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Guitar Hero: warriors of rock Cheats because that PlayStation 3

Cheats get in in the "input cheats" located in game settings.

impact Green(8) Yellow, Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3) Green(3), Blue, Green(3), Yellow Blue, Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Blue, Yellow (prevents trophies) Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow Red, Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red (Blacks the end the background) Green(2), Red, Green(2), Yellow, Green(2) Green(2), Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2) Blue(2), Red, Blue, Green(2), Red, Green. Red, Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red (removes the keep in mind track and also HUD) Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue. Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Blue, green (pre release variation of the game only) Blue, Green(2), Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue Red, Blue(2), Red(2), Blue(2), Red
Absolutely Nothing
Air Instruments
All HoPo
Always Slide
Colour Shuffle
Focus Mode
HUD free mode
Invisable Rocker
Mirror Gems
Performance Mode
Random Gems
Super User 2
Unlock all Characters
Unlock all Venues

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Trophies Trophy earn a complete of 500 Stars (Quickplay+) earn a total of 2000 Stars (Quickplay+) earn a complete of 1000 Stars (Quickplay+) knife 40 power Stars ~ above a single song (Quest) earn a complete of 100 Stars (Quicplay+) expand your tune library come at the very least 115 songs of any type.

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It is in creative! 5-Star any song together a 4-player Non-Standard Band, with all football player on medium or higher (Quickplay+) gain back the Legendary guitar (Quest) 5-Star any kind of song together a 4-player standard Band, v all players on medium or higher (Quickplay+) Target one more person"s score on any an obstacle and earn a greater grade than they walk (Local Quickplay+) Beat rage of the Storm as a solo Drummer on tough or higher an obstacle (Quickplay+) together a solitary player, earn Diamond on two or more Challenges ~ above a solitary paly that a song (Quickplay+) totally free the Demigod of rock (Quest) struggle a cumulative full of 75,000 notes (Quest) hit a cumulative full of 150,000 note (Quest) Beat divine Wars...The punishment Due as a solo Bassist on hard or higher difficulty (Quickplay+) together a solitary player, earn Gold or higher on three or an ext Challenges top top a solitary play the a song (Quickplay+) together a typical Band, earn Gold or higher on 2 Band difficulties in a single play that a tune (Quickplay+) Beat black Widow of La Porte as a solo professional Guitarist (Quickplay+, other than Power Challenges) Beat any kind of song through a final score which is evenly divisible by 6 (Quickplay+) Create and play a practice playlist the at the very least 5 songs, and 5 Stars top top 5 of the songs (Quickplay+) Beat any song v a final score ending in 000 together a band (Quickplay+) Create and play a 5-song random playlist, earning 5 Stars ~ above each song (Quickplay+) play 100 notes in a solitary GH(tm)Jam conference earn 1,000,000 clues or more in a single play that a song in a Power challenge (Quickplay+) Beat any song with a final score of 133,337 (Quickplay+, Competitive) Dominate any type of 4 chapters of quest (Earn every the power Stars from any type of 4 chapters the Quest) 5-Star and also GH(tm)Tracks track containing at the very least 200 notes (Quickplay+) Earn all the power Stars from every character chapters (Quest) Earn every one of the trophies in guitar Hero: warrior of rock Play any type of one non-GH(tm)Tracks song 10 or much more times (Quickplay+, Quest, Competitive) win Bohemian Rhapsody together a band consisting of at least two vocalists, through all on medium or higher an obstacle (Quickplay+) Dominate any kind of 2 chapters of search (Earn every the power Stars from any 2 chapters the Quest) Full-Combo any tutorial exercise (no missed notes or overstrums) defeat the scourge of absent (Quest) earn an 11x band multiplier with any 4-player tape configuration (Quickplay+) Play pro Faceoff, Momentum, Momentum+, Streakers, do or Die, and also Perfectionist at least once each (Competitive) Target your own score ~ above a an obstacle and earn a greater grade than you did previously (Local Quickplay+) Deploy Star strength a full of 100 times (Quest) complete a track with only a Guitarist and also Bassist, both earning the exact same score (Quickplay+) release Warrior Lars (Quest) Liberate Warrior Echo (Quest) Awaken Warrior Axel (Quest) Summon Warrior Pandora (Quest) win 2112 Pt. 4 - Presentation together a traditional band v 3 or an ext members, every on medium or higher challenge (Quickplay+) Invoke Warrior Austin (Quest) recruitment Warrior Judy (Quest) recruit Warrior Johnny (Quest) Charm Warrior Casey (Quest) Follow and also five Hero feeding items (Online only) Earn all Stars from any one song (excluding the strength Challenge) (Quickplay+)
Accomplished Astrologer
Ace Astrologer
Adept Astrologer
Altered Virtuoso
Amateur Astrologer
Anthemic Archivist
Apostates the Orthodoxy
Axe Claimer
Bearers the the Standard
Champion of Challenges
Chosen One
Diamond Master
Divine Liberator
Gem Collector
Gem Hoarder
Giant Slayer
Gold Master
Gold Standard
Hand Mutilator
Lucifer"s Accountant
Manager the Fate
Mathematic Sharpshooters
Mocker that Fate
Motivated Improviser
Mythical Millionaire
Nauseous Numerologist
Partial Perfectionist
Patron that the Arts
Perfect Perfectionist
Platinum Trophy
Player of the Ear Worm
Poor Boys
Pseudo Perfectionist
Quick Learner
Savior of Rock
Scions of Excess
Seasoned Competitor
Self Improver
Stellar Centurion
String Twins
The Brute
The Dynamo
The Eternal
The Exalted
The Meek
The Recluse
The Siren
The Trickster
The Vigil
Tracker the Deeds
Ultimate Answerer

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