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I?m needing a 200 amp main with counter lug because that a HO. Once I went looked in ~ it I might hear the key sparking. Any ideas wherein I can acquire ahold the one. Kind gdp 200 amp general switch. It has offset lug ~ above bottom Thanks Stacy

I?m needing a 200 amp main with balance out lug because that a HO. Once I walk looked at it I can hear the key sparking. Any type of ideas whereby I can acquire ahold that one. Type gdp 200 amp basic switch. It has actually offset lug on bottom many thanks Stacy
Where did girlfriend heard the key sparking ? in ~ the line side the breaker or interal that the breaker or main switch ?if it was in the interal that breaker simply replace the asap .,, I would not wait too lengthy on the part.there is offset compression pen lug come fit in the breaker to obtain it offset connection but really i doubt on the part.If this among the larger load center I would certainly rip the out and get new one.The cost of new 200 Amp GDP breaker will cost around the same as girlfriend buy the brand-new load centre.
It?s inside the breaker. Ns explained expense wise to be close to very same not counting mine labor. But they want try repair that first. And also have wood warm so only 220 pack is there warm water heater and dryer They claimed they would keep eye on that till then. For this reason I?m trying to find a main.
If you have a part number for the main, walk to the offered breaker brokers online and see what they have.
One of couple of General switch panels I have actually seen, offered a Zinsco architecture main because that 200A, some things need to die and also anything Zinsco / Sylvania in particular.
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Now method I leave a 45 year old panel in position. You space not doing her customer any type of favors by not changing that panel.
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I agree however you have the right to not make them adjust it. Me gift a maintain manager and electrician I?m all around installing a brand-new one. It?s a $500 install to swap it yet they do not want to.
I deserve to text pics the it come anyone who may have the ability to find one. It?s a kind GDP basic SWICH with balance out leg. 931-303-3060

It?s within the breaker. Ns explained cost wise was close to exact same not counting mine labor. However they want try repair the first. And have wood warm so only 220 load is there hot water heater and dryer They said they would store eye on it till then. For this reason I?m looking for a main.
And when it does go to flames they space going to execute what ????????????REPLACEMENT must be the just option. Once I was doing my thing I ran into situations like this. I had actually the residence owner authorize a statement the spelled the end all the risks and also they refuse ....Passed it off together my insurance carriers requirement
It"s good you acquired it taken treatment of but, in the future, if you deserve to hear arcing in a breaker, or any type of electrical equipment, don"t leaving it energized.

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