Whether the topic is the film or the novel, To death a Mockingbird is a classic either way.

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I am thrilled to it is in hosting this month’s round because that Food ‘n Flix v this 1962 Academy award winning classic. Besides securing Gregory Peck the finest Actor Oscar, this film started the careers the a number of actors consisting of Robert Duvall. Ns think if i were an unknowing viewer, I would certainly not have actually recognized Duvall together Boo Radley, the innocent maniac following door. Willam Windom (best know for Murder, She Wrote) and Alice Ghostley (best recognized for Aunt Esmerelda on Bewitched) also made their function film debuts in TKAM. (Just a little bit of trivia for you.)


Boo and Scout

I cannot recollect how numerous times I’ve checked out this film. Ns taught English because that eight years so at the very least that many as I showed the film nearly every year after us would check out the novel. Come clarify, I carry out not think TKAM is a foodie film in the least, but I did want to view who to be up for the difficulty of putting their food goggles on. I also can’t wait to view what everyone whips up.

As ns strapped my culinary glasses on and also rewatched the film, i came across the complying with foods or food references:

“Soft tea cakes v frosting that sweat and sweet talcum” (like wilted southerly ladies in the summer evenings)Mr. Cunningham’s payment of hickory nuts (and earlier collards)Breakfast that Calpurnia’s hot biscuitsJem’s donuty-thing in the tree houseDill in the cabbage patchRaw squirrels (Boo Radley’s alleged diet according to Jem)Sneaking in the Radley yard with a garden of collard greensCoffee in ~ breakfast on Scout’s first day the school, Jem’s milk, biscuits, bacon, gritsRoast, potatoes, collards, carrots, corn bread, milk, and syrup (on the first-day-of-school lunch or “dinner” as Jem calls it when he invites Walter)The Cunningham’s meals of pursued rabbits and squirrels (according come Walter)Scrambled eggs (another breakfast)Cookies and also lemonade on the porchIce blocks outside the courthouseMayella Ewell sends the youngsters to city for ice cream cream.Ham (as in Jean Louise’s costume for the Halloween pageant)Angel Food cakes because that Boo from the females of the city for gift a hero (as Sheriff Tate predicts)

The most evident food tie-in is the lunch v Scout’s school mate, Walter. After ~ pummeling that in the school yard for making she “start the end on the wrong foot,” Jem intervenes and invites the kid to their house for lunch. Scout watches in amazement and also horror as Walter pours syrup (molasses in the novel) end his entire meal.


I did not desire to douse a great Southern meal in molasses, but I did want to usage this as my inspiration. I assumed I had uncovered an ingenious recipe because that a molasses jelly (which was really a sugary curd) but after two attempts come perfect its consistency and also flavor, I offered up.

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I had one boil-over top top the stove and also two gloppy messes. Plus, ns did not treatment for the taste.