I newly purchased the Greatland® 7-8 person Cabin Dome Tent

for our booked yearly camping pilgrimage to Pennsylvania. We required to replace our old tent due to the fact that it had started leaking. I am really satisfied v my purchase. This tent only took about 20 minute to assemble, and also it was so straightforward to do. I particularly love the screened in porch section, you can actually sit the end there and also relax without any type of bugs. My family collection up a small foldable table and two chairs in the porch area and also there was plenty that room. Another feature that ns love is the tiny zippered area top top one side of the tent that you can put a cord with so you deserve to use a pan or heater inside the tent. The resting area is plenty big for my queen size air mattress with plenty the room left over because that luggage. The 2nd day of our camping expedition it started to storm. Ns was worried that my family and everything else in the tent would be soaked. I"m happy come say the our Greatland tent didn"t leak at all!I"m i m really sorry to say that the campers in the site next to our weren"t so lucky. They actually come over come ask what type of tent we had actually after they saw that we come out the the storm dry and also comfortable. They said they would likewise be replacing your tent with a Greatland. I"m certain they"ll be together happy through their acquisition as i am.

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Nov 15, 2013 Rating
Greatland time Instructions for Gameland 8 Person by: cotton hi does anyone have the assembly instructions because that the gameland 7-8 person 2 room cabin tent?

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