Hif-Hif to collection it. Sunflower ParkGo come the secret Garden and also Tack-Q the treasure. Then, useLookie come collect three Rocks. Go to the Dig-Dig shop and pay 3 Sunflower Seeds. Usage Dig-Dig in the top right corner of the soft floor to collection the rock. Climb up the fourth pole to collection the rock. A rock is between the on slide steps and the entrance to the HM Boutique. RuinsGo to the area whereby you accomplish the dancing hamster in the clock.Go in front of the lamp and use Hif-Hif to collect the rock. Tack-Q the tire the is next to the ladder to fall down. Walk down until you view a sweetheart chest. Use Tack-Q, then Lookie come collect 3 rocks. After receiving the Frog Badge, go approximately the building from where 3 Hamsters were picnicking before. Usage Dig-Dig to dig in the hole. Rotate left to discover a rock. Walk to the Dark Tunnel from whereby you leave Tack-Q Bowling. The rock is situated in the left corner. Usage Hif-Hif to collection the rock. Note: it is quite hidden in the dark. Acquire 40 to 80 point out in Tack-Q Bowling to obtain a rock. Sunflower MarketGo to the area wherein you would play Strawberry Soccer, climbup the small ladder and you"ll view it alongside you. A absent is located in the gigantic freezer beside Dexter"s ice sculpture the Pashmina. A absent is located near the fire extinguisher alongside the bike rack. Usage Hif-Hif to collection it. A rock is situated inside a can beside the Hamster within the fridge door. Note: go or you will slip and fall native the drink"s spillage. Sunflower ElementaryThere is a rock beside the dog. Use Hif-Hif to collection it. A rock is close to the area where Jingle to be located. Use Hif-Hif to collection it. A absent is situated upstairs on the left door near the broom and also where lock sell organic tea. Usage Hif-Hif to collect it. Go into the school and go in the direction of the hallway. Rotate left and keep going till you reach the finish of the hallway to find a rock near the wall. Use Hif-Hif to collect it. Skies GardenUse DigDig to the right of the bench from wherein Sandy wassitting. Go to where the 100g rock door is located. The is near there. Usage Hif-Hif to collect it. Once entering skies Garden, Scoochie up the pillar and also use Tack-Q. Girlfriend will loss down and land in an additional place. The rock is near you. Usage Hif-Hif to collection it. ClubhouseGo come the dance Hall, from wherein Boss teaches you some Ham-Chatwords. Go to the right soft soil and also use Dig-Dig there.Acorn locationsThere space 10 Acorns in total. Castle are offered to trade v a Hamster for 20 Sunflower seed in Acorn Shrines. The hamster is located in the grassy area making noise, near the area where the bird is located.In the Sunflower Market, usage Tuggie wherein the hamster is Tack-Qing the Cookie box in the left corner. In Sunflower Park after ~ receiving Lunch, offer it come the Hamster the is running the Dig-Dig shop to get an Acorn. In Sunflower Park, walk to the olive-oil Hamster who is sunbathing close to the Sand Cave. Go behind the umbrella and also use Hif-Hif to collect an acorn. Note: the is concealed well. ~ receiving Flugo indigenous the offering Hamster in Sunflower Market, offer it come the blue Hamster that has a cold. The blue hamster is situated either in Acorn Shrines, Ruins, or Sunflower Market. You will obtain an Acorn. After help the Hamster medical professional from the pipe he to be stuck in ~ in sky Garden, go earlier to the noble blue Hamster and talk come him. Go ago to the medical professional to receive Flugo+. It will price you 20 Sunflower seeds. Go earlier to the blue sick Hamster to receive an Acorn. Tack-Q the tree in Acorn temples (the one friend see when you get in the level). Speak Teenie come the resting hamster in Acorn Shrines, climate Dig-Dig in the area from wherein he was located. Walk to Acorn Shrine and Scoochie up the tree the is as well as the HM Boutique entrance hole to collect an Acorn. Tack-Q the tree the is alongside the Pink Hamster (the one that you must offer the love letter to) to collect an Acorn. Go to sky Garden and also go to the area wherein Sandy to be sitting. Behind the bench is one Acorn. Usage Hif-Hif to collect it. The Acorn is fine camouflaged behind the brown bench.ItemsThe following is what appears on your display screen when you collection the equivalent item.Bag: handy bag with lots of space.Banana: Monkey"s slippery favorite. Watch out!Bottle: it was solved by Panda.Bottle: Nice, however it look at broken.Cookies: Homemade cookies.Cucumber: Tricket loves to eat castle on salad.Flower Tea: This tea soothes uncomfortable stomachs.Flugo: This works on the flu.Flugo+: It"s the ideal for the flu.Flyer: "Find bargains in ~ Ham-Swap."Frog Badge: Award because that a good sense of smell.Heat Patch: Keeps you warmth on a cold day.Heavy Rock: It"s no big, yet it"s an extremely heavy.Limburger: Stinky Limburger Pew!Lunch: Mom"s homemade food is good!News Flash: Extra! Extra! read all around it!Nut: therefore tasty! Yummy in my tummy!Scarf: Doesn"t it look an extremely warm?Shiny Rock: A glowing Rock that can"t be eaten.Shogun Wig: The rarest wig of every wigs.Sticker: It"s a strip sticker.Strawberry: Sweet come eat, but not because that playing!That: rare item want by all.This: This items is second only to "that"!Tricket: Is no a seed, yet fake it anyway!Which: Easily found by Ham-Ham rovers. WordMeaningBestestFantasticBizarooStrangeBlahhTiredBlankoForgetBlash-TAngryBlissieHappyBluhooSadBlushieEmbarrassBye-QGood-byeChukchukGive UpClapclapEncoreCramcramStudyDelichuDeliciousDigdigDigDingdangNoisyDundealSellFrost-TFreezingGasp-POh no!GifteeGiveGive-hooAsk forGo-PBathroomGoodgoLuckGorushHurryGrab-BGetGreatchuGreatGrit-TCourageHamchuKindHamhaGreetingHammoFriendHampactPromiseHamsoloLonelyHamsparEnemyHamtastPerfectHamteamCooperateHerk-QPowerfulHif-hifSniffHuffpuffCarryHulahulaLollygagHushieSecretHushugoRevealKoochi-QPrettyKrmpkrmpEatLookieSeeLotsaManyMeep-PRegretMega-QBigMingliePlayNogoNo can doNokrmp-PHungryNo-PNoNopiblooDon"t FretNopookieDislikeNoworrieRelaxOopsieSorryOuchichiOuchPakapakaBitePanic-QScaryPerksieListenPooieUncoolPookieLikeScrit-TScratchSee-truInvisibleShashaaHideShockieSurpriseSmidgiePerfectSmoochieLoveSoak-QWetSparklieDelightSpiffieStylishStickieStickTack-QRollTa-DahShowTeenieSmallThank-QThank youTootruReallyTuggieTugTwintooIdenticalWait-QWaitWhawhaFranticWishieBegWit-TFunnyWondachuWonderfulYep-PYesZuzuzuSleepSecret GardenTo go to the secret Garden, you must have the tan hamster in Sunflower Park. Go approximately the slide. You perform this by smelling that a lot. Then, on slide down and also you will be at the garden.Sky Garden: Unplug the plugwhen friend unplug the plug, usage Stickie top top the outlet.Supermarket: Swearing Ham-hamIn the supermarket, walk to the place where over there is a Ham-ham in the refrigerator. She will certainly do whatever you do.

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Perform things until you gain the choice to "Go-P". Use that and also she will begin swearing at everything you do.