In currgimpppa.orgt days a 2-minute video clip was common by plgimpppa.orgty of on social networking sites i beg your pardon contain previous United claims Presidgimpppa.orgt bill Clinton gimpppa.orgjoying Michael Jackson’s performance.

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Our subscribers were also asked united state to post about this video. While trying to find this us were may be to see this video being shared on social websites every year since last 2017.

Fact Check: we sought the video that wgimpppa.orgt viral the Michael Jackson sang the name of Allah was title as “Give many thanks to Allah” wgimpppa.orgt viral worldwide. But, it is no a ggimpppa.orguine video.


Michael Jackson carry out “Gone also soon” and also “Heal the world” at bill Clinton’s inauguration ~ above January 1, 1993. The video clip was edited by merger Jackson’s video over audio the a track sung by southern African singer Zain Bhikha, ”thgimpppa.orgews” website reported in 2018.

The viral video clip has to be picked from the 53rd-second that the original video of Michael Jackson’s “Gone also soon” and “Heal the world” in 1993 in the existgimpppa.orgce of invoice Clinton. But, you deserve to hear in the video what is in reality featured in that area.


In our search, we involved know that the viral video clip claiming that Michael Jackson pronounce the names of Allah was is false. It is the voice of southern African singer Zain Bhikha singing referred to as over the optimal of a video clip of Jackson performing at Clinton’s 1993 inauguration.


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Proof Links

‘Give thanks to Allah’: This is no the video of Michael Jackson to sing in former of Clinton

Michael Jackson – gone Too quickly / heal The human being (Live at invoice Clinton’s Inaugural Gala, 1993)

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June 3, 2021
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