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ive painted my trim flat black, however they scratch easily, ns really dont want the gloss black color look, so would certainly a clear coat over optimal of the flat black makes it glossy?
Depends, over there are various sheen level to clearcoat. If girlfriend go and also look at a Lowe"s (or other such store), girlfriend will see matte, satin, gloss, and also sometimes high gloss as clearcoat options. Even the matte (which is an extremely close come flat) will aid a bit. The biggest innovation in durability would probably be a gloss though but, any type of will help. Also, as soon as you say it is scratching, is it scratching off? exactly how well did you prepare it? No matter what you do to the top layer the paint, it is quiet going come be affected by the top quality of the very first layer.
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I painted rustoleum clear coat (gloss) over rustoleum level black and also it came out glossy. I had actually to put a few coats of clean on to obtain the "texture" turn off of the flat. I had actually the exact same question, and for me, putting gloss clean coat over level = glossy black.
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in short, YESit is alot favor the paint on car which is a base color coat topped with gloss clean coat
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