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Hi,Looking because that codes for the following:Go video DV-1030 and also DVR-4250 DVD/VCR combos. (I believe the very same code should work on every GoVideo Combo Units)I have these: One for every Remotes:Cinema 7 URC 7800, URC-6131 through JP1 and also Radio Shack 15-2133 (OFA) Kameleon 6 Original.I have tried 0715, 0744, 0783. And also code searches top top the remotes.Can anyone suggest any type of others?Thanks in Advance.
I have actually tried these three an equipment upgrades and they perform not seem come work, yet I am a finish newbie once it pertained to JP1s.I am hoping who might be able to suggest part GoVideo password to try?Thanks
If you have actually the original remote you can learn a few commands with the 7800 or the 2133 and IR.exe will certainly decode the learned signals. You have the right to compare the Protocol/Device/Sub-device v the maker upgrades and pick the best one. I just looked more carefully in ~ the upgrades and also I think this is the only DVD/VCR combo and probably is the ideal one. Couple of if any type of DVD/VCR combos have developed in setup codes.Have you check out this ?It is a very great tutorial about the JP1 process.
Also, you"ll acquire the finest results by asking your JP1 inquiries in the JP1 forum:
Later, RobSelect a connect for concerns on: Remotes, JP1, JP1 ForumsI choose emails to PMs, my email is rob1 (at) rockabilly (dot) net

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Thanks for the replies.Yes I have actually read the JP1 aid files.I have tried the 0715 upgrade you suggest and also it did no work. Yet I am not sure of a couple of things, together as:1. This upgrade appears to be for Radio Shack’s 15-2117 and also 15-2116 remotes, i assume this is ok. I am make the efforts to add the code to the URC6131 and also /or the URC7800. So i loaded it into the Keymap Master, then readjusted the to the URC6131 remote, copy and paste to the IR.exe, Assigned the maker button and also uploaded come the 6131. Tried both through the Protocol FF checked and also not confirm (not certain which means this need to be).2. I talked come One for every support and also they said me the code need to be 0833 for the GoVideo DVD/VCR combo. Additionally they stated it shows up this password was not in the 6131 yet they could add it if ns ship it come them.3. I also used mine URC7800 to find out some of the codes and found the following:Protocol: ProtonDevice: 21Buttons: EFC OBC HEXNumber 2: 183 2 BFNumber 3: 187 3 3FPower: 120 21 57Play: 054 14 8FQUESTIONS:1. In IR.exe should Protocol FF be checked or not?2. Please advise if the KM and also IR procedure was done wrong?3. With OFA stating I need a 0833 code, walk this tell girlfriend anything about if the 0715 password would work-related or carry out I need a various one because that the 0833 code?4. Walk the sample that Learned password tell girlfriend if the 0715 would certainly work?5. If 0715 will not job-related what would certainly you suggest?Thanks