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1999 Ford Ranger Pickup van - 6 cylinder, 3 liter Flex Fuel system (FFV). Ns am reading a press of 55 - 58 PSI when measured in ~ the fuel rail on the engine. I recognize my push gauge is okay.What need to the fuel press specification be for an FFV automobile for vital on engine running? What is the resolve - change the push regulator and also the fuel rail, or possibly simply the press regulator, or?Thanks!

Center the spec for a 98~2000 Ranger 3.0 FFV is 55 PSI. For all other 98~2000 Rangers except 3.0 FFV, the spec is 65 PSI.
Apologies because that bumping an old thread, however just come clarify...I"m swapping in a "99 5.0 to my "99 FFV Ranger. Is the traveler also set up because that 65 psi, and also does that typical I must order a 4.0 pump to obtain the fuel push in spec because that the V8?
Apologies because that bumping an ancient thread, yet just come clarify...I"m swapping in a "99 5.0 to mine "99 FFV Ranger. Is the traveler also set up because that 65 psi, and also does that typical I should order a 4.0 pump to obtain the fuel press in spec for the V8?
Ford provided two fuel systems for fuel injectionReturn mechanism with two fuel currently in the engine bayReturnless mechanism with ONE fuel heat in the engine bayReturn device used 35psi(approx.) fuel pressure and had a Fuel pressure Regulator(FPR) ~ above the engine"s fuel rail linked to the Return fuel line.Returnless system used 55psi(approx.) fuel press with simply the one fuel line connected to the fuel rail.The fuel filter(in structure rail) top top these frequently had a Return heat after the adjust over as the gas tank was setup for that.The 1999 3.0l Ranger fuel pump will certainly be fine to use through the 5.0l engine, however if 5.0l needs a Return line you will require to include that
They"re both return less systems, I"m no concerned about that point. The worry is the second post"s referral (and rather I"ve run throughout elsewhere) come the other (2.3/3.0 non FFV/4.0) RBV engines to run 65 psi rather than the 55psi in FFV config. You"re i was sure that all of the returnless engines run 55psi consisting of the 5.0?
1999~2001 explorer (ALL 4.0 and 5.0)65 PSI (+/- 8PSI) constantRegulated in tankMechanical Returnless system1998~2000 Ranger 3.0L Flex-fuel ONLY: 55 PSI (+/- 8PSI) constantRegulated in tankMechanical Returnless system
Thanks! for this reason - simplest solution is just buying an OEM 4.0 pump and also housing kit? I"ve acquired an Airtex E2263S in mine Rockauto cart at the moment, yet haven"t submitted the stimulate yet.
A Non-FFV Ranger pump/sender assembly because that the same year should fit. Inspect your wheelbase to gain the right part. Ford make 2 or 3 different pump assemblies in any kind of given year to complement the tank dimension (dictated through the wheelbase).In instance you"re wondering, the traveler assembly does no fit the Ranger tank.I ran my original 2003 4.0 pump through the nearly stock 1999 5.0 there is no problems. Mine regulator organized the press at 70 PSI, well within the 65 +/-8 spec. As soon as I included the supercharger, the pump might not store up and also pressure would start to drop turn off on lengthy accelerations. Had to put a larger pump in the tank unit.
Any referral on brand? many thanks for all the help. Hopefully this doesn"t press the swap ago too much further.
It offered to be that you could order any kind of name brand and also probably gain a decent part. Today, it can be any level of top quality from anywhere, hiding behind a established brand.Personally, I try to protect against the Chinese aftermarket ingredient if possible. Ford/Motorcraft would certainly be my very first choice however you"d salary dearly because that the privilege.

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Ron - the means I check out that, the 5.0 ECU is designed come compensate because that a fuel pressure selection of 57-73psi. If the FFV pump/regulator is attempting come sustain 55psi, you"re external of that window. What am ns missing?
For the document - the non FFV pump fall right right into the tank on one FFV truck. However, Ford used different electrical connectors and also pinouts ~ above the two pumps. My equipment at the moment was to pull the connector from the initial pump and also install it onto the brand-new one, editing and enhancing the pin positions to complement the manufacturing facility FFV wiring.Afterwards, I discovered that Ford offers the exact same connector together the non FFV pumps top top the transfer case. If you"re doing a 5.0 swap, friend can reduced off the connector top top the transfer situation motor and also replace the manufacturing facility body fuel pump connector with that. Just remember to readjust the pin positions to complement the brand-new pump.

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