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Godzilla: conserve the planet Cheats because that Xbox

True finishing Beat the "fake" final boss on difficult Mode with any kind of monster various other than an are Godzilla in order come fight the last boss. Beat the last boss to view the true ending.

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Contributed by: Cyber Raptor

Unlockable monster in Godzilla: conserve the earth

In order to unlock details monsters, friend must acquire a certain amount the points. V monsters, castle come in "packs" of four, and packs price points. You automatically obtain one monster for cost-free from a bought back, however the various other three you should unlock personally with much more points.Packs are separated into three various sections, being color-coded concern Marks (?): a green ? Pack, a Yellow ? Pack, and also a Red ? Pack.

Unlockable Unlockable Cost: 30,000 clues (Yellow ? Pack) Cost: 30,000 point out (Green ? Pack) Cost: 60,000 point out (automatically unlocks King Ghidorah) Cost: 30,000 clues (Red ? Pack) instantly unlocked ~ above purchasing green ? fill Cost: 30,000 point out (Yellow ? Pack) Cost: 20,000 clues (Green ? Pack) instantly unlocked upon purchasing Red ? load Cost: 30,000 clues (Green ? Pack) Cost: 30,000 point out (Red ? Pack) Cost: 30,000 clues (Yellow ? Pack) instantly unlocked top top purchasing Yellow ? pack Cost: 60,000 points (automatically unlocks Mechagodzilla 3) Cost: 30,000 points (Red ? Pack) Cost: 60,000 point out (automatically unlocks Orga)
Green ? Pack
Jet Jaguar
King Ghidorah
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Mechagodzilla 2
Mechagodzilla 3
Mothra (Larvae, Adult)
Red ? Pack
Space Godzilla
Yellow ? Pack

Contributed by: BowserGuy

Misc. Passwords

Enter in the cheat menu

impact Effect 812304 122574 532459 667596 750330 536117 246518 259565 819342 531470 338592 927281 324511 118699 259333 500494 651417 507215 953598 988551 456719 198690 485542 659996 525955 975013 294206 409014
Buildings are Indestructible
Energy doesn"t regenerate
Get 100,000 points (one time use)
Get 150,000 clues (one time use)
Get 200,000 point out (one time use)
Health Regenerates
Master code
Player 1 transaction 4x damage
Player 1 has actually Infinite Energy
Player 1 is Invisible
Player 1 is Invulnerable
Player 2 deals 4x damage
Player 2 has Infinite Energy
Player 2 is Invisible
Player 2 is Invulnerable
Player 3 transaction 4x damage
Player 3 has Infinite Energy
Player 3 is Invisible
Player 3 is Invulnerable
Player 4 transaction 4x damage
Player 4 has actually Infinite Energy
Player 4 is Invisible
Player 4 is Invulnerable
Unlock all Cities
Unlock all Monsters
Unlock Challenges
Unlock collection 1
Unlock collection 2

Contributed by: Cyber Raptor, paultaylor206, nado

Cheat menu effect Effect Press and also hold L, climate B, then R in that order, then let go of them beginning with B, climate R, then L
Cheat Menu

Contributed by: Perfect Cody

release Unlockable Unlockable to win the game twice with Megalon and also Godzilla win the video game twice through Megalon and Godzilla to win the video game twice v Megalon and Godzilla
Jet Jaguar
King Gidorah
Space Godzilla

Contributed by: nado

Walkthroughs & FAQs

kind Name document Size complete Game travel guide general FAQs
Guide and Walkthrough by war Doc 196K
FAQ/Walkthrough through Dracoferret 36K

Godzilla: save the earth Cheats because that PlayStation 2

opened Cheat food selection

At main screen, push and hold L2+O+R2 in that order, then relax O+R2+L2 in the order.

Contributed by: OniGannondorf05

Godzilla STE JAPANESE variation

For the Japanese version of Godzilla save the Earth, you need to press and hold in the bespeak L2+X+R2 then relax in the bespeak X, R2, L2 in order come initiate the Password Entry. Codes space all the very same as English version of Godzilla STE.

Contributed by: _DeViN_

more cheat menu codes

Enter in the cheat menu

result Effect 532459 667596 750330 812304 122574 259565 531470 338592 819342 927281 118699 259333 324511 500494 507215 953598 651417 988551 198690 485542 456719 536117 294206 409014
100,000 Points
150,000 Points
200,000 Points
Indestructible Buildings
One Time Energy
P1 4x damage
P1 Invisible
P1 Invulnerable
P1 supervisor Energy
P2 4X damage
P2 Invisible
P2 Invulnerable
P2 supervisor Energy
P3 4x damage
P3 Invisible
P3 Invulnerable
P3 supervisor Energy
P4 4x damage
P4 Invisible
P4 Invulnerable
P4 supervisor Energy
Regenerating Health
Unlock gallery 1
Unlock gallery 2

Contributed by: Spyro the Dragon, RockWarrior


First you obtain the cheat menu up, then you put in the numbers.

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Unlockable Unlockable get to the cheat menu and put in the number 975013 acquire to the cheat menu and put in the numbers 659996 acquire to the cheat menu and put in the numbers 525955 gain to the cheat menu and also put in the number 246518
All challenges
All cities
All monsters

Contributed by: Mccdbz5

unlimited Rage for all Players

Open the cheat prompt ~ above the main menu, then go into these codes...

impact 154044 549939 555462 698274
Infinite rage for P1
Infinite rage for P2
Infinite rage for P3
Infinite fury for P4

Contributed by: Idontknowhow

Unlock monsters Unlockable Unlockable Successfully complete the game two times through Megalon and Godzilla (90s or 2000)
Space Godzilla, King Gidorah and also Jet Jagaur

Contributed by: RockWarrior

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name record Size complete Game travel guide basic FAQs
Guide and also Walkthrough by battle Doc 196K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Dracoferret 36K